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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gnar Build Guide by NoctiIucent

Other [Bruiser] Reptar - Gnar kada!

Other [Bruiser] Reptar - Gnar kada!

Updated on August 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoctiIucent Build Guide By NoctiIucent 46,000 Views 4 Comments
46,000 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NoctiIucent Gnar Build Guide By NoctiIucent Updated on August 14, 2014
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Hello Summoners,

This is my first guide on mobafire, but I have played League for quite some time and wanted to give it a shot with the brand new champion Reptar! I will continue to update this guide the more I play him and the more I learn, so it may seem lackluster at first, but it will get more in depth! So go easy on me :D

I made this build to help show others some of the benefits that Gnar gains with certain items, and to help new players understand his kit and how to play him since he is a very skill based champion.

Hope all of this helps!

Doran Adams

P.S. - For the rest of this guide I will be referring to Mega Gnar as Reptar because I want too.
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Ability Explanation

Note, all of these were taken from the Wiki page with a few minor adjustments.
Gnar Wiki

Rage Gene

When Gnar reaches 100 Rage, he gains access to an alternate set of abilities. After either 5 seconds or upon casting an ability, Gnar will transform into Reptar for 15 seconds while his Rage depletes. Once his Rage is exhausted, he will turn back into Mini Gnar and cannot gain Rage again for 13 seconds. Gnar's two ability sets share the same cooldowns.

Boomerang Throw

ACTIVE: Gnar throws his boomerang forward in a line, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit for 2 seconds. Upon striking an enemy or reaching maximum range, the boomerang will slowly come to an end, travelling back towards Gnar in a fixed direction. Enemies beyond the first take only 50% damage and an enemy can only be damaged once.

The returning boomerang will accelerate and can travel up to 2500 units. If Gnar catches it, Boomerang Throw's cooldown is reduced by 60%.

Boulder Toss

ACTIVE: Gnar throws a boulder that stops when it hits an enemy, dealing physical damage and slowing all enemies hit within X-range.

If Gnar picks up his boulder, Boulder Toss's cooldown is reduced by 60%.


PASSIVE: Every 3rd consecutive attack or spell on the same target grants Gnar 30% bonus movement speed that decays over 3 seconds, and deals additional magic damage equal to a base amount plus a percentage of the target's max. health (Capped against minions and monsters).

Additionally, Gnar gains the same bonus movement speed whenever he transforms back into Mini Gnar from Reptar.


ACTIVE: Gnar stands on his back legs before slamming his fists into the ground, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies in a large area in front of him for 1.25 seconds.


ACTIVE: Gnar leaps to a location, gaining bonus attack speed for 3 seconds.

If Gnar lands on any unit he will bounce off it, traveling further, dealing physical damage and briefly slowing the unit if it was an enemy. (Slow duration and percentage are not specified in the tooltip, but testing reveals a 60% slow for ~0.5 seconds)


ACTIVE: Gnar leaps to a location, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies on landing, enemies on the center of the impact area are slowed briefly.

If Crunch is the ability used to trigger the Rage Gene, Gnar will still be able to perform Hop bounce. Gnar will apply Crunch area of effect on both jumps, although enemies can only be damaged once.


PASSIVE: Hyper movement speed bonus is increased.

ACTIVE: Gnar knocks all nearby enemies in the specified direction, dealing physical damage and slowing them by 45% for a short duration.

Any enemy that hits terrain takes 50% increased damage and are stunned instead of slowed.
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Pros / Cons

Some of these may not make sense at first, but I will explain every one of these down bellow:


    High Mobility
    Great Teamfight
    High Burst Damage
    Good Escape


    Easily Telegraphed
    VERY Skill Based

Okay, let's start with the Pro's. Obviously as mini Gnar you have a ton of movement speed and high burst damage due to your Hyper passive. All of your abilities trigger a mark on a unit (or multiple units). I will go over the combos a little more in a later chapter. Along with that he has a great escape with his Hop. If you stay calm in situations where you would normally die, you can force the enemy to be in a position where you Hop on top of them and escape without them ever having a chance of catching you. And then there is obviously Reptar... great teamfight... enough said.

Now for the Con's. While Gnar can be incredibly strong, he can also easily be telegraphed. This means that if the enemy knows what they are doing and you aren't careful, they can bait out Reptar and use the cooldown against you when you go back to mini. Along side that your mini form, while able to output a lot of damage (not as much as Reptar) he is VERY squishy. Just remember this when in lane against a smart opponent, because they can outplay you by baiting your Rage Gene.
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Now for the WONDERFUL topic of items. Most of the other builds out there will give a similar build and say "Good luck"! I am going to try and give each final item it's description and how it's useful to Gnar and Reptar

Mercury's Treads

These boots are primarily used for the tenacity that is given and the magic resist. Depending on the enemy team comp you can go either Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Ninja Tabi, but I prefer Mercury's Treads over either of them. That way whenever you go Reptar and dive into the team, the tenacity will help with whatever CC they attempt to throw at you.

Blade of the Ruined King

This is one of the most important items on Gnar. As you know Reptar has more damage than Mini Gnar, so there needs to be some compensation for the reduced damage but STILL be effective. This is where Blade of the Ruined King comes into play. The passive percent damage based upon health works great with Hyper and the move speed steal works great for engaging or escaping. Once you gain enough for Rage Gene to trigger, Reptar can still use the Blade of the Ruined King for increased damage and chase as well.

Trinity Force

Now this item is a no brainer. Gnar is a fast little yordle with insane amounts of burst damage that can transform into a scary Reptar. Trinity Force will just help to amplify all of that damage and give him the bonus stats he needs to be just "that much better".

Warmog's Armor

This is where I tend to lose some people. Of course Warmog's Armor is a good item, but I get a lot of questions like "Why build this so soon?" or "Why not get some armor or magic resist first?". Well, I will tell you why. As Mini Gnar you are squishy... sorry, it's time to face facts. However, when you are Reptar you become the definition of a beef cake. This is why I build Warmog's Armor before adding any ACTUAL armor items. He gains bonus stats when transforming that are even more amplified with how much health you have.

Here is an example of what I mean: When you play Evelynn and use her Agony's Embrace it gives you a bonus shield which acts as more health for YOU. Now, why would you build health first on her when the ult already gives you that? The answer is you don't, you build armor first. That way you get the best of both and can build health later on in whatever item you are finishing. The same principle goes for Gnar and Reptar.

Guardian Angel

This item doesn't even need an explanation. It gives you armor, magic resist, and brings you back to live! What more could you want. It works great on Gnar's kit and allows him some wiggle room in team fights so IF he dies, he can come back and wreck some more.

Last Whisper

The last item in this build is purely situational. Depending on how the game is going, how fed or far behind you are, THAT is how you choose the last item. Whenever I get to late game as Gnar with this build, I feel tanky enough to survive massive team fights and stay alive long enough to make a huge impact. This is why I usually go with Last Whisper. It gives you that last little "Umff" you need to really do some damage. The stats give you some more base damage which helps in both forms, and gives you 35% armor penetration which is AMAZING with Reptar in team fights.
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If you have read this guide and it has helped you get a better understanding of Gnar thank you so much! Since this is my first guide it isn't as neat and pretty as some of the others, but I tried to explain who he is as a champion and if you know how to play him he can be incredibly strong!

Good Luck and see you in game!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoctiIucent
NoctiIucent Gnar Guide
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[Bruiser] Reptar - Gnar kada!

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