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Teemo Build Guide by pitttoad

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author pitttoad

CDR Support Teemo

pitttoad Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Teemo is categorized as a ranged carry, be it AP, AD, or AS. However, due to Teemo's squishiness and short range, he cannot stay in team fights for very long. With everything else being equal, the amount of time Teemo spends carrying is minimal. Most of the time, he will be running after 2-3 shots.

A situational alternative for Teemo is support. A CDR Support Teemo is not a traditional support champ. What he offers is a different set of advantages:
1. Scouting. Teemo's extreme speed combined with a decent amount of CDR (shrooms regenerates every 16s at 40%) makes him an excellent scout. CV an area to check for enemy presence. If clear, lay your shrooms in every bush (and narrow walkways if there are no oracles around). Once the map is dotted with your shrooms, your team can predict enemy movements very easily.

2. Harassing. Before the fight starts, setup mushrooms in bushes to plan your escape route. Enter the fight from the side. Make sure enemy CCs are either on CD or too far to reach. Tag an auto-attack carry with Blinding Darts and retreat behind your wall of mushrooms. The enemy will have a hard time catching up with your traps and speed. Also, with 2.5s blind, 5s CD at 40% CDR, Blinding Dart greatly reduces the carry's effectiveness.
2a. Global Taunt. Teemo's global taunt is legendary. Most champs will un-uncontrollably run at and attack Teemo. If you sweep in during a fight, every shot you draw is a shot diverted from your primary carries.

3. Pushing. While your auto-attack is lacking, the fact that you can plan your escape route ahead of time makes you a great back-door pusher. If the enemies are busy else where and you cannot join the fight quickly enough to make a difference, lay your traps and push. If your team wins the fight, you'll have paved the way for a quicker push. If your team loses the fight, you will have the enemies attention while they divert towards you.
Typically, if a player resorts to backdoor, his/her team is already losing. So don't aim to backdoor. Your speed should allow you to join most fights with your backs covered by traps.

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Primary Items

The primary items plus masteries and runes put you at 29% CDR and ~200AP. It's relatively cheap (5555 gold w/o tier 2 boots) and can be built easily without much CS. The upgrade at each step is also relatively cheap so you never have to wait long to buy.

Rushing is usually laughed at for Teemo, but nobody's really seen Support Teemo much. It is also cheap and removes mana from consideration, letting you harass and traps continuously. A simple pair of after Tear is puts you slightly faster than the other champs. and give you a slight oomph to your darts and shrooms, but more importantly, they boosts your overall CDR to 19% and 29%, respectively. Finally, is the most cost-effective way to add another 80+ AP.

Which boots to finish off your primary item depends on your preference and situation. If enemy has a lot slows and/or they are catching up to you, can help save your life. If you are getting caught with hard CCs, no amount of tenacity will save your squishy life. is self-explanatory. lets you dart in and out of more places, sacrificing a little damage for more harassment.

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Optional Items

These items are situational. I'm not going to discuss every single AP gear, but just my favorites and my reason for picking them for the different situations.

AP, speed, MR, and that damn passive! Your combo of blinding dart (~450) and auto-attack (~400) will really hurt! This is almost a primary item except for the fact that I want to emphasize Teemo, after all, is a support champ in this build. The moment you forget that and try to enter fights for kills, the more you will be reminded how squishy you are.

One of my favorite as well. Makes chasing and keeping enemies at bay much easier. The bonus HP and AP are just icing on top.

If your shrooms are consistently hitting, Rabadon will make them curse and cry. The AP boost is huge, but the price is pretty steep as well. I prefer Lich Bane for the damage boost and speed.

If you cannot get blue consistently, Soul Shroud is a good way to top off your CDR and give you some HP.

A gunblade will boost your harass and make you more sustainable but only slightly (especially after nerf). You're still squishy, and you're still most effective darting in and out of fights with the Blinding Dart+Auto Attack combo.