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Annie Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

Middle 🔥Complete Annie guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Middle 🔥Complete Annie guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

Updated on August 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 805 Views 0 Comments
805 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Annie Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on August 4, 2022
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
Flash + Ignite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

🔥Complete Annie guide by Dixon 📜 12.14 ✅

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello everyone and welcome to one of my guides! This guide contains useful information and general knowledge based on my own game experience + open source info from Internet about the champ 💡📚📈🔍

My name is Max, but you can call me Dixon as well. I'm from Ukraine so English is not my native language and I can do some mistakes (I'm sorry for that). However, you can also write me comments and I'm able to answer you in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages since I understand all of them, but in different levels of knowledge. 😄

I started to play League of Legends in 2016. My highest ELO at the moment is Platinum 2 (soloQ) and 💎Diamond 4 (flexQ) on EU-West server (top 5% best players at the server).

I would like to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'm going to make a lot of League of Legends content in English:
You will also find my streams on Twitch by following this link:

I'm not a hardcore high elo player, but I enjoy this game and share this passion with all the people who find my content as interesting or useful.

I hope this guide will help you to improve your champion's understanding so it would be more fun to play!

Let me know in the comments section if you find any mistakes or outdated information so I could fix it! Thanks in advance!

Have a nice reading! 📖🤓
1. Annie is great in team fights thanks to the large AOE on her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers. When paired with her Passive stun, she will be able to stun multiple champions if they’re grouped together.

2. She is easy to learn. Lots of pros, analysts and high ELO players recommend playing Annie if you want to learn the basics of the mid-lane.

3. Annie is really good at bursting down and ambushing squishy, low health enemy champions. Getting a few kills on Annie can make her Ultimate [[Summon: Tibbers
R]] incredibly scary. Look to pick off low health targets for easy kills.

1. Your burst damage is almost non-existent when your Ultimate Summon: Tibbers is down. Any champion or player who can play around your Ultimate Summon: Tibbers can set you back massively.

2. You are weak against long-ranged poke due to your spell range being low to moderate (depending on the ability). You are also not as effective if you aren't able to accumulate a lead on your enemies early on.

3. Regardless of the additional movement speed your Molten Shield offers, Annie has little to no form of escape. If you’re overextended without your Molten Shield to protect you, you will be an easy target.

This is a great passive skill that allows you to stun a single target or a large group of enemies, which makes Annie's cast really decisive in most fights. Due to the large number of active skills, the stun is charged in a short time. The mass stun can be activated with Incinerate or Summon: Tibbers skills. In other words, before the showdown, Annie simply builds up charges, and then uses one of her AOE skills to stun the maximum number of enemies. The only difficulty will be to accurately hit the abilities so that they hook the maximum number of enemies, but this is sometimes not easy to do, since the range of using some abilities and the radius of their destruction is not as large as we would like.

Due to this skill, Annie is able to easily farm minions in the lane without any mana cost, along with accumulating charges for the Pyromania passive. To do this, you just need to practice and choose the right moment to finish off the minion. The skill is great for periodically harassing the enemy, especially when combined with a stun. The main advantage of the ability is that you don't even have to aim. Simply select a target to attack and the fireball will reach the enemy. Yes, damage can be blocked, for example by Banshee's Veil, but in general, enemies will suffer from this ability. The fireball itself has a certain flight speed and on the one hand this is a minus, but this fact has a plus. For example, while flying a fireball, you can activate Molten Shield and this very shield can give you the last charge of Pyromania passive. As a result, the fireball will not only deal damage, but also stun the target. The method is quite effective, since many players look at how many charges Annie has and when they are not enough to stun, they usually act more aggressively and carelessly. This use of a fireball (i.e. in a combo with a shield) has a small minus. If you continue to fight later on, then the shield will potentially absorb less damage, since you activated it very early and the enemy did not attack you, but was stunned. So, if you are counting on a long exchange of blows, then it is better to hold the shield a little and activate it at the moment of contact.

This is one of Annie's most powerful skills, with massive damage. The main disadvantage of the skill is its small range of application. That is, it is applied almost point-blank and given the specifics of Annie, it is sometimes difficult to safely approach the target. Starting an attack with this skill is extremely difficult and dangerous, as the enemy will understand in advance what you intend to do. Therefore, most often Incinerate is used after the ultimate ability or after the stun from Disintegrate (in combination with Pyromania). The pluses of the skill include the fact that it is applied almost instantly, unlike the same Disintegrate fireball. If let's say the enemy attacked you first and intends to deal a lot of damage, and you already have a passive charged, then it is much better to use a wave of fire. In this case, the stun will work as quickly as possible and taking advantage of the moment, for example, you can move away with the help of acceleration from Molten Shield or, for example, by using the Flash.

Thanks to this skill, Annie can significantly increase her survivability in battle, as well as the skill is convenient to use in order to gain passive charges faster. The damage return while the shield is active is certainly nice, but the damage is honestly negligible and the normal effect can only be achieved against enemies with high attack speed, which rely on auto-attacks. The problem here is that usually these champions end up with a lot of damage and you would rather die than deal a lot of damage with a shield. In one of the updates (or rather, even in several), the power of absorption of damage by the shield was reduced, but instead they gave the shield an additional chip. When activated, Annie gains a short-term boost. It does not last long and the acceleration power quickly weakens, but this can be enough to, for example, catch up with the target and stun them. In team fights this boost can be used to initiate a combat. In fact, this is the only way to somehow increase the mobility of the champio, and this must be constantly kept in mind. In some cases, the ability can even save your life when you see an enemy jungler coming out of the forest and trying to attack you. The advantage of the skill is a modest mana cost, so the ability can be used very often.

Annie's ult is what makes this champion really strong. Firstly, we have a skill in our arsenal that deals area damage and can also stun an entire group of enemies due to the charged Pyromania passive. The summoned bear, punches well by a hand and has a fiery aura, which also deals good total damage in battles. The bear has a large amount of HP and his opponents will not be able to kill him fast. Due to this, it is very good to demolish the towers after a successful battle. The bear can tank damage a little. Also, the bear is very good to use for farming minions and neutrals, of course, after you use it for its intended purpose. When Annie uses Disintegrate ability on an enemy champion, the bear goes into a rage and thus can be ordered to kill a specific enemy. Under rage, the bear runs very fast without blocking by minions and its attack speed increases significantly. Exactly the same effect happens when Annie dies. Thus, Tibbers will be useful not only for the initial AOE damage, but throughout the entire fight. It is highly desirable to learn how to manage it and, if possible, competently give orders to it during a team fight. During the battle, the bear can really inflict tons of damage and greatly ruin the life of enemies.
is one of core items for ability power based champions. It provides a lot of mana and magic damage. The passive of the belt gives additional magic penetration which is very useful to destroy squishy targets with low HP.

is a great item for most AP champions with burst type of damage, especially if the enemy team has a lot of champions with shields.

is most effectively used against abilities that have a downtime before they can affect full damage to the target like Chum the Waters, Unleashed Power, Death Mark, Life Form Disintegration Ray, Death Lotus etc.

is a powerful item for pure ability power casters, and is also very effective on burst assassins and hybrid champions that take advantage of Lich Bane for additional burst. This item provides tons of pure ability power, but it shouldn't be bought early on since its passive gives you more profit when you already have some ability power.

is made to help magical champions to destroy their targets really quickly by ignoring almost half of enemy's magic resistance. This item works well against both tanks and squishy targets.

is a strong item against magic damage but is most valued for its ability to prevent crowd control or counter poke damage. As such it is highly recommended to build Banshee's Veil when you are being focused by crowd control effects, or when the enemy has initiation or pulling abilities like Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Rocket Grab. Combined with Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil will make you very resilient to both magic and physical damage.

is a good choice for those mages who have low mobility, but desperately need it.

is a very good item for ability power-based champions, as it allows you to ignore 18 points of your enemy's magic resistance. Sorcerer's Shoes are less efficient against enemies with high magic resistance. However, they synergize well with other magic penetration items, percentage items such as Void Staff in particular. It is possible to sell these boots at late-game once you have Void Staff, as the extra magic penetration is arguably negligible.

That rune is very good since it gives you a great boost on your burst damage that can makes the difference between a running 50hp opponent and a sweet boost of 300 gold in your pocket.

The rune gives your champion some sustain which is especially useful during the early game and the rune scales also with AD and AP items so it can become a reason in the late game why your champion survived a fight with 1-3% HP.

This rune gives you some amount of AD or AP whenever you score a takedown (but this amount of AD\AP gain is limited).

This rune gives a lot of movement speed out combat which is very helpful during all stages of the game and it can help you to chase down enemies or to group with your allies faster.

The rune allows your champion to not run out of mana very fast. You have to remember that this rune needs to be stacked 10 times firstly to give you +250 mana and mana regeneration. And there is a small cooldown between the moment when the rune can be stacked once, so in most cases it's better to not spam abilities when the rune is on the cooldown or you will run out of mana quite fast. The rune is helpful for those players who love to spam their abilities and feel strong lack of mana.

This rune gives some amount of additional AD or AP so you would have higher damage, but only when your champion is above 70% HP. Take the rune if you know you will be able to keep your health high enough to get this bonus.

Flash is the most frequent choice of all players in League of Legends. Such popularity of the spell is caused by the fact that Flash is able to instantly teleport you on a short distance. This distance is enough to dodge some hostile abilities or to jump back and avoid an unexpected gank. With the help of Flash, you can overcome various obstacles like walls, pillars and other different obstacles. Flash is equally good to use for both attack and defense. This gives the spell some versatility. The summoner spell cannot be used if you have been silenced (you cannot use skills for some time). Also, Flash cannot be used under the effect of hard control abilities such as stun or fear.

Ignite provides players an offensive utility and damage spell that scales with level. A well-placed healing reduction debuff from Ignite can severely limit the effectiveness of enemy healing items, as well as healing abilities from champions like Soraka, Aatrox, Vladimir, Volibear and Warwick. It is considered a direct counter to Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Aatrox and Swain because they are reliant on their healing-based abilities. The healing reduction debuff also applies to life steal, omnivamp, etc.

Teleport is mainly used to minimize laning downtime after Recall or respawning, to prevent enemy laners from gaining an advantage. Teleport is also used to quickly switch lanes to defend an unguarded turret. Unleashed Teleport is great for ganking if the enemy commits to a fight and is around friendly minions, turrets, or wards. Another use for Unleashed Teleport is a backdoor maneuver where a high damage per second champion places a ward inside or near the enemy base and teleports himself to that ward. From there that champion will attempt to bring down as many turrets and inhibitors as possible. Unleashed Teleport can be used to prolong or save the life of an allied Zac by making one of Zac's Passive's drops ( Cell Division) invulnerable for the Teleport duration.

Ghost is most often used by damage dealers, especially with melee attacks. In addition to a good movement speed bonus, Ghost gives you the ability to pass through units, which is very useful when chasing an enemy who is trying to hide behind his minions. A similar effect can be obtained using Phantom Dancer. Ghost can be used either offensively or defensively. The increase in movement speed and ignoring unit collision makes it easier to both chase down enemy champions, and escape bad situations.
EARLY GAME (strong):
Annie’s best power spike in lane is once she unlocks Summon: Tibbers. She can look for aggressive picks and Flash plays with Tibbers and her stun. Annie will always be a little bit strong when she has her stun ready or almost ready. If the enemy looks to fight you while you have max stacks, you can quickly turn around the fight. Once Annie has completed her first component item, her wave clear and trading power increases. In particular, her Disintegrate and Incinerate will make trades go more in her favour.

Annie gets her first power spike when she unlocks her Disintegrate and Incinerate. Disintegrate mana mechanic allows her to save a lot of mana, while her Incinerate provides her with lane priority due to the wave clearing potential. Her biggest power spike is when she obtains her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers. Now she can easily burst people down and roam to other lanes using her Molten Shield, after shoving the enemy wave with her Incinerate. Her first core item decides when she will power spike the hardest. If she takes Luden's Tempest first, she can quite easily start blowing people up.

MID GAME (strong):
Annie is a team fighting champion thanks to the AOE on Tibbers Summon: Tibbers. As teams will start to group during the mid-game, it is plausible that she can land a multi-person stun with him. When she has 2 points in her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers, she will be able to look for more aggressive plays around the map. She can also use her Flash to get picks too. She will put the second point in her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers at level 11. Since Annie is a mage, she would’ve completed multiple items during the mid-game. This will enable her to get picks on squishy champions and take them down with ease.

In the mid-game, she is powerful whenever her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers is up. Roaming to over-extended enemy lanes and lane ganking pushed up ally lanes should give her a massive lead. Very high pick potential due to her Passive and Ultimate Summon: Tibbers. After shoving the wave, she should be aiming to roam around with her Jungler and help the team. Once she gets her core items, she can pretty much burst down any enemy squishy who doesn't have any form of magic resistance in their kit.

LATE GAME (average):
Annie is a great team fighting champion and as teams will be grouping in the late game. This allows her to get a multi-person Summon: Tibbers. Although Annie has a lot of burst damage, she starts to fall off in the late game as champions start to build defensive items. Keep this in mind before trying to make aggressive plays. At level 16, Annie will have 3 points in her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers. Tibbers will deal a lot of damage if he is used in conjunction with the rest of her abilities and her Passive.

Her Passive empowered Ultimate Summon: Tibbers can legitimately delete people from the map if Annie is even slightly ahead. Flanking to achieve this increases her power. Great AoE damage potential with her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers and Incinerate due to her completed items. Finding clumped fights and using her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers properly allows her to take over the game single-handedly. The reduction in her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers cooldown makes it possible for her to have Tibbers up all the time. She doesn't need to worry about being caught out without her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers that frequently.

Try to harass and poke Zed down. Avoid over-committing to harassing him though as minion damage does stack heavily. nvest in early armor to protect you from Zed’s damage. This will reduce his chances of killing you. Try to play to the opposite side of the lane at all times. This will make it hard for Zed to get on to you without using his Living Shadow. Once he does use his Living Shadow, move to the opposite side of his Living Shadow so he can’t get on top of you.

As Zed is an Assassin, he will look to take down targets that are walking around the map alone. Avoid moving through the river if it’s not warded. Keep a constant eye on the map and do not put yourself in the same area as Zed if you don’t know his exact whereabouts. Expect Zed to flank and takedown squishy targets with his Ultimate Death Mark. Ensure that your flanks are warded when sieging an objective so he cannot get the jump on you. During the mid-game, Zed will often be in a side lane split pushing. With this in mind, you could use the fact that he cannot impact the fight to start a team fight 4v4 or 5v4 with the numbers advantage.

As soon as Zed hits level 3, his kill pressure increases once he has access to his basic abilities. He can look for an all-in if he’s been able to poke you down beforehand. Whenever Zed hits level 6 his kill pressure increases once again and he will look to go for kills whenever he has his Ultimate Death Mark available to him. Expect him to play aggressive once he gets the level up. Zed is rather good in the mid-game as he will have 2 items and be able to assassinate any squishy target he comes into contact with. Avoid walking in areas where you know Zed is or has recently been in.

Avoid trading with Irelia when she has her Passive stacked as she will out trade you. Keep an eye on the little bar under her health. When trading with Irelia, keep an eye on low health minions in your lane. Irelia may use her Bladesurge on the minion to escape the trade or run you down after a skirmish. Irelia benefits from extended trades. Try and avoid going for extended trades with her as she will always win them.

Try and lock Irelia down at the start of the fight. This will make it much harder for her to jump around your team and get resets on her Bladesurge. Avoid fighting too close together as it will allow Irelia to use her Ultimate Vanguard's Edge on multiple people and allow her Bladesurge to reset. Stand together but not super close together. Try and fight after Irelia uses her Flawless Duet as it is one of her best tools to start a fight. Ideally, try and also fight around her Ultimate Vanguard's Edge as it will reduce her chances of getting resets.

Irelia is very strong whenever she has her Passive fully stacked. Avoid fighting with her at this time. When Irelia hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies as her Ultimate Vanguard's Edge is a very good duelling tool. Irelia benefits from extended trades, so try and avoid going for them whenever you can. Keep them short and sweet.

Always watch your positioning during the laning phase. Try and stay at max distance so it’s harder for her to root you with her Tangle-Barbs. This will also make it harder for her to get a good Ultimate Pop Blossom off as she has to close the gap in order to stun you. Stand outside of the minion wave at all times if possible. This will make it harder for Neeko to push and poke you at the same time with her Blooming Burst. Once Neeko has her Ultimate Pop Blossom, her kill pressure will increase. Make sure you back when low whenever she has her Ultimate Pop Blossom up.

Disengage is your best friend when dealing with Neeko and her Ultimate Pop Blossom in team fights. Disengage as soon as Neeko walks forward and tries to engage to minimize the usefulness of her Ultimate Pop Blossom. Ward your flanks and nearby bushes when sieging objectives as Neeko may use her Passive and Shapesplitter to get a good engage off with her Ultimate Pop Blossom. Splitting up and not standing too close together will help reduce how many people Neeko and stun with her Ultimate Pop Blossom. Group when team fighting, but don’t stand too close together.

Once Neeko hits level 6, her kill pressure intensifies. When fighting her, keep in mind that she can cast her Ultimate Pop Blossom and deal damage and CC you. When Neeko has completed her first item, she will have tons of wave clear and will be able to push the wave very fast. You’ll need to make sure you can push the wave back so you don’t lose your Tower early. Neeko is good in team fights thanks to her Ultimate Pop Blossom. Disengage as soon as you see her channel her Ultimate Pop Blossom.

Whenever Annie has her stun available, you need to respect her and play slightly safer. If you’re melee, stand back and wait for her to consume it before walking forward. Post level 6, respect Summon: Tibbers and her stun. Pay attention to the number of stacks on her Passive. You can trade with Annie before she gets 2 stacks without the fear of getting stunned. Annie is prone to poke even though her Molten Shield offers her some protection in trades. Try to poke her down with your abilities before committing to the all-in.

Items like Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Quicksilver Sash or Zhonya's Hourglass are great against Annie as they protect you from her burst damage. If she gets ahead, make sure you invest in one of them. In team fights, do not group too closely together as Tibbers Summon: Tibbers is an AOE ability that can stun multiple members of your team if you’re grouped near one another. Stand close, but not super close that she can CC your whole team. Annie’s lack of mobility and defensive stats make it hard for her to fight. Try to delay team fights as long as you can while you poke her down. If she is low, engaging or using her Disintegrate or TIbbers Summon: Tibbers aggressively will be very dangerous for her.

Annie’s greatest power spike is when she hits level 6 and unlocks her Ultimate Summon: Tibbers. Respect her damage output once Tibbers Summon: Tibbers is primed and ready. Annie is clearly stronger when her stun is ready, and when she has 3 stacks on her Passive. Whenever she has her stun ready, you need to respect her damage output and her ability to trade with you. Annie is strong during the mid-game and in team fights (if she can get a multi-person stun). If possible, do not walk around the map alone and without your team. Stick to warded areas and try to stay away from her at all times.

Wow, have you really read the guide till this moment? I hope it was useful and interesting for you. Let me know it please by voting!

And don't forget to visit and check my YouTube channel! Maybe you will like it! 😉
Boram Darkwill’s last years on the throne were a time of great uncertainty for Noxus, and many with an aptitude for magic left the capital for the relative peace of more distant provinces. Gregori the Gray and his wife, a witch by the name of Amoline, preferred to demonstrate their Noxian strength by taming the borderlands, rather than partaking in the political intrigue of the noble houses.

The young couple claimed a piece of land beyond the Ironspike Mountains to the north, finishing their small home just before winter and the arrival of their first child. During their journey, other colonists’ tales of the great shadow bears that once roamed the territory had captivated Amoline—now heavily pregnant, she passed the time sitting near the fireplace, creating a toy version of the protective creatures. Just as she finished sewing the last button eye on the stuffed bear, the quickening of labor overcame her. Gregori remarked later that his daughter was eager to play with her new toy, for there, on an ember-warmed hearth, Amoline brought Annie into the world.

When Annie was still a toddler, she and her father took ill. As night fell, Annie began to burn with fever, and soon she was so hot, she could no longer be held in her mother’s arms. Amoline grew desperate, deciding at last to fetch icy water from the nearby river. The next morning Gregori awoke, weak and groggy from his sickness. In the crib, a now-healthy Annie played with her stuffed bear, Tibbers, but Amoline was gone.

Naïvely, Annie believed her mother would one day return. Gregori would often find the girl sitting in her mother’s rocking chair near the hearth, hugging Tibbers and staring into a crackling fire, where he was sure there had been nothing but cold ashes. He chalked up these slips of the mind to the burden of parenting a child alone.

Years passed, bringing more colonists to the region. And in time, Gregori met Leanna, a woman seeking a new life outside the capital with her own young daughter, Daisy.

Annie was eager for a playmate, but spoiled by the indulgences of being an only child, so acclimation to her new stepfamily was difficult. Whenever Annie’s fiery temper erupted, it left Leanna uneasy, and quick to take her own daughter’s side. It fell to Gregori to keep an uneasy peace between the three.

Unused to the dangers of the untamed borderlands, Daisy’s playing ended in catastrophe for the family. Leanna, of course, blamed Annie for the loss of her daughter, focusing her rage and grief on her stepdaughter’s most prized possession: Tibbers. Annie was horrified as the last physical memory of her mother was threatened. The girl’s terror grew to an unbridled rage, releasing her latent and powerful pyromancy, and the stuffed bear was brought to life in a maelstrom of protective fire.

When the flames died down and the swirl of ash settled, Annie was left orphaned and alone.

Believing most city adults to be like her stepmother, Annie has kept to the wilder parts of her frontier homeland. On occasion, she will use her disarmingly adorable exterior to be taken in by some pioneer family long enough to be offered new clothes and a hot meal. However, fire and death awaits anyone foolish enough to try parting Annie from the stuffed bear at her side.

Kept safe by Tibbers, she wanders the dark forests of Noxus, oblivious to danger—and the dangers posed to others by her own unchecked power—hoping, one day, to find someone like her to play with.

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