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Evelynn Build Guide by Azarlea

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azarlea

Come on, touch me

Azarlea Last updated on January 1, 2018
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All my exes are dead

Evelynn Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Dark Harvest
Dark Harvest

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Absolute Focus
Absolute Focus

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Lee Sin
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Hey guys, I'm Your Angel and this is my guide to Evelynn, Agony's Embrace. Enjoy!

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About Evelynn

She's an AP assassin. But unlike other assassins, she has a weak early game but a strong mid-late game.

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Passive: Demon Shade

- Rapidly regenerates health if health drops under the threshold (usually below 50%)
- Gains stealth at level 6
One of the best passive in the jungle, Demon Shade allows Evelynn to clear very effectively and gank without worrying about your health. Synergizes with Absolute Focus. After level 6, she also gains camouflage, allows her to pass wards without being detected. She can only be detected by getting close to an enemy champion, control ward or turret. Casting spells, auto attack and taking damage will break stealth, but casting Allure or Flash doesn’t.

"It's better in the dark"

Q: Hate Spike

- Shoots a debuff skillshot that causes the enemy to take more damage
- After the skillshot, release line of spikes 3 time
- Cooldown reduced if initial Q hits monsters
Her bread-and-butter ability. This ability makes clearing jungle camps a breeze to Eve. But remember: you have to hit the initial Q to have it cooldown reduced. If you accidentally missed it somehow, you are screwed for the next few seconds. Use the initial Q to proc Allure from afar if you can't get close to use Whiplash when ganking and flanking. Max this ability first because it’s your main damage source and jungle clear tool.

"Hate? No! I hurt them out of love!"

W: Allure

- Marks the target champion or monster.
- If the target is damaged by Eve before the spell completes, the target is slowed.
- If the target is damaged by Eve after 2.5s, the target is charmed, deals bunus magic damage and lower magic resistance for a few seconds. Proc’ing the spell successfully refunds its mana cost.
Eve's unique CC. The MR reduction helps her deal with tanks. But choose wisely when to proc the charm. If you wait too long, the target may escape your grasp before you can charm him, so it’s better to go for the slow in some situations. Max this ability second for the increase charm duration and bonus damage.

E: Whiplash and Empowered Whiplash

- Impales the target with lashers, deals max health damage and apply on-hit effects.
- Entering Demon Shade transform this ability to Empowered Whiplash, deals extra damage and pulls Evelynn to her target.
This is her sorta gap closer. This ability deals max health damage, combined with Allure, Eve kills tanks really quickly. It applies on-hit effects so Lich Bane is really good on her. We max it last because in early-mid game we prioritize squishy targets, not tanky.

Ultimate (R): Last Caress

- Deals massive damage in a large area in front of her, makes her untargetable and pushes her back 400 units.
- The damage from this ability is doubled if enemies under 30% health are hit. Enemies under 30% health will have an “X” mark on them.
Evelyn’s Ultimate, one of the scariest spells in League. It is truly terrifying when you see Eve come out of nowhere, gets a triple kill then disappear without a trace. This spell can also be used as a Flash to cross walls or gap close. It also makes her untargetable, so she can dodge dangerous spells, such as Ashe, Ezreal, Ornn, Urgot, Darius' R and such. Remember, unlike Cho'Gath's Feast, hitting marked enemies doesn’t always guarantees death.

Check out Eve's champion spotlight!

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Summoner Spell


The most popular summoner spell in the entire game. Can act as a gap closer and an escape.


The required summoner spell for all junglers. This is needed to clear jungle camps, securing objectives ( Baron Nashor and Drakes) and extra slow/damage ( Stalker's Blade)

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Dark Harvest

One of the two keystones that is often recommended on Eve, this keystone makes Eve a lategame powerhouse while can be quite lackluster early on. But if you snowball, you will be unstoppable. A good combination with Gathering Storm.


The other keystone that is recommended on Eve. This keystones and a significant amount of damage in the early game, but not so later on.


Probably the worst keystone on Eve, but still useable. Good combination with Celerity.

Other runes

Sudden Impact

This rune was made for Eve. This can be proc'ed when exiting Demon Shade or using Empowered Whiplash so it bested other runes in this row.

Cheap Shot

This could work because of Allure, but Sudden Impact is just straight up better.

Taste of Blood

You have so much healing from passive so this isn't necessary.

Eyeball Colection

More damage the better. The only rune in the second row increases damage so this is the best option.

Zombie Ward

You will switch to Oracle Alteration later on so you can clear some wards which will make use of this rune, but bested by Eyeball Collection's damage.

Ghost Poro

The worst rune on Eve in the second row. People will know you're there if a poro suddenly appears.

Relentless Hunter

It's good for the movespeed. Eve makes most use of this rune in the last row.

Ruthless Hunter

Ruthless Hunter
More spellvamp isn't necessary because you already healed so much from your Passive, but still useable.

Ingenious Hunter

If you don't buy more than 2 active items, don't pick this rune. The only actives you can build are Zhonya's, Protobelt and Predator Boots.


The Ultimate Hat

The best Sorcery rune for Eve. Ult is too important do this runes reduces its CD.


Ehh... It could work, but you rarely overcap CDR.

Absolute Focus

Thanks to your Passive, you should always be near full health when ganking, so this is a really good rune.


If you run Relentless Hunter, this rune synergizes well with it. And even better with Predator.

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Thanks for reading! Update coming soon!