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Singed Build Guide by Queso

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Queso

Catch me if you can

Queso Last updated on September 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Intro + First Skill

To play singed and be effective is an art form. You won't always get it right the first time. To play him best you need to have a very good feel for his limits. You know you're doing it right when late game you can tank the entire enemy team, escape within inches of death, hopefully allowing your team to clean up.

Early game you should be dominating solo top lane. Do not be aggressive at level 1. Be aggressive at level 2. (Fling + poison hurts big time early)

If you are solo top, take first for farming purposes, there's not as much point in having first in a solo lane.

If you are in a duo lane though, take first as it is way more useful. If your partner is an idiot at level 1, you can save him by throwing an enemy back. If your enemies are idiots and push hard, you can toss them into tower. If neither happens, you'll get poison soon enough.

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    Very tanky
    Kills people by running next to them
    Can easily ruin the enemy carry's positioning
    Can save teammates
    Great AoE slow
    Great ult
    Farms incredibly well

    Not everyone will chase you
    Melee. This is a serious problem if for whatever god-awful reason you're against Caitlyn
    If in duo lane, relies heavily on having a partner that will deal good damage and has some form of ranged attack

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9 in defense for the "strength of singed" mastery as it was once called. We are going to be building a good amount of mana so it will be used well.

21 in utility because you definitely want movespeed as singed and to get it, you might as well go full 21 in the tree. CDR is nice to get ult back quicker, and fling is on long cooldown for being your only other damage spell than poison.

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Summoner Spells

- I don't think there is a better spell for singed. You need speed. You need to be getting off that fling on the enemy Ashe who thinks flash is enough to escape you. There is no room for replacement, ghost is MANDATORY.

- Early game this will get you kills. Most enemies will get out of poison with enough life to spare, this fixes that. Most solo top people have a sustain, this cuts it in half. More importantly it cuts it in half in the late game to shut them down.

Other alternatives:

: Cleanse is good because stuns prevent you from flinging/escaping. Against a heavy stun team it would be more useful than ignite.

: It helps you push and get across the map to be in a team fight. It's very good because you push very fast with poison trail, either saving a tower from creeps or split pushing and then teleporting to the fight.

Everything else is just bad. (Unless you're running jungle singed, which I have no experience with)

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You have two choices when beginning.
The one in the build is what I like. Your other option is boots + 3 pots. Go boots if you need to dodge skillshots or you think you can handle conserving your mana pool well enough to not need sapphire crystal. (I get flip happy, and that **** costs a lot early game)

Catalyst the Protector is by default awesome on singed, it's all you need to sustain during laning.

Your boots are between two choices
for the dodge and armor if you're against almost all physical or just getting hurt in lane by a physical champ.

Both reduce CC and reduce magic damage. They are often the best choice.

Finish this next so that you can start building up the bonus.

You have plenty of health for now.

Press tab and see which enemy is doing the best.
Build either or depending on their damage.

If they're all equal, then first build followed by and then finish those items.

Next we to get to an item that is very good on but just too expensive to buy early. If you've farmed this up, you're getting pretty rich.

now will make your poison and fling slow. Pretty sweet, and you've got more health and you've got 80 more AP to boot.

6th items can be very VARIABLE.

I put up because your fling has a 1:1 ap ratio, and while your poison ratio is only 30%, this item will roughly double the damage it was doing before. This will make sure you not only initiate on that Ashe, but you also kill her. If all the squishy champs have banshee's veil, then do not buy this item as you can't get off your fling easily.

Other Choices
If you have a lot of people dealing magic damage on your team that will benefit from the passive, this can really aid your team to victory. Pick it up if you're the team player.

2 of them? You probably won't max the bonus buying it so late, but even without the bonus you'd be in 4k health range. This would be the choice if you need more health.

or If you need more armor and even more slow get randuins. If need more armor and are getting owned by auto-attackers get thornmail. But it may just be better if you can kill them faster with higher ap.

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Skill Sequence

See Intro + First skill for how to choose level 1 skill.

Max first. It is your main damage and your main farming tool.

Max second. Especially in a solo lane, the increase in damage will be needed. It is fun to fling, it is even more fun to watch their health bar take a hit too. I'm an aggressive player, and this skill helps my style.

Max last, taking one point at level 4. This will allow you to get in range to fling your solo enemy, or help you escape. It becomes very powerful at max rank so if you see enemies bunched together you can cause hell for them with this.

I would only consider maxing second if you're in duo lane and for some reason 35% slow isn't enough to help you. Again, I play aggressive, I want my kills in solo lane and leveling up fling achieves that better. (Tripling the base damage at max rank, versus doubling the slow on adhesive)

***Alternatively, it can be useful to alternate the skills after poison is maxed.

Max every chance you get. 6,11,16

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*Note* In either lane you do not play aggressive til level 2. That is when you become strong.

Solo: FARM. right now most teams send a tanky dps up top, so you should just last hit at the beginning. When you get to level 2, you should try to get a fling on the enemy and lay a little poison trail for them. This harass will wear them down. Don't fool yourself into spamming fling. Instead try to drop little bits of poison in their face. When low enough and far enough away from their turret, fling + poison + ignite will generally get a kill.

Tip: You do not want to push early in the game as singed as it very significantly hurts your ability to farm.

If the enemy pushes, it becomes easier for you to farm because you can use without fear of pushing up to their tower.

Tip: Just a tiny bit of poison can hit the entire creep wave if it's moving. You don't have to have it on the whole time when farming, just tap the button on and off to conserve mana if low.

Duo Lane: At level 2-3 you're able to target an enemy to kill. Ping, fling, poison, ignite if the opportunity presents itself and you can count on your lane partner. Singed + AD ranged is simply awesome in bot lane. You can really help get your partner fed through kills instead of just CS. Singed with support or singed with AP is really gonna struggle.

--Once you get the basic pattern down nothing changes.
--Singed is very strong in early levels, do not be afraid of taking a few hits if it means that you get your fling off.
--When flinging, it greatly helps if the minions aggro the enemy champ. (let them get an auto-attack on you to accomplish this)

--NOTE: With Garen's recent buffs he can be a pain in the *** in early game. Be very cautious as his damage is a LOT better than yours. I recommend starting with boots against him as he sure as hell will have them.DONT ever let him Q you. Try your best to get farm and once you have your catalyst you will be much bulkier and able to handle him.

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Lane Opponents

Simple. You are both melee, and he only regens health from last hits so you need to get up in his face and fling+poison harrass him. After 6 play the same way but be more wary of your health as he can quickly finish you.

Pretty easy. Treat the same as cho. You'd be glad you have ignite against her as past 6 she's hard to kill without it. (As singed anyways)

I've never played against a rumble as singed, but it is probably very tricky. Do not go anywhere near him before level 2, even if it means missing a few last hits, it's better than eating 100 damage from . If you want to try to harass you're gonna have to go after his fire ends, but get out quickly because of its short cooldown. Flinging him will make him miss his damage and running close to your minions will make him miss his harpoon.

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Team Fighting

You're the tank. You have a very very good initiating skill in and also in Your main goal is to come from somewhere the enemy can't see you, and toss back the squishiest person on their team. Usually the ranged AD carry. Most of the time this requires you to run through their whole team, that's why you have your Ult and ghost. To catch the carry, and to survive the onslaught while running away. If banshee's veil is prevalent you need to change your tactics.

After the carry is dead, basically you'll just run around with poison trail on and place in the best places you can.

Don't forget that can also be used to save lives. For instance, champions like thrive on being able to stick on one of your allies like glue. In this case it is YOUR job to throw him off your ally.

Fling can also be used to mess up channeled ults. If you're near enough, it can save someone's life and win a team fight to instantly stop or .

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Thank You

Thank you for viewing my build. Any questions feel free to comment. I'll add more if I think of necessary add ins.

Recent Success: (Note, I'm no pro I've just played a good bit of singed. I currently sit at 1326 elo)