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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Cassiopeia Build Guide by Rodead

AP Carry Cass of Awesome Penetration!

AP Carry Cass of Awesome Penetration!

Updated on June 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rodead Build Guide By Rodead 2 5 14,188 Views 6 Comments
2 5 14,188 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rodead Cassiopeia Build Guide By Rodead Updated on June 14, 2014
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This is my build for Cassiopeia on the Summoner's Rift. It's a simple guide to follow and it have been worked. As you have question me about several things i'll be testing more builds, and rebuild this guide, but even so i'll remake late. NOW i'll be defending this guide explaining the meaning. Thanks for everything x)
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Pros - Cons


- Squishy - if you not know how to avoid the dangers
- Hard to master - it will take several hours to understand cass
- Depends highly on mana - i don't think so, if you use smartless her passive and pick the itens.
- Huge target - stay in a good position in fights!


+ Has an amazing poke - awesome poke!
+ Does a lot of poison damage - the simple truth!
+ Has very fast casting - almost a AP ''adc'' xD
+ Can both slow and stun - i like it.
+ Has very high damage - so hiiiiigh!
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How i will rebuild this guide

Cass is my love in LoL, but i had to stay away for a long time, now i'm back. I know about the format and the lack of explaining. So, how can i rebuild this guide.

First of all, i'll re-read my guide, and modificate anything i could, but i'll not change the format yet. ( sry i'm bad in designing this yet). Then i'll be testing anything that you said in the comments, and making some changes in design. Then i'll take all my notes and remake everything that i could. After this steps i'll be follow your comments and trying to summarize every aspects that you try to pass me.
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A little about playing Cass

Cass is one of the most difficult champions to play, but also one of the most rewarding.

As my experience on playing her first thing that you need to know is: If you want to pay a good cassiopeia you need to control yourself. you have to be focused in you champion, but also in any aspect of the game. miss the Q is really bad move. So you have to be Cold in any next move. And as Cold i meaning, don't be desesperate when a enemy is near to you, or you are being ganked, or the teamfight have worked near to you. Please forget everything, focus on what you are doing and only this. We all know that cass is squishy, so distract all enemy's thinking about you running away and surprise then to always pokes and using the brush in your favor.
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Why these itens

Doran's ring gives you sustain and a little of mana regeneration so it's a good item to start with.

Most of the time i take more mana potion than health, Maybe because i'm already accustomated to play with her in early game.

As i know that cass is a little mana hungry, i take then another Doran's ring because the passive is NOT unique.

then i take just a amplyfying tome just to get more damage to take my first combo-item.

And this item is Hauting Guise. Making you more sustainable on laning, but also give's you the power of 15+ Magic Penetration

Then i go Direct to sorcerer boots but also abyssal Scepter - this item make you stronger at Magic Resistance but also reduces enemy's resistance a loooooot!
after that i took a Giant Belt thinking about Liandry's passive but also to Rylay's.

Then I Finishes Liandry's Torments - Because now her passive will be more provoking to who stay in her MIASMA.

After this i jump to Rylay's to make you easier to run out when you're focused but also to chase your enemy.

You think that's now you have few AP, But you have to think that increasing your AP is the almost the same as increasing a little your AP but also decrease their Magic Resistance.

Probably now you're doing a lot of damages and have good stat in life.

So now, stop to think:

You're having trouble with mana - go to Athene's or Seraph's
You're having trouble with any ADC - go to Frozen Heart or Zhonya's - i Follow (Frozen) because you reduces attack speed of all enemies - Zhonya i would pick only if i'm in front of and AD without a good attack speed.

then.. why WoTA - for me it's simple - it's good to be alive on a fight for more time that i can, so as can see, you have 10 spell reduction and 20% of spell vamp - hitting Noxius Blast you can get much healthy on your Twin Fangs because her 0.5 s of cooldown.
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follow the spell sequence. it will be okay. xD
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1 vs 1 mid (read pls)

First of all, explore the pokes, be always runing, never stop running, always poking with Q, then E. When you strikes a Q on a champion you have 3 E's to strikes, it never stops, so.. explore that. when he is with low life just expect him to give u a chance to strikes an Q then you use the R, and 3'E than Q again, you put the W under the champion to gives no chance to run.

to not die - strikes the Q, than put the W in the next step of the enemy's champion it will slow him, if he's( or she's) coming don't stop to strikes Q, and if you are mean and pro on cass strikes the E too. you can eat them a lot with this little trick. ( the more they want to kill you more to easily to kill them).

and if will complete all the build you probably will win easily.

Summarize - poke a lot. Q - E - E - E - Q - E - E - E - Q - E - E- Q - RRRRRRRR - W - E - E - E - Q.. etc etc etc.
the only problem here is that if you can poke with three E's after the ult, like i said , Q - R - W -E -E -E , or W - Q - W - E -E -E , there is a problem of time there.. but you can solve it. xD

1 Q - 3 E .

Avoid constantly pokes it will frustate the enemy´s champion.

to run.

Q ... W ... Q ... Q... Q...

to run and kill..

Q.... W.... E... E... Q... E...E..E... Q.... W….

NOTE. to poke any champion see your minion that will be dead from his minion at any time. then, look at your enemy, if he's (she's) coming to kill it so predict the probably place that he'll (she'll) be, there is the place that you have to use your Q - NOXIOUS BLAST.
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Team Work

On the team work. Do not forget to poke them constantly. even the tank of the other team.

ALWAYS be on the back side you're not the tank. Only to poke and come back. If you can let your W - MIASMA - on the middle of them to be always poking.

The gold law is... whatever happens ALWAYS be focused on your champion and CALM. CALM. CALM.

the more you focused and calm, the more you will kill them.

at team fight search for a poke with a near champions, to strikes both... and if they're all together say to your team that you will ULT, even with just a noisy click. them ULT and let the W, then the Q on them and strikes the 3'Es. and the combo starts;
1 Q - 3 E

Summarize - always poke'em - behind the tank -

If they're together - signal your team that you´ll ULT - Ult - W - Q - COMBOOO!!!!
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some IMPORTANT notes!


your COMBO only can be done ( 1 - 3 ) just if they´re poisoned. if you miss the you DO NOT use your , only if u can kill them only with this strike. Because you´ll have to wait 4,7 seconds to use again, even if u strikes a Q after.
So ENSURE that your enemy is poisoned!!!

You CAN strikes the ENTIRE DAY (7 seconds) if they're above your !
IF not.. 1 - 3 .

- use your mana until late game with smartness.

It gives time to dominate cass, but when you do it you will not lose your lane. to anybody.

- your REAL problem is with others champions lane.
- Your REAL counters is all champions that can disappear in the middle of skills - BECAUSE lose your Q. that is the BIG problem!

DAMN !!!!!! - - - - a little of ( if you do not pay attetion, but just a little)
- the problem is they can avoid easily your , and your .

- is a good champion to fight with , because the skill cannot be avoided with that crazy , only if you strikes ON the wall, because the damage became from floor, but that wall will avoid the , , and . so you have to poke a lot , and wait him to use the air wall them use the

wombo combo

. :D
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Your stat at end.

I don't know why isn't work but there is more penetration than the final state is showing. Maybe because they don't show the percentage increased in MASTERIES +22 AP ( Mental Force + Arcane Mastery), +5% AP Archmage , +6% Magic Penetration Devastating Strike.


First of all,

why 2530 of Health?

Liandry's Anguish
because you do now 2% of the Health in any spell damage for 3 seconds - 50,6 spell damage per second,
BUT, if they're slowed,stunned, immobilized double the effect.
AND you have the Miasma, that slow the opponent so… more x2 for 3 seconds - 100,3 spell damage per second.
and the
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
will do what you want, slow more you opponent on the - 15% for multi-target. or the for 35% of movement speed for 1.5 s, i know it's apparently few seconds but they will be more slowed by your Miasma.

there will be less than 50% of the movement speed of the target.

more than you need it to run or haunt anyone, and if you wanna more speed, just use your Q - . 25% movement speed to see them crying.

than you look to the Armor and Magic Resistance.

i think that it'll guarantee to kill any mid lane, but also any adc fed. 65% less damage done by attack damage.
and it'll make you have less possibility to die in front of an adc or a tank. (wtf :D)

you have even than 50% of their movement speed and improve 25% of your movement speed, but i guarantee you the reduction of 20% of their attack speed forever and +20% spell vamp.

than you could say, okay… but you have only 260 AP ( i think that something is wrong because it have to be more than 300 AP) only this will not see anyone crying and desperate to run or press any crazy button expecting to kill you..
So… i presents you the beauty… The
Cass of Awesome Penetration!

on the stats appears only 36,( Sorcerer's Shoes , Liandry's Anguish , and runes bonus) BUT, if you are near to your opponent, of course you'll be, you have more 20 coming from the Abyssal Scepter. Moreover, there is more from - Devastating Strike - 6% Magic Penetration.

That's is the beauty.

You cannot do so much damage when they have so much Magic Resist, but when you get their Magic Resist down - 50 +6%, you will see an ADC running and an AP crying, because you don't need 600 of AP, i know it's exaggerate but what you have to understand it, decreased their Magic Resist is almost the same of increase your AP, but only you have 0 of Magic Resist.

the thing that you can say that is not that good is the Mana Regen - 30,6 .
but i think that's work to me, and maybe if you try you could see what i'm saying.
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The End or real start

this is the way i play with my favorite champion, this Guide is not complete, of course. because i'm a new on doing this stuff, and i have to stop and review and arrange better the ideias.

But, i assure that it can be done. and done well.

you can diversify the build but the main is that.

that's all buddies!

thank's for reading, and sorry for the bad english.

if you read, tested it, give me a feed back please!

i will be always remaking and adjusting to become more easily dominate Cassiopeia.

I'm back xD

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