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Shen General Guide by Pr0xT1M3R

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pr0xT1M3R

Build Shen Jungle / Support / Solo Top Vs Counters: S3 Updat

Pr0xT1M3R Last updated on December 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, Mi Name is Pr0xT1M3R And This is my First Guide.
-Shen is My Main, I am playing him very much. I play him mostly very Deffensive.
-For Win Ur Lean U Need Play Deffensive because Shen is Tank and Have Low Dmg.
-Warded ur Lean
-Do Last Hit For Good Ganks
-And Just Farm

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Shen have very Low Attack Speed. if u go SOlo Top or Jungler can UsedI recomended Mark Of Attack Speed. Is Nice for Farming. Also u can used Mark Of Magic Penetration U san used him for have nice pentetration whi '' Q ''Is The enemie is ADC u Need it for farming whit '' Q ''
Incresed ur Armor. Very nice on SOlo Top vs AD'S or Jungling
very important if The enemie have AP skills Reduce his Ap dmg

also y can used 3 Quint Of Armor or 3 Quint Of Move Speed

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- this is a must-have on Shen. Many times you will have to use your Stand United on the other side of the map and will have to come back to your lane immediately otherwise turret will be destroyed. Besides you are playing solo top.

- Use ur ulti for help ur friends and back to ur lean inmediatly whit tp

- Gank ur Friends whit TP or protects other lean going whit tp

In a few seconds you can save your ally, and goign back to ur lean.
NOTE: You can teleport not only to your minions and turrets. Wards, Teemo mushrooms and Shaco box are also viable targets.
NOTE: Don't use teleport if your lane (or other) is not in danger. Don't use this everytime you got this, when you just want to get faster on lane.

Not Bad But Whit Shen not necessary.

I recomended ir in Top Lean because whit Ignite u can kill Very easy. (Recomended For SOlo TOp)

If your enemies are using their debuffs on you (the tank!), you should thank them. No cleanse needed. Mercury treads will be enough.

Shen dont used mana (No Recomended)

Ohh fk if u pick it i kill u !!! XD (No recomended)

If u go jugling u need it because is very important for jungling and Steal Baron or Drac. (Recomended FOr Junglers)

I recomended it Onl For Shen Support.

(No Recomended)

Not Bad but i Prifer use my Taunt for run away and for taunt too but for escape is good too (But i Recomended it)

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Skill Explication

-Mainly, this is our last-hit device. You can also use it to harass enemy champions or annoy them in teamfights (I'm explaining this in details in other sections). Personally, I think this is quite good passive - I've seen worse and better.

-Another last-hitting device with harass ability.
NOTE: Don't forget that you can regenerate yourself or your teammate, by attacking a target marked by Vorpal Blade - it helps you to hold a lane.

-This is your shield. Remember that this is not increasing your armor or magic resistance , this directly absorbs the damage. Yeah, this sounds cool, but shield lasts only for 3 seconds. This skill requires good timing. If you want to benefit from this, learn to use it. It really helps when you are laning against champions with strong harass. Practice, practice and once again: practice. Activate this when you see that you will receive damage - not earlier.

-This is not your ultimate, but I would say that this skill is vital in a teamfight.
Remember one thing - this taunt is shorter than Rammus Puncturing Taunt. If you want this skill to be really deadly, you must taunt at least 2 enemies. If you taunt only one, it's like you admit "Rammus got better taunt". If you taunt two opponents, you say "My taunt is cooler, Rammus". And if you taunt three or more enemies, it just means you are a one badass ninja and don't even have to say a word. :)
NOTE: You can also use this skill as an escape/catching mechanism, to get trough thin walls. Just remember to use it wisely. It's a real catastrophe when your carry is being focused and your Shadow Dash is on cooldown (or you are out of energy).

This is what makes you a true Shen. Fortunately, this skill is FREE (not so long time ago it costed 50 energy - thanks Riot).
To use this skill, first of all you need map awareness. In teamfights you must pick your targets carefully - be sure to choose the focused ally. And don't try to rescue champions, that have absolutely no chances to survive (example: Annie is fighting against 5 enemies - you won't save her, you will only risk your life).
NOTE: At level 1 this skill is quite weak. That's why I recommend solo lane - to get 11 level as soon as possible and provide some real protection.
NOTE 2: If your team will feed badly enemies, this shield won't help. Sad but true. While ago I had a game where my opponents were so fat, that they were just crushing my lvl 3 Stand United in a second.
NOTE 3: When you feel that your protection shield will be too weak to hold, until you will be done with your channeling, cast it earlier - not when your teammate is almost dead. This way you will make it in time and will teleport. If they crush your friend before 3 seconds, you won't teleport.

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Last Hitting

As Shen you don't have skills that will make you able to farm 300 minions (or even 200 in most games). Usually your farm will be around 150 creeps - this is a good score for Shen.

But to kill even 150 creeps, you will have to master the forgotten ability of last-hit. This is just dealing the last blow to a minion, so you will gain gold. Otherwise creep will just die, in a non-profit way. Your job is to make them die increasing your MONEY!

Like I said before - Ki Strike and Vorpal Blade helps alot in last-hitting, but sometimes you will have to use just a standard attack. If you find this hard, practice this aspect in custom game, with bots (or alone). Don't let any creep die without gold for you - this is your objective.

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Team Figthing

Understand this: your job as tank is to keep your team alive and make them win the battle. Yes, it depends on you greatly! Although alone tank can't do alot, in teamfight you can decide who lives and who dies.
In 90% lost teamfights you will be the last survivor in your team - but it doesn't mean you are good. You are a tank, so it's just normal. It's easy for you to not die. But it's difficult to make right decisions and keep your squishy allies alive. Got it now? It's obvious that you will survive. Think about your teammates!

Pre-Teamfight phase:
First of all, you need to gather your team. Yep, you must take the lead. Ping, chat, speak to the micro - I don't care, just gather them and keep together. Personally I just ping on myself and write "FOLLOW ME" (yes, caps lock rules).
After this, you can go to search enemies but keep your allies behind you. Only offtank can come little closer, but get some distance. Let it look that you're alone.
NOTE: Don't forget to tell them which enemy you focus (pick 2 of them - usually ap carry and ad carry).
NOTE2: Decide for yourself which of your teammates deals the biggest damage and may be focused.

Actual teamfight:
When you encounter enemy team, use your Ghost and just run into them. If you got your spell on cd, do the same (but you will be slower of course). Start to annoy them, while your teammates will be getting closer.
Hit their carry with Ki Strike. If you see that someone got Banshee's Veil protection, remove it with Vorpal Blade. Annoy them with your Sunfire Cape. Usually they won't use strong nukes or attacks to slay you so don't panic. And even if they use - that's great, cause they won't use it anymore on your squishy carry.
Important - don't just use all your skills at start randomly. You must SAVE energy for the moment when your carries will join in. Use Vorpal Blade ONLY to remove Banshee's Veil protection and Feint ONLY when they start casting ultimate's at you. Use your skills ECONOMICALY. Otherwise you may catch yourself not able to use Shadow Dash in a crucial moment.
NOTE: Remember to start positioning yourself properly while doing all this annoying stuff. Your carries will come closer in about 2 seconds and you will need to use your skillshot taunt.

Okay, now your carries come to the fight and start damaging focused target. THIS is the moment when you use your Shadow Dash. Get it now? That's why you don't just initiate with this skill - you use it IN fight when the moment is right.
Remember to taunt at least two enemies and one of them has to be carry (taunt the strongest one). The best combo is taunting AP Carry + AD Carry. But a combination Carry+Tank is also good - cause enemy tank won't use his Crowd Controls on YOUR carries. Support+Carry - another great idea. In the end at least two enemies should have fun autoattacking you for 1.5 seconds, while your teammates will start to slay them.

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Failures Whit Shen

I've seen many players fail with this "easy" champion. Here are some most common failures with Shen:

1. Wrong timed Feint or not using this skill at all.

2. Not using your Stand United all the time, just to save it for a "better moment" - this is really stupid thinking. Rule is simple - when you have a chance to rescue your ally - you just use it. Don't be noob Shen or troll Shen. If you can't fulfill your role, you are extremely useless.

3. Initiating a teamfight with Shadow Dash, when your carries can't even reach the taunted enemies.

4. Kill-stealing (don't mix it with kill-securing).

5. Hiding behind your carries - this is a mistake of all noob-tanks.

6. Wasting all your energy on Vorpal Blade and Feint, making you unable to use Shadow Dash in the right moment.

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