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Corki Build Guide by livianWood

corki for the win

corki for the win

Updated on February 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author livianWood Build Guide By livianWood 9,907 Views 2 Comments
9,907 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author livianWood Corki Build Guide By livianWood Updated on February 11, 2012
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red baron corki

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Introduction of meself and corki

Hello guys,

I first gonna introduce myself then we can OWN.

I am livianWood. This is my first guide of my main champ Corki. But this guide is only for looking once before you start play. Changed it if you wants i doesn't matter for me it's only for helping you guys. And enjoy your games.
Give me some critic but don't go on my build and blame on me if its a bad build you doesn't look at it.

Now something about

In early game you must pay attention to be not ganked or killed. In early game you mostly get kills because they uderestimate you. But in late game you own after getting your ulti you dive in with Valkyrie and you do Gatling Gun and there is the first kill then they run always away and you get another 2 kills by schooting with your Missle barage.
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Pros / Cons

- build in flash with Valkyrie
- super Minion farmer ( super nice for early game)
- strong harraser
- sniper on lvl 6 with his ulti
- Area damage with his ulti
- good vs tanks with Gatlingun (armor reduce)
- 10% more damage on minions, monsters and champions

- amazing late game DPS
- super nice skins

- hard to play
- easy dead with a feeded trynda or something
- auto attack range 550
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Begin items

My items:


For shoes i like to pick Berserker's Greaves because then you get some more attack speed
or Ionian Boots of Lucidity for better cooldowns.
Don't pick:
Boots of Swiftness because with Phantom Dancer you get enough movement.
Mobility Boots for the same reason.

begin item:

as first item you have many choises this is one of them:


Why Doran's Blade?

- The 100 hp is verry nice for corki's early gaming.
- It's the only item with hp and damage that you can buy at the beginin
- it gives 10 damage nice at the beginning
- verry cheap
Long Sword cost 415 for 10 damage and Doran's Blade cost 475 for 10 damage and 100hp

- The 3% life steal is verry little.
- And Corki is a squishy champ so if you wanne get some more hp you can buy a
Ruby Crystal or for a little bit health regen Regrowth Pendant

other items:

- mostly with a hp pot
- also with a hp pot
- If you don't have pick mana masteries you can get
- If you like to have some hp i should pick but not really something of hp more of hp regen at the begin

A verry good starting items is Philosopher's Stone but you can buy it in the beginning

Why Philosophers's Stone?

- the Mana is certenly welcome ( 8 mana / 5 sec)
- your hp regen is verry important when you harras, where you probably take damage of the minions and it's also good for when you are ganked where you can escape with your Valkyrie ( 18 hp / 5 sec)
- The gold is nice 5 gold evry 10 sec

- It gives no damage.
- you must go back to buy it.
- don't pick it when you gonna pick Trinity Force

- If you want this item I should pick *** first item
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Mid Game items

My items:

Mid Game items:


Why Bloodthirster?

- It gives you 60 damage.
- Long durability inlane because you can stack it
- The life steal is nice for regaining health after a fight.

- It gives less damage then Infinety Edge
- It's verry expensive


Why Trinity Force?

- It gives you mana without masteries you certainly gonna need this because your abilities cost much mana like Valkyrie cost 100 mana.
- It gives you a random bonus.
- You get some Attack Speed, Damage, Critical strike.
- Your basic attacks have a 25% chance to slow your target's Movement Speed by 35% for 2.5 seconds.
- After using an ability, your next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 150% of your base Attack Damage.

- It cost a lot of money
- If you wanne go for full damage it don't give you a lot of damage for the price.


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Late Game items

My items:

Late Game items:


Why Madred's Bloodrazor?

- Nice item VS Champions with a lot of health because the passive.
- Only item with damage and armor together without Wriggle's Lantern

- Little Damage.


Why a second Phantom Dancer?

- It gives you together with Infinity Edge 85% critical chance
that's verry nice because when you hit like 300 normal without armor you can hit with crit 450 massivly more i found and you gain this crit almost evry time with 85% critical strike
- You gain extra movement.
- In totally you have then 116% Attack Speed.

- you have many other items that you certainly can use and that you don't can buy when you buy Phantom Dancers ( stupid reason i know)


+ 45 Armor
+ 18% Critical strike
+ 50 damage with this build
when you want gain this apart it cost 3350 gold
and with Atma's Impaler it costs 2350


This build is based on armor reducing and it works verry well with Gatling Gun
UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health.
40% armor penetration
Your basic attacks reduce your target's Armor by 15 for 5 seconds (effect stacks up to 3 times).


This build is based on damage and armor because then you can kill the carry because she hit less on you because of the armor.

but if you pick this you get no damage so make sure you don't have buyed Trinity Force and that you have buyed something with massive damage like Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge
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Summoner Spells

The spells i recommend are:
and sometimes Teleport

I shoudn't pick:
Flash because Valkyrie is enough
Surge because i found it sucks
Clarity because with the masteries i taken you have enough mana.
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For damage marks because i play corki AD.

For seals i pick armor because if i don't do that you should build a hp/ armor item at the begin because if you don't one gank and you're dead and you're underlvled and an important thing with corki is feed yourself massivly with minions in the first quarter i expect about a 100 minions.

For glyphs i pick attack speed because with my masteries i dont need something of magic anymore.

ps: if you want you can pick hp insted up armor
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Farming is verry important for corki
here some tips:
- At beginning harass your opponent with Valkyrie and Phosphorus Bomb
then you last hit al the minions.
- When you are by the turret let the turret hit the minion twice and do then a basic attack then you get the minion normally.
- When you'r lvl 6 you can easy take creepwaves first cast Gatling Gun
then you cast your ulti 2 times and mostly you get many minions.
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Teams for Bot lane

Who is a good teammate for Corki?

Corki is a range carry with litlle hp and massive damage.
He is best in a team with a support who can heal him( problem 1: little hp solved).
It's always verry good for him to got a teammate with a stun because when the Champ is stuned he can do much damage or he can flee so he doesn't die.

some exapmples:

Best teammates

She can heal you with Primal Surge and her Javelin Toss does verry much damage. If you play with Nidalee she must play on Ability Power.

He's a perfect Champ for Corki he has a stun of 1.5 seconds Dazzle and a heal Imbue and he can play a little bit tank.

With Hymn of Valor she increasing nearby allied champions Damage by 8/11/14/17/20. Crescendo stuns the allies for 2 seconds.

Other good teammates

She can heal you Astral Blessing and give you mana Infuse. Then you can count on mana and you doesn't need anything of mana.

She gives you health and movement speed with Divine Blessing.She can slow the opponent and her ultimate Intervention can save you from many deaths.

some calculations:

When sona does her ultimate on a champion you can hit him with this build on lvl 16 1600 damage.
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Hard Oponents

Hard Oponents

Actually evryone with a Critical strike.
When he is feeded you can't escape with his ulti and he kills you with his alfa strike and crits.
His crits are deadly he kills you in 3 hits like a 3 sec max.
Because his Frenzy kills you when your half-hp.
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Thanks for read my guide and i hope i have helped you with this guide.
And especially enjoy your games.
Questions? Post it here.


Sorry for bad english

Credits to:
Sky Devil Dude
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