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League of Legends Build Guide Author IxieSorrow

Caitlyn - Making Bushes Even Less Safe

IxieSorrow Last updated on January 21, 2011
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Caitlyn - Making Bushes Even Less Safe

If you've already read this build, please read the updates to understand any changes

Hey, Notice some decent builds with Caitlyn so far and decided i wanted to make my own. Been using with a few changes quite a few builds from here so i felt it would be fair to add one of my own.

Things Highlighted Yellow are Skill related
Things Highlighted Blue are Rune related
Things Highlighted Red are Item related
Things Highlighted Green are Things supporting everything mentioned before it

Note that the highlighting method allows you to just skim by and check each thing in order instead of reading the whole thing for basic information. Also note i didn't heavily post a playstyle since everyone plays differently, I've only hinted off different things i do.

Updates Jan, 6, 2011
Added Slight Information for Manamune Replacements (might entirely replace if one seems very useful with the mana filling)

Added -Mentioned Items- Section for those who've read everything and don't want to look for stats/re read

Fixed 2 Wording Errors, Still debating Manamune's purpose for something else

After a long hard debate with multiple people we came up with a new build strategy since manamune is a bit frowned upon in almost every Caitlyn thread (just to show) since it's not THAT awesome with her

Added insight on what to do with Chalice if you don't need the mana (near bottom of Items section)

Updates Jan, 7, 2011
Added Alternate Builds section (will most likely need adjusting due to posting this at 1:30 AM)

Added New alternate build, any flaws or better combinations would be loved to be heard to replace and fix mine.

Updated alternate builds with more fitting items

Added Core items section to explain them.

Updates Jan, 8, 2011

Added Cleanse to summoner skills list in *Mentioned Items* since i forgot to.

Updates Jan, 10, 2011

Fixed another spelling error that i noticed, everything seems pretty solid at least for now. If you have a comment about an item or a suggestion, read to see if it's mentioned (Ctrl + F + Word and see if it's even mentioned) and let me know and hear your insight.

Updates Jan, 12, 2011

Added IE back after re reading build

Updates Jan, 18, 2011
Caitlyn was heavily buffed/changed. Though nothing seems needing to be changed, just be note that if you're harassing enemies with your Q that you might want to aim for them first since you now hit enemies in the line ALOT LESS when they're hit after the first target now. Ace in the Hole was fixed and buffed, and Piltover Peacemaker was also made more useful late game so she now has more damage output late game. New Caitlyn builds may arise due to a few of the changes though, take a look here if you want more information : -->CLICK ME FOR PATCH INFO <--

Updates Jan, 19, 2011

Just noticed i had the opening paragraph doubled....

Updates Jan, 21, 2011

Changed out Infinity Edge for Frozen Mallet by popular demand. Will switch back if it doesn't work out.

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Core Items

It's come to my attention i didn't even fully talk about these separately and just went directly into Items in general.

Meki Pendant and 2 Health Potions
Since you're getting Chalice of Harmony, you want to get it quite early. Meki pendant also helps make up for that small mana pool right away and allows you to harass and creep with your Q a bit more. Two Health Potions are picked over any other combination of potions because Meki Pendant should be covering your mana needs early anyways.

Berserker's Greaves
Since Caitlyn is an AD/AS type champion, Berserker's Greaves are the best bet on Cait until late game, where another Phantom Dancer or Boots of Swiftness might be a better choice. Phantom Dancer is still debatable though as i haven't tested it yet.

Vampiric Scepter
Getting Vampiric Scepter next is to jump right into your Bloodthirster. If you can stay in your lane long enough to just get the B.F. Sword, get that instead in all cases. The Black Cleaver or something else may be a better first choice situation and playstyle pending, but since The Bloodthirster involves stacking minion kills to increase its effect, i found it better to get this earlier.

Chalice of Harmony
Chalice of Harmony is your resolve for Caitlyn's ****py mana until late game. The Magic Resist will also help your survivability against most champions early game. Late game get rid of this for one of the optional items.

B. F. Sword
Explained this in Vampiric Scepter, Needed to make The Bloodthirster

The Bloodthirster
The Bloodthirster is a great early game item, though on Caitlyn something else might benefit who she's playing against or with, and what lane she's in. Last hitting early is key with this item, and will benefit you until you die in which you will need to regain ALL of the stacks.

The Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver is a great early item with Caitlyn as well. With the last patch from Jan. 4. 2011 The Black Cleaver now completely benefits characters like Caitlyn. Who wouldn't want more attack speed, armor penetration and damage with a ranged AD carry?

Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is another great item on Caitlyn, I had problems choosing this over a few other items though on the core build which also benefitted alot as well. Phantom dancer gives Movespeed which is great in all situations, Crit which is great for killing enemy champions or just plain farming and lastly due to the most recent patch 55% more attack speed.

Madred's Bloodrazor
Madred's Bloodrazor is a great item with my type of build, though due to its Unique Passive you may want to get this item earlier depending on who you're fighting. The little bit of armor helps too from this item. If you are able to, it's best to get Recurve Bow first when getting this item for more attack speed to benefit the rest of the items.

Frozen Mallet
Frozen Mallet is a replacement to Chalice. (can be replaced earlier if required) This gives Caitlyn some additional HP and prevents most enemies from escaping very easily. If you don't need the survivability or slow though, this can be switched for Infinity Edge for some added damage.

I'm probably missing out on a few things and if i am i will add it in later, I also suggest you contemplate the item ordering since no game will be the same every time in a row. Any additions or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Mentioned Items

Every Item mentioned in this guide will be put here to show their stats, some might be outdated on mobafire due to patches so always double check before settling on something!
Also note that i'm only posting the final items and such since the other items would be apart of these current ones. Any items that may be suggested will be looked and and maybe added.

Core items
Optional Damage Items
Optional Survivability Items
Summoner Abilities

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The Runes I select are to support her Q and R, Since this is what the build is based after. The Quints are simply because it doesn't hurt for carries to have thaaat much more hp. Hasn't been the first time that I've came from a gank with 17 HP and a double kill still running for my life. Cooldown Glyphs are awesome on almost any character, Marks support the AD Spec and the Seals support her mana destruction Mid Game.

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Since Caitlyn's Ult and main farming move are both Physical, The masteries i chose support it. The 9 Selected in Utility is also to support her mana. There's Nothing worse than losing a kill because you needed 10 more mana which we've all experienced at least once before.

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The items took me a minute, After reading her passive and building this build with my friend i decided that an early bloodthirster (due to it's passive) and beserker greaves for attack speed, damage and life steal were good ideas. Since I used to have Manamune in my build and realized it was a setback Chalice of Harmony has come up as the best replacement for the core build, allowing you to harass and all of that like the old style. With Cait's Range, being able to harass is great until you have no mana and that pesky Garen who was sitting in the bush next to you makes his move. Chalice of Harmony should cure all those mana needs.

Getting a black cleaver earlier than in most builds seemed more beneficial due to it's new patch changes. That attack speed for your Passive, and your range is super useful. And since it only needs 3 stacks for -45 enemy armor you should be able to do this well. Check your team though! if your team isn't very physical you may just want to save this for later and work on an early Madred's Bloodrazor instead.

Phantom Dancer was a choice i had to think about with this build, I decided it was useful in the end since the Movement speed allows you to finish off enemies and get out quickly, The attack speed from the last patch has also increased to 55% which is ridiculous. The more you abuse that passive the more damage you do, so the more you can hit them the better. Crit chance just supports that statement too.

The last item in this build is Madred's Bloodrazor. Now i wouldn't say that Madreds is the best LAST item to get, you may want to rush it depending on the champions you are currently against. The attack speed and even more damage will crush your enemies. Madreds + Attack speed + Crit + Cait's Passive = easy 700+ dmg Normal hits without even using skills late game.

If you find that you no longer need that extra mana from chalice, get rid of it and switch it for a Last Whisper or another useful item mentioned (also stated a bit further down)

Depending On your enemies, you could swap that Bloodthirster for a Frozen Mallet if you're getting hurt too much, or something else useful, a survivability item, or just anything else that you think would work better for you than what i have put. The same goes for Chalice which can be swapped with an item that benefits your mana while giving you some survivability like Banshee's Veil or Thornmail,you could also switch this to something with more armor pen or damage such as Last Whisper or Frozen Mallet.
Remember this is the first build I've ever written so it's sure to be flawed. I'll also be looking on any positive feedback to see if there's something to improve on :)

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Alternate Builds

Here are some Alternate builds for different situations. The item order is GOING TO MOST LIKELY BE WRONG to either most people or just in general, so pay close attention to it. Also these are just examples, you will most likely have your own preferred setup that's similar to mine.
Also note that you'll probably want to buy a little something in one item, finish another item and come back to that item depending on the situation and your strategy. Chalice might want to be removed mid/late game for a different item (kind of like how i stated above in indigo..) since 2 of these alternates end up giving you some mana anyways.

Youmuu's Ghostblade can be switched for Sword of the Divine if there's alot of Ninja Tabi's or a painful Jax in the enemy team.

Fighting High Physical Carries

Fighting High Caster Carries

Fighting High Armor Tanks

No Chalice Survivability
<Insert Optional Survivability Item Here>

More to come in time.

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As i witnessed in my matches with my friend, Caitlyn seems to run out of mana quite quickly, even late game. Since you want to stay at far back as possible when in team fights (and just in general) you'll most likely need that mana from Chalice for your net to simply run away if needed. The extra mana also help her farm quickly, push lanes and towers, jungle and so on.

Piltover Peacemaker
For the skilling order i go with Piltover first, The other two moves are a bad first choice since keeping an enemy still and visible for a short period of time or slowing them (and knocking yourself backwards) for a very short period of time don't seem very useful as your first skill to get.
Unless you're ally is going in for a kill, don't waste your Q too much. Use it on small groups of low hp Minions, angling yourself to maybe hit ally champions while doing it. Don't always stay in a bush also if you're on a side lane. Just because you're in it hitting minions doesn't mean they're not waiting in the other one to kill you,

Yordle Snap Trap
Once you're level 3 you can place your 2 Traps in strategic locations to hit enemies, see in bushes, use them to run away and a bunch of other things. They're more of a Support/Free Ward IMO though so i won't talk much about this since it's pretty straightforward.

90 Caliber Net
This move is not the best move to slow people with in most cases, but is quite underestimated. You can use it to get away or towards your enemies much quicker to get in those key hits and just over thin walls with it, making it very deadly.

Ace in the Hole
Your Ult is a bit tricky since an enemy can walk in front of it to take the shot to save their ally from taking the damage. If you're in the middle lane, You should be fine with using it (unless that Warwick just happened to come out to take it just to piss you off) On side lanes, see if your ally can keep them away from it while you shoot it. Angle yourself so that it's hard for it to be intercepted, or use it as a scare tactic and completely switch your focus fire with your allies (unless that person comes back. be careful with your strategy since my build makes you very squishy) Also keep in mind that you cannot move when using your ult, so be careful when using it!

Summoner Skills
There's Quite a few summoner skills that would work will with Caitlyn, Exhaust and Ghost have just always been my favorites especially with Exhaust's current change that made it much more useful. I'm not going to talk much about summoner spells though since you're probably heard the same opinions in the last 4 builds you checked anyways for basic summoner skillings.

Take note that Cleanse can replace Exhaust if you prefer it, it depends on how you play.

It just came to my thought process that Exhaust's range doesn't really work with her already great range, and people might notice that and dislike it. Flash can replace it if it benefits your playstyle, as well as other skills that would work well with her abilities and range.
Flash is usually a better choice in 3v3 over Ghost as well, unless you prefer Ghost more.

You can also keep Exhaust to stop that ganking melee character or even kill it if the other person doesn't help out (and you can actually TAKE it, running back to your turret is probably more advisable due to your low hp)

Guide Top



Your damage will be so ******ed against enemies carries (and most tanks) that as long as you aren't focused you'll shred them
Easily able to support and get away
Has great range
Is useful in almost any situation


Very very Squishy
If you're focused your allies probably wont be able to save you

In Conclusion Snipers are overpowered.... no well, it depends on you and how you play. I'm not going to force you to read all of this, to follow everything, to use this build or anything. This is just how i play her. Good luck and happy killing!

Credits also to WindKalas for helping me see if this would even be useful as a build in the first place :)