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Morgana Build Guide by unfazed

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League of Legends Build Guide Author unfazed

Carry them out of hell, fallen angel

unfazed Last updated on June 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys and welcome to my guide for Morgana, the fallen angel. Morgana is a high cc apc with the potential to change the flow of teamfights with a single spell. What's more, she can offer free kills to her team by snaring an enemy champion. I'll give you some nice tips in order to master this wonderful champion. So let's keep it short and start!

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Pros / Cons

+ Great cc (crowd control)
+ massive area damage
+ good sustain thanks to her passive
+ easily avoids ganks thanks to her Black Shield
- enemies can escape your ultimate
- Tormented Soil is useless if you don't hit the snare
- enemies can juke you into missing your snare

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Morgana's passive is Soul Siphon, which grants her free spellvamp. You could stay in lane forever thanks to it.
Her q is Dark Binding which is a projectile that snares the first target it hits.
Tormented Soil is her w which infects an area dealing damage over time, which increases the less hp the target has. This is your farming tool, so try to hit as many minions as possible with one cast.
Her third ability is Black Shield which absorbs magic damage and makes you invulnerable to cc until it breaks. It can be cast on allied champions too.
Soul Shackles is your beloved ultimate, which damages every champion around you. If they remain close to you after 3 seconds they take the damage again and also get stunned. Pretty awesome huh? Be careful when casting your ultimate as the enemies can push you back and escape. ALWAYS CAST Black Shield ON YOURSELF WHEN USING YOUR ULTIMATE

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Summoner Spells

is A MUST-HAVE. Most of the time you will use flash + ult to surprise your enemies, while positioning yourself to the ideal place in order to get as many enemy champions as possible in range of your ultimate.
is what you will usually get. It can secure kills and deal extra damage, which you will need early game. It can also take care of champions who rely on healing, like Dr. Mundo

I personally use instead of Ignite cause I like ganking other lanes when my ultimate is up. A gank at bottom lane can be devastating for the enemy team. Be sure to let your support know when you're going to gank, so he can put a ward for you to teleport. You can easily take down the enemy bottom lane and then break a tower or do dragon (or both!).

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When you are laning against an ad opponent, get a Doran's Ring and 2 Health Potion. When you get back to base rush your Zhonya's Hourglass. When laning against an ap opponent, which is more possible, it's better to start with Faerie Charm, a Stealth Ward and 3 Health Potion so you can rush Athene's Unholy Grail.
Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic pen. Pick rod of ages for some hp, mana and ap, or rylai's of you think you need to slow enemies with your w. I personally think Rylai's Crystal Scepter is kinda useless on morgana, since your ultimate already slows and your q snares. Pick Rabadon's Deathcap and Void Staff for maximum damage. You may need some extra armor so don't hesitate to build Frozen Heart when needed. Morgana is great for items with auras since she always gets in the middle of the enemy team to cast her ultimate.

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Lane opponents

Leblanc has a high burst damage and a lot of cc, but that won't be a problem for you, thanks to your Black Shield you absorb some of her damage while also are immune to cc. As for her clone, your ultimate will guide you! If your ultimate is down, then you have to make the right choice with your q.
Pretty tough oponent, he is way too mobile and can easily avoid your Dark Binding with his Riftwalk as well as your Soul Shackles. Just farm during early game, you will be more useful than him in teamfights.
Her cc will be no threat for you as long as you have Black Shield up. But it will be hard killing her, as she has a shield too, which absorbs any type of damage. Farm until you get a gank, she can not escape from your ultimate, except for flash.
He is a very hard opponent for Morgana. He can get out of your ultimate using his shadows. If he times his ultimate well, he can also totally avoid the stun of your ultimate, as well as the damage. Ask for help, or be the one that helps other lanes.
Interesting matchup. It depends on who is going to start his combo first, and wether you time your Black Shield to counter his ultimate. You have to start first in order to win this fight, because if he does, there won't be much you can do. Start your combo with Soul Shackles. There is a reason for this. After 3 seconds, you ultimate will damage him again while also stunning him. The stun stops any channeling spells, which includes his ultimate Nether Grasp. So if you start with your ultimate he won't fight back because he knows his ult is going to be interrupted. When he finally gets stunned, which in most cases will happen cause he has no escape mechanism, just finish him with a q,w combo and some normals if needed.
This guy is one of your counters. He outfarms you, outsustains you, outpushes you (after some level) and can go untargetable to avoid your stun, while also gets tanky enough to survive your combo. Don't try to harass or trade with him, he will just get the hp back, a lot faster than you. Don't get close to him for too long or he will use Transfusion on you, it has low cd. Be sure to use Zhonya's Hourglass's active when infected by his Hemoplague to avoid the damage.
His Iron Man just makes him unkillable. You only have one round of spells, due to their high cd, which is not enough to kill him. You have no harassing tools, so that makes it even harder. Just farm quietly and your time to shine will come in teamfights.
It is too hard to hit him with Dark Binding, he will just jump to you or away from you. With his e he can also cover some good distance from you, when you're using r, while also can be untargetable and avoid the stun. Ask for help and keep farming.
Don't. Just don't. No 1v1 with him, his ultimate is too crazy for morgana to handle. Play safe and don't feed him.
The anti-mage. Just do what you do against malzahar, his Idol of Durand is a channeling ultimate too. Just start with ulti, use e and he won't harm you, but most likely neither will you, since he builds tons of magic resist. You might need Void Staff early on.
You will probably not be able to kill her, due to her Pale Cascade which gives her enough shield to survive your combo and then kill you. Wait for late game, you'll be better.
This guy just too tanky. Your round of spells won't be enough to kill him, so better ask for a gank. Be careful of his e, he can get away from you easily.
Another anti-mage. This guy can assassinate you instantly and you can do or say nothing about it. He just won't give you a chance, he will silence you, which is hard to counter with black shield (too fast), and then burst you down. Rush Zhonya's Hourglass. If it's not enough, go for Frozen Heart, or even Thornmail.

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Overall, morgana is a great champion made for teamfights. Thanks to your black shield you can farm in peace and not be scared of junglers. Without cc most ganks fail! Use your shield wisely, it has quite a cooldown. Thank you guys for checking out my guide I hope you like it :)