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Anivia Build Guide by MikeyBoyFTW

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MikeyBoyFTW

Cold Winds Blow

MikeyBoyFTW Last updated on December 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my build for Anivia . It is also my first build I posted on Mobafire so I apologize if there are any stupid errors in advance.
So I used this build when playing as Anivia and I got great results. I think the build works well for this champion because it increases all of her stats making her difficult to kill in a one on one fight and big threat to the enemy team.

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For runes I would use (since I'm not level 30 yet) magic penetration marks so Anivia does more damage with her abilities. Seals that boost my health so my champion stays alive longer and can deal more damage for longer periods of time. Also having an increased health bar improves my chances of surviving Anviva's passive which is Rebirth. Finally I would use ability power glyphs and quintessences so Anivia's abilities do massive damage even early on in the game.

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Pros / Cons

Does massage damage
Awesome champion
amazing farmer
decent ganker
lots of mana

bad in crowds (but then again not many champions are good against 3 or more other champions)
not much life at beginning
u have to know what you're doing at all times

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Early Game:
First I buy the Amplifying Tome to increase my ability power so i can do more damage at the beginning. Then I buy the Sapphire Crystal to increase my mana so I can cast more spells without having to recall. Then I upgrade the Amplifying Tome and get a Hextech Revolver and I also upgrade the Sapphire Crystal to the Catalyst the ProtectorCatalyst of Protector. Then I get the Blasting Wand and I upgrade the Blasting Wand as soon as I can and get the Abyssal Scepter . (Sometimes I'll get the Negatron Cloak before the Abyssal Scepter ).

Mid Game:
By mid game you should have the Hextech Revolver , Catalyst of ProtectorCatalyst of Protector and the Abyssal Scepter . Once I enough I get another Blasting Wand . By now I would have pretty good stats for mid game since i have ability power increased. I have some spell vamp, and I have magic resistance and magic penetration. These stats really give me the edge on most opponents when were in a one on one fight. When I have enough gold i upgrade the Blasting Wand and the Catalyst of ProtectorCatalyst of Protector and get the Rod of Ages . This item is really good with Anivia because it increases her life and mana. It also increases her ability power which is always good. Soon after I get the Bilgewater Cutlass and once I have enough I upgrade the Hextech Revolver and the Bilgewater Cutlass and get the Hextech Gunblade . By now Anivia can do massage damage in very short time. Finally I get the Sorcerer's Shoes . Now i Have great ability power, magic resistance, great magic penetration, and some spell vamp.

Late Game:
If I have time I pick up the Glacial Shroud , increasing my mana and also giving me some cooldown reduction and some armor. When I get enough Gold I upgrade to a Frozen Heart . Now Anivia is a really big threat to the opposing team. Finally the last thing I get in my build is either another Abyssal Scepter or another Rod of Ages . I determine which item to get pending on the enemy champion. If I seem to be dying more, I'll get the Rod of Ages so I can get more life, mana, and ability power. However if I seem to be doing great I'll get the Abyssal Scepter again just to give my abilities and extra jolt of power.

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Anivia is one of the greatest farmers in the game. Since Anivia ultimate has a very low cooldown, you can use it to kill waves of minions quickly and not have to worry about not being able to use it against a champion(s). With Anivia's ultimate, you can kill tons of minions and great tons of gold in the process. Also, farming with Anivia is a great way to level up faster, and since you can get a ton of gold, you can also work towards getting the better items in Anivia's build and become even stronger, in less time.

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Ability Combos

The basic abilities I use are the following. I start by using Flash Frost on the enemy champion. Then I use Frostbite which will do double the original damage since the targeted enemy champion is chilled due to Flash Frost. By now the enemy champion might try and start retreating, in this case I use Crystallize to block them off and then I'll use Anivia's ultimate which is Glacial Storm to try and finish them off. If that doesn't kill the champion I'll use Flash Frost and Frostbite again. This will normally kill them. If this doesn't kill them, then keep applying pressure and don't let them get away. The only time you should let them get away if they survive, is if you're low on health or if backup is coming. In which case you should recall and regain your health and mana. Once you've done that, try again. That's what I do.

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I hope this build/guide helped you. If you have any suggestions that I should make feel free to leave them in the comments.
This was my build for Anivia . And it was also my very first build that I posted. I hope you guys enjoyed, and have fun playing as Anivia