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Corki Build Guide by VAIReetaws

Corki -3DMAX puszu Legendary Ranked Carry

Corki -3DMAX puszu Legendary Ranked Carry

Updated on January 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VAIReetaws Build Guide By VAIReetaws 17 9 49,293 Views 31 Comments
17 9 49,293 Views 31 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VAIReetaws Corki Build Guide By VAIReetaws Updated on January 7, 2012
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Introducing t0x1ch from Estonia

Hi i'm t0x1ch, now known as 3DMAX puszu - born and raised in Estonia.
I started like everyone else in League of Legends, a newbie. In august 2010 I discovered League of legends through a friend of mine.
After months of playing this game I reached level 30 and started playing ranked, got the feeling of getting higher in rating and somehow got addicted to it.
The hard way of competitive playing I slowly grow in rating and felt a bit "pro".
Thanks to VAIR ee taws a good friend of mine I'm about to share my champions builds trough Starting with Corki. Please sit back and enjoy the secrets of my creational builds.
*To be noted - I play in EU west.

Staring now

Corki - The Daring Bombardier

Corki at this time absoluty my favorite champion in League of legends. Let's take a look at his stats; Ranged, Carry are the two Attributes and I can't agree more. Only If you see the bar next to "Attack" it's not great even "Spells" is alot higher. Well guys I'm gonna explain you how to play a decent Corki in ranks which uses attack damage.
I hope I can teach you guys a bit about the way I see Corki and hopefully you learn something from it.
This build is focused on an DPS, AD armor penetration build.
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Notes and Guide updates

Everything about nerfs/buffs and guide changes will be edited beneath this chapter.

Patch notes, releases

- T.B.A *To be announced

Guide updates

- 14-2-2011 *Guide wen't online and is ready to be used!
- 11-8-2011 *I have switched the summoner spells Teleport and Ghost for Flash and Exhaust because it's more efficient in teamfights/laning phase.
- 7-1-2012 *Updated the guide a bit now that there is new masteries and some summoner spells got changed, the item build mostly remains same!
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Runes and Masteries


Gonna talk about my rune choices and I'll try to explain why I have chosen these runes.
First of all


9x Greater Mark of Desolation
Which gives a nice amount of armor penetration. Without using any items it's a great start bonus for Corki. You will hurt squichy targets so much with this. And if someone is stacking armor well they better stack alot cause it won't help them you'll see!


9x Greater Seal of Armor
Why? Obviously cause all ranged ad's deal physical damage, armor is best vs it and some people even at higher ratings don't use armor pene, so armor is a defininent choice


9x Greater Glyph of Mana
At first i was using the ones mp per level, when i found +101 mana on an ad carry like corki suits it better, u don't run oom much.


3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Physical damage quints is a MUST!


Got a pretty standard 21/9/0 setup on masteries. Which almost every DPS/AD champion needs.
Like to have some extra damage and critical strike chance and some health is always good.
A point in the heal spell is needed, tho you might be wondering why not a point in the flash mastery is cause of corkies Valkyrie, you don't need cd reduction on your flash.
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Summoner spells

- Even though Flash was nerfed a bit, it is still a very good choice. I mostly use flash for either getting a kill or to escape a skillshot that would be fatal, if you play safe tho you won't even need flash with corkie's valkyrie, so get cleanse or exhaust instead

- Heal is now one of the best if not the best spell on ad carries, NEVER let your support take heal as you yourself are to know when to use your heal, you can trick/lure people into towerdiving you, heal up and get a kill or double - this at even competetive scene
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Skill sequence

- A strong harrasment skill from early to late game. It blinds the target on direct hit which works like the good old [exhaust] use to work. It brings magic damage to the area it hits and is a nice finishing touch for first blood or kills.

- One of the skills why I like Corki so much. You can jump to chase a target or jump to avoid a gank or escape death. It also leaves a tray that deals magic damage along the way.

- A nice extra bonus damage skill that allows you when activated do more damage overtime. It litterly sprays the enemy's afront of you. Shredding armor each second, great skill.

- Oh my god, I can't tell you how much I love this skill. With this great skill you can shoot rockets over a huge range. Which allows you to kill enemy's behind there defensive towers. Too last hit away running rabbits. Also when you face a one on one situation you can just spawn Missile Barrage on the way to deal extra damage, to kill them faster.
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Core items, Situational items and Optional items

IMPORTANT: Depending on the enemy CC. Make sure to buy which item first Infinity Edge or Banshee's Veil I most of the times buy Banshee's Veil before Infinity Edge when the enemy has champions like Sion and Ashe. Let's say if the enemy has 3 or more enemy's with stuns, snares or taunts I build Banshee's Veil first.

Trinity Force
- My very first damage item, Trinity force. I have chosen this for many more reasons. It's build out of more great items like Sheen, Phage and Zeal. It gives alot of bonuses which are fabulous. It gives attack speed, attack damage, ability power, critical strike chance and 12% movement speed. Which makes you very mobile. 25% chance to slow a target which comes from Phage and on cast increases your base damage by 150% for one attack which will hurt alot. Also it gives you extra HP and Mana which allows you to survive more and stay longer in combat without running low on mana.

Banshee's Veil
- My second item is Banshee's veil. It gives you a nice amount of HP and mana and also allows you to block a negative spell like stun, snare or taunt. every 30 seconds which is very nice if you facing alot of CC on the enemy team. It also gives you a pretty nice amount of magic resist which is nice versus casters or any other magic damage dealer.

Infinity Edge
- Great team carry item in my opinion, my third item. Infinity edge, it gives you a nice amount of attack damage, critical strike chance and a unique passive that gives you 250% critical damage instead of 200%. now 50% is alot more so this item really works along with Trinity force, your first item.

Optional items

You finished your core and now you want to look further ahead, I most of the times don't make it this far but when you do I give you the following options. My favorites:

Last Whisper
- Yes, Last Whisper.. most of the times my personal favorite. It gives you attack damage +40 and a passive which allows you to penetrate 40% of the enemy's armor. Against tanky champions like Warwick and Irelia that can get pretty tanky. This is an excellent choice. Also it rips squichy apart.

- Well I usually don't buy this one, only when I want to have some more survivability and attack damage that grows by killing creeps. It stacks attack damage, lifesteal after every creep you kill but you lose all when you die. It's more a one to one combat item in my opinion.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
- You like to put this one on your first slot. It gives you +25 armor penetration, 15% cooldown reduction and has attack damage, critical strike chance and a nice active that gives you 50% attack speed and 20% movement speed for 4 seconds. Thats why I use it on slot one. Personally I use this very often, lets say almost never. Cause the items above are much more in my taste.

Situational items

There so many different boots, which fits best!? HELP! Let's take a quick scan over the boots I recommend for Corki. All I don't name I don't recommend to use at all, never ever.

Mercury's Treads
- The first boots I would recommend almost every match. Simply cause it gives you magic resist and a passive that gives 35% less durations of taunt, stuns and snares etc. When the enemy is having alot of CC then they most of the times have magic damage so these boots are best.

Boots of Swiftness
- When a game goes pretty great and you want to be faster to gank and chase then I would recommend these boots. But only when you know that the enemy CC is no real thread to you. These boots don't give any resistance but only speed.

Berserker's Greaves
- These boots give you 25% attack speed which is nice if you want to shoot faster, kill faster. It's not the best choice in my opinion cause eventually your other items give you attack speed and Mercury's treads give you resistance and a nice passive. They are pretty cool early game but I would really switch them later on for a couple of mercury's treads.

Last item(s)

It almost never comes this far! But just in case I give you three briliant options

Black Cleaver
- Excellent choice versus tanky champions, like Last Whisper this is a awesome item. It not only gives you attack damage but it also boost your attack speed which is nice cause almost non of your other items do. This is a very nice late game item which makes you alot more deadly.

Madred's Bloodrazor
- One of the best carry items in the game. It literly shreds down any opponent which a big amount of HP. Why? Cause of it's passive. Deals magic magic equal to 4% of the target's life. Which can be huge! Also it gives you 25 armor which makes you more survivable in combat and it gives you 40% attack speed and 30 attack damage. Thats the reason why this should be a great finishing touch item.

- Good attack damage item, gives you life steal. Why is this a good choice? Well in late game it usually starts in a big chaotic fight but at the end of it you'll face maybe one or two enemies that are left. In that case this 25% life steal and 60+ attack damage you'll stand longer. While you damaging your opponent you'll slowly drain the life out of him. This item is a good choice as last item.
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Strategies and Tips


I'll explain about starting with Corki and laning, some strategies along the way. I'll try to explain how to play Corki from the beginning till the end.

1. Sona
No need to explain why, sona op;)

Good laning partners (champions)

1. Janna
- Personally my favorite. She can give you a shield to lane longer, she is one of the best harrasser in the game. Using tornado's and slows Janna and you can push a lane significant.
2. Soraka
- Probably pretty reasonable. She heals and gives you mana and can silence a target. Good laning partner, keeps you alive and helps you lane longer.

Start with Doran's Blade and go to your lane. If it's solo always make sure you have Teleport cause you don't wanna lose your tower and you wanna help teammates out fast, thats why Teleport is a must. Start last hitting minions and if your opponent is squichy like Sivir or Ashe. Keep harrassing them with Phosphorus Bomb and auto attack. Try to keep them away from getting last hits. Pretty logical and not that hard to understand. You're stronger at early levels but you have to keep your eye open when they turn level 6. And never ever push your lane to hard, you will seriously recret it when you see a Nunu & Willump coming to gank you. Always keep Valkyrie ready just in case.
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Summary, Last words

3DMAX puszu

Real name: Johannes Uibos
Country: EstoniaAge: 18

I don't wish to brag but I just wanna show you how fast I grown after I started playing this build on Corki. I began at maybe 1450 points rating and within one week I reached the following score.
Playing a carry champion as Corki can really help you alot getting higher in the rating.This way a long time ago and my build remains same up to date, corki is still one of the best ad carries and counters to graves
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