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Kayle Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

Top 👼Complete Kayle Guide by Dixon ☑️

Top 👼Complete Kayle Guide by Dixon ☑️

Updated on November 9, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker 1204 66 2,624,389 Views 56 Comments
1204 66 2,624,389 Views 56 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker Kayle Build Guide By DixonTheGuideMaker Updated on November 9, 2023
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Runes: Lethal Tempo (standard)

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
Most Popular Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

👼Complete Kayle Guide by Dixon ☑️

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Hello! My name is Max Dixon and I play League of Legends since 2016 on EU-West. First time I've got Diamond-4 in 2019. My highest rank was Diamond-1 in 2023. Now I don't tryhard to get the highest rank, but make guides and videos instead and just try to have fun 😃

My main champions are: Kayle, Malphite and Nasus. I have 2+ millions mastery points at Kayle and in this guide I want to share with you my experience that I received since 2016.

Let me know in the comments section if you find any mistakes or outdated information so I could fix it! Thanks in advance! :)

I also want to invite you to subscribe to my YouTube channel where I'm going to make League of Legends content:
I would be very happy to build my first audience with 1000+ subscribers and start streaming😊

- Extremely strong champion in the late game.
- Can reduce armor and magic resistance of enemies due to the ability of Radiant Blast. At the same time, the ability slows down quite well.
- Invulnerability to itself or an allied champion can play a decisive role in a team fight.
- Huge item and rune diversity.
- Celestial Blessing can heal and accelerate allies.
- Interesting combination of support and carry abilities.
- Can be successfully played with both AD and AP builds.

- Very weak champion at the beginning of the game. Kayle is difficult to resist most of the enemies and in fact you only have to gain experience on the line and sometimes farm minions.
- There is no way to quickly exit the battle or quickly reduce the distance. She suffers a lot against gap closers.
- You need to learn how to farm under the tower and to freeze waves of minions.
- There are no hard and reliable control skills.
- Can be stunned and deleted in 2 seconds in late game. You can’t use the ultimate under heavy CC
- You will probably be bullied every game until 15th min.

Kayle’s passive is a very important part of the champion, as it changes her power significantly. The whole playstyle of the champion is built around it. At the beginning of the game Kayle starts as a melee champion. Attacking enemy champion gives her stacks. At 5 stacks Kayle becomes Exalted and gets +30% additional Attack Speed and 8% of bonus movement speed. She is very weak and can’t allow herself to fight against any other enemy champion. At level 6 the passive turns Kayle into a ranged champion with 525 points of range. After level 11 her Exalted form launches waves of fire that deal magic damage and can critically strike. At level 16 Kayle gains an additional bonus attack range for a total of 625 and permanently gains the full effects of Zealous.

Her Passive is one of the strongest in the game. Kayle scales and get power spikes with levels. That's why it is so important for her to farm alone so no allied champion would share and steal experience from killed minions. Until level 16 your main goal is... right... to get level 16! 😄 You need this level before major team fights will happen. I mean team fights for dragon's soul, Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon which can deside the result of the game. You should also help your team to get ordinary dragons and Rift Herald. And if you see that there is no upcoming important neutral objectives, use the time you have for farming level 11 and 16 as soon as possible.

This ability is the only control tool in Kayle's arsenal. Moreover, this is not some kind of heavy control effect, but only a slowdown. Nevertheless, you should not ignore this ability, since the ability is not only able to slow down, but also causes damage and reduces the protection of the target. Perhaps at the beginning of the game this will not be very noticeable, but in the future you will understand that the ability is very important. Sometimes the Radiant Blast is the only tool for safe farming since if you try to use your Starfire Spellblade, some enemies will jump or dash on you. Radiant Blast has bigger range than Starfire Spellblade, that’s why it is safer for farming.

Radiant Blast helps also to kite melee champions due to increase of slowing effect with level ups. That's why this ability is oftenly learned first to the maximum level when Kayle stays on the top lane.

With this ability, Kayle can help herself a little at the beginning of the game on the line, if things are going really badly. But the mana cost is so high and the healing is so low, so I would not recommend you to use it unless you are in such situation that you have a lot of mana, but no HP. In a critical situation, the bonus movement speed can still save a life when, for example, a jungler comes to you or you want to dodge some enemy’s ability, but it’s better not to rely on it. Later the ability will fulfill another important role. You will be able to support your allies. You can speed up your initiator or you can extend the life of an allied carry. Try to prioritize who needs to be healed and accelerated in the first place. Sometimes you can even sacrifice one ally for the sake of another one. It will take some experience in the game to understand which of the allies is a more important figure and deserves your help.

This ability has active and passive parts. Moreover, both are extremely important. The passive part of the ability allows you to give auto-attacks extra magic damage which actually makes her a strong auto-attack based champion. This will become especially noticeable after you buy the first items for the attack speed ( Nashor's Tooth or Kraken Slayer) and reach level 11. The active part charges your next auto-attack and it deals ranged damage, based on the enemy’s missing health. After level 11 the hit makes an explosion and is able to make damage to several champions in the area. It’s better to use the active part when an enemy champion has below 50% of health.

Kayle’s ultimate makes herself or her allies invulnerable, applies AOE damage and disables her auto-attacks in 1.5 seconds. Very often, Divine Judgment is applied to the allied carry if he gets into a trouble or to the allied initiator, who is going to engage into battle and take the first portion of damage. Try to use it that way you not only make a champion invulnerable, but also to block a lot of damage. It is quite effective to stay behind your AD-carry and make him unkillable right after he gets some sort of heavy control like stun or hook. The whole enemy team will try to kill him immediately and this is the best moment to give him Divine Judgment. Remember that you can’t use it when Kayle was stunned, feared or hooked. That’s why it always better to stay behind all of your teammates. You can save them if they get stun, but you can’t save yourself.

+ + +
When trading Q then instantly AA twice, quickly using E as the second AA finishes. This combo works especially good if you play with the rune Press the Attack.

+ + +
Almost the same as the previous one.

+ + + + +
This is the combo to destroy squishy targets in the late game.
My YouTube Videos
1. It is necessary to block the damage from the opponent's ability by Divine Judgment. To do this, you need some time to learn enemy champions and their animations. The simplest example is blocking the ultimate abilities of Garen, Darius, Veigar, or Lux.

2. You need to remember that Kayle's ultimate has a long cooldown, which means that when you still have about 30-40 seconds left before you can re-use your ultimate, it is most likely your enemy's ult will be ready, so you need to be doubly careful. Opponents who understand this will deliberately provoke you to use the ultimate, so they can kill you afterwards by next massive attack, when their ultimate will be ready and yours will not.

3. Using the ultimate in team fight. If the battle is very hot and you do not see the HP of the most valuable ally, then there is a high risk of missing and ult the wrong one. In this case you can use the ultimate on yourself. If you have someone strong and fed in your team, for example ADC, then it makes sense to save the ultimate for him. Do not forget to periodically review items and scores of your allies to understand who is the most powerful and valuable at the moment and who deserves the ultimate the most. You can also estimate the degree of threat from the enemy team. Do they have extremely dangerous champions who can threaten your ally, do they have such skills in their arsenal that will allow them to break through your army and attack ADC?

4. Do not forget that Kayle cannot use her ultimate if she is under heavy CC. This means that it is advisable for you to position yourself not even next to the ADC, but a little behind him. If the enemies stun your ally, then you can save him with your ultimate, but if the stun is used on Kayle, the game is over then.
What people ask me a lot on my streams and in videos: "Hey, Dixon! What is stronger AD or AP build for Kayle?". At the moment both builds are good and equal! AD build allows Kayle to come online earlier and be stronger in the early and mid game, but AP build outscales AD build in the late game in terms of damage and utility for the team. AP build is also better in those games where you had a very bad game start and don't have much gold for expensive AD items. I would recommend you to adjust your build to your team compilation. You have to look on your allied champions and analyse what type of damage your team needs more. It is also important to say that even if you go full AD build, your Kayle will deal some magic damage as well, since her waves and all abilities deal magic damage!

+ + +
Ability Power makes Kayle to be both a carry and support. Your raw DPS will be a little bit lower than you can get from AD-builds, but Celestial Blessing will heal and accelerate yourself and allies much better.

or + + + + + + +

The core of this build is items for ability power, magic penetration and burst damage like Luden's Tempest, Hextech Rocketbelt, Nashor's Tooth, Lich Bane, Shadowflame, Void Staff, Rabadon's Deathcap and Sorcerer's Shoes. If the enemy team has lots of assassins and burst damage, you can find place and buy a defensive item like Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil. When you will become an experienced Kayle mainer and League of Legends player, you can buy Dark Seal in favorable matchups or when you expect to have good KDA, so you'd be able to stack this item and snowball hard, especially after transforming the item into Mejai's Soulstealer.

+ + + + +
There are a lot of possible item combinations and build sequences for On-Hit builds. Items are changed by Riot Games quite often, so it's really hard for me to say with 100% that some combination or item is much better than another one. Last year I do more video content on different champions so there is no much time for me to test out all Kayle builds we could possible create for her. In general theory, On-Hit builds are supposed to be good for auto-attackers against tanky teams that have at least 2+ tanks or heavy bruisers like Darius or Garen.

+ + + + +
This build will give you good early and mid game power spikes and transform your Kayle into AD-carry champion with some magic damage from her abilities and the passive. I recommend you to choose this build in those games where your team already has 2 or more champions with magic damage. If there are 2 AD and 2 AP champs in your team then choose whatever type of build you like the most 🙂

can be bought at the start of the game, and is a great way to have additional sustain in early game. You can also get additional movement speed by using this item if you choose the rune Time Warp Tonic. You can buy Corrupting Potion for every matchup. This item was nerfed recently and lost his popularity. It still can be playable, but I rarely see players who buy it.

is also generally good item for Kayle that you can use for every matchup. It's going to be easier to last hit minions with the ring in comparison to Corrupting Potion since Doran's Ring deals additional damage to minions by auto-attacks. I think this item is also good against enemies whos abilities you need to dodge more often. The ring gives additional mana regeneration so you would be able to cast Celestial Blessing more times.

is a great starting item if you want to play aggressively from the very beginning and try to get First Blood. It fits also good for different AD builds.

is an amazing item against champions with poison like Teemo and Cassiopeia. I find the item also helpful against long ranged poking champions like Jayce, Xerath, Lux etc. Doran's Shield together with the rune Second Wind help to stay on the lane much longer in comparison to other starting items. However, the item doesn't scale so well into mid and late game as others.

is quite greedy first item against the easiest enemies who cannot get close to your champion like Singed, Nasus or Garen. You will return all the gold back that you spent on this item after killing 100 minions. which is going to be somewhere between 10th and 15th minutes. I think Cull is also good as one of first back purchases when you don't have enough money to buy one complete and strong component item. I mean if you don't have enough gold to buy something like Recurve Bow or Noonquiver, you can buy Cull+ Refillable Potion or Cull+ Boots instead.

is great first back purchase if you play with the standard AP build or One-Shot build. This item is very gold efficient and rewarding if you can play with good KDA and stack it up. After getting 10 stacks you can buy Mejai's Soulstealer and try to increase your stacks to 25 which together with Rabadon's Deathcap will transform your Kayle into a snowballed monster!

is one of Kayle's core items if you want to play any of AP builds. It gives her strong power spike even after be bought as first item and it also scales amazingly with other ability power items.

For each second in combat with champions, deal 3% bonus damage, stacking up to 3 times for a maximum of 9%. While this effect is fully stacked, convert 100% of the bonus damage into true damage. Riftmaker's passive true damage helps take down durable enemies as well as giving slight burst against fragile enemies with the increased damage. Since omnivamp applies to true damage, this means it also provides an exceptional amount of healing. These are very useful for Kayle.

is one of two core AP mythic items for One-Shot AP build. It gives lots of magic penetration so Kayle would be able to blow up squishy enemies in 1-2 seconds. Luden's Tempest doesn't give omnivamp unlike Riftmaker, but it provides tons of mana so you would be able to heal yourself infinite amount of times by Celestial Blessing.

is the second core mythic item for One-Shot AP and for standard build as well. I tried it instead of Riftmaker and it was great! I was able to catch enemies and land my Radiant Blast on them. The point is that many players know Kayle's Radiant Blast range, but they don't expect Kayle to have dash in her kit. And Hextech Rocketbelt gives also magic penetration just like Luden's Tempest. However, this item doesn't have any mana or omnivamp so your sustain is not the best with this item and you have to be able to manage your health by not taking unnecessary damage.

is also a core item for every AP build. Rabadon's Deathcap is a powerful item for pure ability power casters, and is also very effective on burst assassins and hybrid champions. It scales and works great together with Nashor's Tooth and Mejai's Soulstealer. Rabadon's Deathcap is essential for any champion with ability power ratios, tanky or carry, wishing to deal significant magic damage that will carry into late game.

is most effectively used against abilities that have a downtime before they can affect the target like Chum the Waters, Unleashed Power, Death Mark, Life Form Disintegration Ray, Death Lotus etc.

is a situative item that protects Kayle against magic damage and gives her such important stats like attack and movement speed. This item is good for most of her builds (except of One-Shot build probably). Wit's End is often most useful on auto-attack reliant, mixed damage dealers who deal both magic damage and physical damage, such as Kayle, in order to deal more damage against champions with high armor by dealing additional magic damage. It is also highly useful on frequent auto-attackers against champions with high magic damage, since it give its owner a good amount of magic resistance while not sacrificing an item slot solely for a defensive item.

is a strong item against magic damage but is most valued for its ability to prevent crowd control or counter poke damage. As such it is highly recommended to build Banshee's Veil when you are being focused by crowd control effects, or when the enemy has initiation or pulling abilities like Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Rocket Grab. Combined with Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil will make you very resilient to both magic and physical damage. I prefer to buy Wit's End instead of Banshee's Veil in most of my games. However, Wit's End is not able to save your Kayle frome being one-shot 100>0 HP against high burst and fed enemy like Evelynn or Annie. Banshee's Veil does not only reduce magic damage, but protects Kayle against 1 enemy spell that increases her chances of surviving hostile ability combo.

is an interesting situational item for Kayle because it allows her to perma slow enemies by simple auto-attacks with waves when Kayle's Passive Divine Ascent is fully charged (at level 11+). That's why it is good to buy this Rylai's Crystal Scepter as her 5th or 6th item because it is going to be the late game, so your Kayle will be at level 16+ and her Divine Ascent will be always charged.

is a situational item that increases Kayle's burst damage. This item is good for AP builds against squishy champions. It is particularly good for those games where Kayle was lucky to get both champion and minion kills during the early and mid game.

is a situational item for AP One-Shot build, especially good if enemy team has many champions with shields.

is one of the best items for AD builds. This item provides a lot of attack speed and synergizes well with the rune Lethal Tempo.

is good for an agressive playstyle with. You will be able to clean waves super fast. I saw recently this item among both AD and AP builds. I think it fits better when you play at mid lane since wave clearing is a crucial factor for this place on the map.

is also a good item for AD builds. This item works well against champions with high burst damage. It also gives Kayle vampirism which is good enough to keep her health high and restore it by attacking minions, so Kayle would have no need to waste time for a recall just only for healing.

This item is good against immobile champions like Garen to successfully kite them. And the item is also good against high ranged artillery champions like Xerath, Lux, Vel'Koz or Ziggs to break the distance between them and Kayle.

is a core item for AD critical strike build. Kayle usually buys it as her 3rd item. It gives her good amount of attack and movement speed to beat enemies in 1v1 situations.

is a situational alternative to Lord Dominik's Regards. You can buy this item if you need grievous wounds against teams with lots of vampirism and healing.

is a core item for AD crit build. It provides very high damage.

is a very good 5th and 6th item which protects Kayle against physical damage. The item allows champion to ressurect after the death which is super important in late game at level 16+ when the respawning time is so high that enemies could finish the game.

was a core item in the past. But it was nerfed and now this item is only good for AD and AP On-Hit builds.

is the attack damage counterpart of Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

This item is often built as a form of "anti-tank" item used to counter health-stacking champions (or champions that scale well in health) such as Shen, Dr. Mundo, Sion, Volibear, Zac etc.
Flash is the most popular spell in the game and for Kayle it makes no exceptions. You have to take it in 100% of your games. Teleport is a frequent choice for top-line champions, as this spell allows you to quickly leave your line and move to another one. For Kayle Teleport is good in the early game, because the spell can be used to quickly return to the line from the base and thereby not lose precious experience.

Kayle rarely uses the teleport to fly to other lanes because she is very weak in the early game and it is unlikely she will be able to provide significant assistance. But she will lose gold and experience from minions for sure, which is not profitable for her. Thus, Teleport at the very beginning must be used exclusively to return to the lane from the base. Pay attention to where the minions are on the map. If they are near your tower, then you should use the Teleport. If they are under the enemy tower, it will be better to walk than use Teleport and immediately run into a danger zone. There is a risk that enemy jungler is sitting there in ambush. While you are running on foot, he will most likely leave to do something else.

Getting Ignite early on is a good option for agressive Kayle players against melee champions on both TOP and MID lanes. Many players even in Diamond💎 elo don't expect Kayle to be that strong at levels 1-2 with fully charged Passive. However, you can be frequently punished by enemy junglers for being agressive since Kayle doesn't have escaping tools and she cannot fight 1v2 like some Darius or Renekton early game monsters. That's why most of agressive Kayle mainers have <2 KDA. They kill more but die a lot as well. I personally hate to see my angel dead, that's why I prefer to play around minion wave controling and positioning behind allies so my usual KDA is around 3.5+, but with this style more games look like coin flips. Anyway, if you like agressive playstyle, then you should definitely try to play with Ignite combined with Doran's Blade and some damaging rune like Press the Attack or Lethal Tempo. Just look this video from Diamond elo games and see by yourself how strong Kayle is early on with these tools:

I've seen some players on Korea and EU-West servers who like to play with Exhaust instead of Teleport or Ignite. This summoner spell is good for both playstyles. You can use this spell defensively as an additional CC tool or to beat your enemy since it also reduces his damage. The spell is more effective against enemies who rely on auto-attack damage like Jax, Tryndamere or Yasuo and extended fights or some streaming abilities like Life Form Disintegration Ray, Death Lotus or Inferno Trigger.

Barrier is a very nice surviving tool for Kayle if you play against champions with burst damage and CC like Annie, Pantheon, Ahri or Evelynn. The problem for Kayle is she cannot ult herself by Divine Judgment if she is under heavy CC like stun. Barrier allows Kayle to survive enemy's bursting damage since the spell can be activated under a stun. All Kayle needs is to stay alive and wait to press her Divine Judgment to punish all those who dares to attack her! This is a perfect protective spells which will save your angel's life many times and let you win some 1v1 fights as well. It's especially a nice choice if you already have a champion with Teleport in your team. There is no especial need to have 2 TPs in a single team.

Cleanse is a good option against enemies with dangerous and disgusting CC abilities like Charm, Petrifying Gaze, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Hostile Takeover, Solar Flare or Curse of the Sad Mummy. The spell could help against Nether Grasp in the past too, but it was changed.

Ghost gives you opportunity to escape more often by being ganked and this also allows Kayle to successfully kite melee opponents or to chase the ranged ones.

The best option that gives you decent amount of damage and makes you a weak, but still a champion after level 6.

Gives some healing and movement speed. This is a good rune for hard match ups and for easier laning phase, but you should be ready that you are just another cannon minion in early game. Sometimes it's fine because there are a lot of tanky champions and bruisers on top lane, which are hard to out trade or kill even with Press the Attack, so it would be better just to relax, farm and skayle 👼💘

This rune is good for On-hit build with Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo's Rageblade or Muramana. The strongest rune for late game probably in terms of DPS, but not as good as Press the Attack for short trades on the lane. At the moment the rune became very popular among Kayle mainers once again after the rework in Season 12. To my personal opinion, On-Hit doesn't work well now, since Kayle disables her autoattacks during 1.5 sec by her Divine Judgment and there are a lot of champions with stuns and other hard CC which don't allow Kayle to stay and auto attack. I would not take On-Hit builds even against a team with planty of tanks. Maybe on-hit is better for destroying tanks in the late game, but the difference is not big anyway. You can try it and decide for yourself what's better. However, Lethal Tempo is very good with the standard build as well.

Is the best choice against champions where you need a lot of extra movement speed and slow resistance. You can pick it into many champions, but the most important to get it against Darius, Nasus, Tryndamere, Singed

This rune is good for MID Kayle when you play against squishy champions. It can be simply activated by using Radiant Blast + Starfire Spellblade combo. So you can try to keep safe distance between you and your opponent and watch Electrocute cooldown. Attack your opponent when it's ready. The rune scales good so your damage will be significant on squishy targets the whole game. If you choose to get this rune, then it would be better to buy Sorcerer's Shoes instead of Berserker's Greaves. This rune is very unpopular at the moment.

Is an alternative rune for Lethal Tempo. At present day this rune is no more then funny off-meta for On-hit builds. This rune allows you to charge Kayle's and Phantom Dancer's passives faster. Not popular at the moment. But since Ravenous Hunter was deleted from the game, the rune Hail of Blades and the whole Domination rune tree is so bad in comparison to Lethal Tempo. Don't take this rune even for fun. Press F to pay respects instead 😆
The disadvantage of the top lane is that you will often face large and strong champions. Many of them have the ability to quickly close the distance and attack Kayle in melee range. And even if you dominate the lane, driving off the enemy under his tower, Kayle has to go into a danger zone. The distance between the towers on the top lane is much bigger and Kayle has neither good escape skills nor enough strength to fight 1vs2. Even a 1v1 against jungler can often be too tough in the early game, despite he has lower level. Kayle is able to dominate some champions after she reaches level 6, but the problem is that she is not Darius, Illaoi, Renekton or Mordekaiser who can sometimes fight 1v2 and win.

MID is simpler in the sense that the distance to the tower and between the towers is shorter, the opponents are also quite fragile and Kayle has the opportunity to kill someone sometimes. Yes, many mid lane champions have longer range. They will only make you to leave the lane most of the time, but they won't kill you. Most top laners can kill Kayle in a direct battle on the line or directly under the tower. But playing on the mid lane has its disadvantages. Due to the weak early game, Kayle is not particularly able to help her jungler in the battle for the scuttle crab or the first dragon. Most 2v2 battles before level 6 will end with enemy victories. Therefore, expect your jungler or the entire team to flame you. When Kayle is in MID it's easier for you, but harder for your team…
1. You are not a champion before level 6. You are a melee minion, so don’t play a hero and try to farm or just get experience. It’s ok to be 20-40 minions behind. Try to not be about 2 levels behind. You will be able to farm later since Kayle has very fast lane cleaning after level 11 and buying some items.

2. If you play with Nashor's Tooth or Kraken Slayer you can try to fight back your opponent with Q+AA+AA+E, but don’t be overaggressive. Most likely the even opponent will out trade you. If you have chosen Fleet Footwork, then you are a ranged minion before level 11 or until you buy Nashor's Tooth or some strong AD-item like Kraken Slayer.

3. You can start to play more aggressively after buying Nashor's Tooth or Kraken Slayer. It’s your first power spike. And you can start to clean jungle monsters. There are enough sustain\damage to kill jungle monsters fast so they would not hurt you much.

4. Try to farm everything you can, but watch the drakes and Baron. If you see that there are about 50 seconds left till the drake, go Recall , buy more items and group with your team to get it.

5. Stay behind your allies, even behind the AD-carry. If they stun him, you can save him by your R. But if Kayle is stunned, it is death for you most likely.

6. Don't forget that Kayle is stronger in team fights than in 1v1 duels. You can go split push if you are really fed and there is no champion who can stand 1v1 against you. But in most games it's better to not go alone into the enemy territory or not stay long there. Be sure, if you go to a side lane alone to kill a wave of minions and there is a stronger 1v1 champion in the enemy team, so if you don't see him at mini-map there is a high probability that he is coming for you right now. So kill the wave as fast as possible using Q+E and go away from there. Don't try to kill a side lane tower and even don't attack it if you are not sure you can kill it fast. I had hundreds of times the situation, when I went to attack side lane tower with 80-100% HP without plates (after 14th min) and it ended with death of my Kayle and no reward for me, because the tower was still standing, but with 20-30% HP instead of 80-90%...

Picture: Kayle player's standard emotional cycle 😆

*NOTE: It's very hard to play Kayle as your only champion because she has so many hard matchups and only one ban option per game. All the champions below are banworthy *******s 👎💩🚷


Aatrox is a mobile Juggernaut who can easily play against ranged champions like Kayle, Quinn or Kennen since he is able to hit them by using his The Darkin Blade in a combo with dash Umbral Dash. Aatrox has a dash and movement speed acceleration from World Ender. That's why it's hard to kite him. After level 3 he is able to accomplish even stronger combo: 1st The Darkin Blade + Infernal Chains + 2nd
The Darkin Blade + Umbral Dash (it will not allow you to leave the area in time) + 3rd The Darkin Blade (that will probably be fatal for your Kayle or you will be forced to do Recall for HP regeneration).

Advice 1: Try to stay behind your minions, so Infernal Chains would not hit Kayle

Advice 2: Keep your Celestial Blessing to go out of his Infernal Chains in time.

Advice 3: Rush Berserker's Greaves or even Boots of Swiftness to be able to dodge his The Darkin Blade and leave his Infernal Chains area in time. Other movement speed options that you can consider are runes Fleet Footwork and Celerity.

Advice 4: Attack Aatrox immediately if he is stupid enough to use his The Darkin Blade just to farm minions, or if he tried to attack you, but missed. The Darkin Blade is his main weapon, so Aatrox is vulnerable while the ability is on cooldown. The advice works mostly in the lowest ELOs though.

Advice 5: His Infernal Chains has a slowing effect. This is why the rune Unflinching can be useful against him.

Advice 6: You may need a lot of mana to use Celestial Blessing more often as an escape tool against Infernal Chains, so condsider to use some of those: Doran's Ring, Manaflow Band or Presence of Mind.

Advice 7: There are two ways to play as Kayle vs Aatrox.
The first one is to play agressively and try to beat all the **** out of him early on. For this purpose you will need Doran's Blade for greater damage and Ignite for both additional damage and to suppress his healing. Try to attack him by Starfire Spellblade when you can and charge up your Passive to have more attack speed before you all in him.

The second one is to play passively. You should let him to push waves. Farm as safe as you can from a safe distance. Bait him to use his The Darkin Blade in the way to hit your minions, so the minion wave would start to move in the direction of your tower. You will outscale him later on.


The frozen bird is one of the hardest enemies you can encounter playing in the mid lane. When I play Kayle mid, I ban usually Anivia or LeBlanc depending on who has higher pick rate. Anivia is going to bully you all the time. She will try to stun you by Flash Frost, auto attack and Frostbite to proc Electrocute so you would get maximal damage. When she has level 6, her wave clearing increases dramatically and she will always have lane priority. And it's really hard to dodge her Flash Frost when you play against an experienced Anivia mainer, who will use Glacial Storm to slow you and block the way back by using Crystallize.

Advice 1. Anivia deals magic damage and she has such CC as stun + slow. This is why Mercury's Treads can be helpful against her as well as the rune Unflinching.

Advice 2. Choose between two starting items: Doran's Ring or Doran's Shield. The ring gives additional mana rageneration, so you would be able to cast Celestial Blessing more times to dodge her Flash Frost and restore some HP. The shield increases passive HP regeneration that allows you to stay in lane longer. Second Wind, Refillable Potion and Cull will also help you to survive through the laning phase.

Advice 3. Try to buy T2 or at least T1 boots at your first back. You need additional movement speed to dodge Flash Frost.

Advice 4. Don't use Celestial Blessing just to restore health. Try to use it to avoid Flash Frost and the healing is just a good additional bonus. Even if you would learn Celestial Blessing to the maximum level of healing, it would still be not enough to deal with the damage Anivia can do if she lands successfully all her abilities every time.


Camille is another difficult opponent for Kayle. She is very mobile and can jump on a big distance. She also deals huge damage to a single target. Her shield allows her to do favorable trades during early game lane phase. You can't safely farm even by your Radiant Blast since she has enough range to jump on you by using Hookshot.

Advice 1. Get Lethal Tempo and Doran's Blade to be able to fight her at level 1. Agressive playstyle is the only way I saw among high elo players to beat Camille. It's not possible to play safe against skilled Camille withought losing a lot of farm since she will attack you each time you try to last hit a minion outside of your tower's range.

Advice 2. Don't stay too close to walls if possible since Camille will use them to attack you.

Advice 3. Buy T2 or at least T1 boots in your first Recall . Good movement speed will help you to keep the distance or chasing and hitting Camille after her jump on you.

Advice 4. Don't forget that Camille has a shield after attacking your champ. Wait for the shield to expire so you would not waste your Radiant Blast and Starfire Spellblade.


Irelia is a stronger champion in a close 1v1 fight and it's hard to keep the distance between Kayle and Irelia because she has a good gap closer (her Bladesurge). The worst case would be if she has her Passive Ionian Fervor fully stacked and then land her stun Flawless Duet on you. The most anticipated result will be the grey screen on your monitor in that case. You will be able to successfully trade against her while her Passive is not charged and after she missed her stun. The most important thing in this matchup is to dodge her Flawless Duet. Since will get noticeably worse for you when she buy Blade of the Ruined King. I saw many times how 0-3-0 Irelia won fights against 3-0-0 Kayle when she had Blade of the Ruined King. This is one of those champion that I would like to ban or dodge than my mental health to get her in this matchup. Don't get me wrong, Irelia is quit a hard champion to master, but if you play against a person who mechanically good with her even in Platinum elo, it's going to be a true early game hell for Kayle.

Advice 1. Rush the boots and use Celestial Blessing to avoid her Flawless Duet.

Advice 2. Try to punish her when she misses Flawless Duet.

Advice 3. Take Doran's Blade. This item will help you to deal more damage in trades with Irelia than Doran's Shield or Doran's Ring.

Advice 4. Stay calm if you lose the lane. It's not much you can do against this champion in most games without jungler's help. Remember that Kayle is useful from behind as well since she is a half support due-to her Celestial Blessing and Divine Judgment.


Jax is a strong duelist and an auto attack based champion who counter other AA based champs by using his Counter Strike. It's also hard to kite him since Jax has a gap closer Leap Strike. He is stronger than Kayle in the early and mid game. At full build Kayle has better chances to beat him due-to her huge damage and invulnerability from Divine Judgment.

Advice 1. Use Fleet Footwork because you need additional movement speed to dodge his Counter Strike.

Advice 2. Use Radiant Blast + Celestial Blessing and rush T2 boots as fast as possible to dodge his Counter Strike.

Advice 3. Attack him mostly close to your tower or when he missed his Counter Strike and is moving backwards.

Advice 4. Try to use Divine Judgment in the way to block his Counter Strike when you have no choice but fight him.

Advice 5. Don't pick Kayle against him. It's better to ban or dodge him. Or you can pick Malphite who is very easy to play. You can poke Jax by Seismic Shard. Use Ground Slam when he jumps on your Malphite to deal damage and reduce his attack speed. Remember that Jax is very strong in extanded fights so move back after you used your combo.


I don't have a lot of experiece against this champion because I ban her all the time I play Kayle in mid lane. It's very hard to fight her back because of her insane mobility and high burst damage. She will decrease your HP and go all-in with Ignite and Electrocute. She also make a threat for your allies by being a very good roaming champion. I just recommend you to perma ban her, unless she is nerfed and very unpopular among the player base with low pick rates in the current patch.

Advice 1. Take Teleport so you would be able to do more recalls, restore health and get back quick enough to lose less experience and gold.

Advice 2. LeBlanc is an assassin with magic type of damage, so take 2 defensive shards for magic resistance and buy Wit's End as your first item.

Advice 3. Buy Doran's Ring and learn Celestial Blessing at least to level 3, so you would be able to heal yourself.

Advice 4. The rune Demolish can help to counter her roams. You will get 1 extra plate each time LeBlanc is roaming.


Nasus is very dangerous because he puts you into a very inconvenient situation. You either harass him and slowly going to his tower (where you become an easy target for a gang) or you play passively and Nasus is going to get 500+ stacks on his Siphoning Strike at 20th minute. So this is lose-lose situation when you play against him. Phase Rush and Ghost can save you and help to escape. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is also a good item for Kayle against Nasus since the doggy is vulnerable to any time of CC.


Another very unpleasant opponent for Kayle. He has slow, gap close ability, Tryndamere is stronger in 1v1 situation and his ult lasts twice longer than Kayle's one with twice lower cooldown time. You need to get Phase Rush and buy Seeker's Armguard or Plated Steelcaps as fast as possible. Additional armor gives you more life time during tower dives, so there is a chance that Tryndamere will be killed. But many times it looks like the tower is not a perfect cover. Quite often I don't stay under my tower, but I run farther in the second's tower direction. Flash + Ghost is overall a good summoner spell choice against him.

Wow, have you really read the guide till this moment? I hope it was useful and interesting for you. Let me know it please by voting!

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