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Akali Build Guide by QuoBi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author QuoBi

Brukali: the jungle Akali

QuoBi Last updated on January 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Bruiser stone given to Akali, Akali evolved into Brukali! Why jungle Akali? I don't have a really good answer to that. You might be interested in trying something new, or maybe you've seen how powerful Akali is, or perhaps you just love Akali and want to play her no matter what role you are stuck with. My reason for playing her like this is because she is a very malleable champion and the roles she can play are very wide. In my opinion, even as mostly tank she can deal out a lot of damage, but if a tank isn't needed, her damage output can be incredible.

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Runes and Masteries

The runes and masteries are rather concrete, due to needing a certain amount of ad and ap to activate Akali's very good passive. You can adjust the glyphs and seals, but those are pretty much the standard for most builds. The other more fluid options are the Secondary Masteries, which can be tooled for your specific style, but I believe these to be best for the heart of this build. If you do end up changing things around, remember to ALWAYS end with at least 20 starting ap, and 10 starting ad. With her passive active immediately you are open to build whatever you want without having a secondary agenda getting in the way of good strategy!

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Items are the most important and most difficult part of a build to describe. Every game has different needs, and with Jungle Brukali, you want to find your teams needs and fulfill them. If your team is doing what it should be, I suggest going off tank Bruiser, which is the main focus of this build.

Starting item
First off, why Spirit Stone? Akali does not benefit from the mana regen! QuoBi es noob. You can call me what you like, but this incredible stone is a game changer, its super cheap and alone its benefits far outweigh the Wriggles anyday. ALWAYS build this and ALWAYS get it first. It makes early jungle a piece of cake, and I suspect a nerf to it soon. (Especially if people listen to me and start noticing its potential).

Boots should be self - explanatory, if they have good CC get Merc, if they have no CC but their AD is high get Tabi, else Berzerkers is the best choice. If you are going AP (which you shouldn't be ever with this build unless your team REALLY REALLY needs AP dmg) then you can CONSIDER CAREFULLY getting Ionian boots or MAYBE POSSIBLY WOULDN'T SUGGEST IT Sorcerers.

After boots its usually easy, your jungle clear should be simpler, and the ganks get better as you get your ulti. I like to get dmg items that duo as protection, phage being #1 on my list with many champs. I usually get the health stone first because its benefit is higher than dmg, then for Hexdrinker get the MR Mantle first. These items are for normal games where the early game is pretty even. Getting both dmg and defense ensures your transition into mid game.

MID GAME items
Rageblade is among my favorite dmg items. Its passive is so incredible, and goes so well with Akali that it should be a cardinal sin to not get it on her. Obviously you sometimes can't get it due to needing tank items (Its a sad day when this happens) but other than that this should be a high priority. I like to sometimes get spirit of the elder lizard because its relatively cheap and I think its passive is good, but feel free to ignore it or test it as you feel. I've found certain games call for its use, while others don't benefit at all from it.

Sometimes you need to get tankier for mid game, and going giants belt is always a good choice. Its high hp for relatively small cost, and it upgrades into anything you could desire ;) If your team continues to need a tank, I'd suggest going Sunfire cape or Randuins Omen. If you find that you don't need the armour, use it for phage later and continue your build. For MR (if you don't think Maw will be enough) I like Aegis of the Legion into a later Runic Bulwark, or I have no problems with getting an Abyssal Scepter. The little bit of ap can be nice, and that shred really helps a weak AP get some extra power in their punches.

Late game usually explains itself, either you did a good job in your build decisions or you didn't. Try to finish off your items that are halfway built as they are needed (Frozen Mallet, Maw, Randuins, Bulwark etc) As you fill up I like the final item to be a Guardian Angel, but at this point its usually not important or in any way predictable for this guide to tell you what to do.

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Creeping / Jungling

To jungle I like the path Wolves, Blue, Banshees, Wolves, Red, Golems.

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Thank you for checking out my guide. Its my first one, and I am doing it for a friend of mine who wanted to try out my unique take on Akali. Please feel free to Vote as you deem fit, I don't mind what you vote as long as you are honest! If you also want comment thats awesome! Say whatever you like about the build, praise it, curse it, troll it, do whatever you feel- its a free country!