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Corki Build Guide by IsThisNameTaken

Corki, the daring pentakiller!!!!

Corki, the daring pentakiller!!!!

Updated on August 24, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IsThisNameTaken Build Guide By IsThisNameTaken 2,201 Views 0 Comments
2,201 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IsThisNameTaken Corki Build Guide By IsThisNameTaken Updated on August 24, 2013
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This is my first guide and there is still a lot that wasn't said. Please try the build and let me know what you think.
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This Corki build is very different from the regular adc build that you might see. Corki is a great spammer of his abilities and build flat out AD and AS is what I believe to be a narrow minded view of his actual potential. This build changes him from an AA machine to a power house. This build requires focus, good aim, and strategic planning. It also utilizes the great changes that happened to phage and trinity force in Patch 3.10.
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Corki's rune page if pretty standard. Using Scaling magic resist blues, armor yellows, AS reds, and flat AD Quints.

The blue and yellow rune choice for corki probably goes without saying as these choices are pretty standard among players.

I chose the flat AD Quints for the reason that a scaling AD quint might give you more damage late game, but you will have been itemized by then so an extra couple of AD won't really matter. These flat Ad quints are use for the early game harass and hopefully to help you win your lane if you can AA poke properly.

I chose the AS Reds because you don't build any AS on corki besides [Blade of the Ruined King] and [Trinity Force]. This way you can get an extra 15% AS on top of the 70% you get from your items.
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Most people rage at me when I begin to make this build because they only see corki as an adc. He is so much more than that and this is what I feel like is the best way to optimize his potential.

The reason that I rush Spirit of the Elder Lizard is because it gives you great AD for a cheep price, mana regen, health regen, easier Csing because of it 20% increase in damage to minions and monsters, but best of all because of its true damage. Corki doesn't have any DOTS on any of his abilites. This items allows you to do an extra 60 true damage with every AA and Ability in Corki's Kit. You have no idea how much this makes a difference.

I choose to rush BOTRK next because of its great lifesteal and AS plus its active is great when they try to initiate on you hard in bot lane.

Then you are going to want trinity force. This is where I lose most people. Some will argue that building flat AD is the best. That would be fine if it weren't for the fact that most of corki's abilities interupt his AA and cause him not to do as much damage. So instead I said lets charge is AA's so that they do 200% damage on each hit instead of me having to shoot twice as much. So you can either spend more money to get to same amount of AD, or you can spend less and get the same AD and AS and MS and AP and awesome passives.

The nice thing about Trinity force Is the passives you get. Forever AA you land on a champion you get an extra 20 MS. This is great because corki is a pretty slow ADC. If you get a kill with any abilities of AA then you will get an extra 60 MS. Then there is my favorite part. The spellblade passive. Most people don 't know this but spellblade not only charges the next AA but also ones that are in mid air! So you can spam off rockets and be pumping out 200% of your AD every second, and that doesn't even count all the damage that will be put out from your rockets and other abilties. Combining your R, E, Q, and AA you are a power house to be scared of for sure.

The other items are pretty self explanitory. Blood thirster is the highest AD item in the game, and last whisper gives your Armor Pen. so that your extra 200% AD doesn't go to waste on someone who has built nothing but armor against you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IsThisNameTaken
IsThisNameTaken Corki Guide
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Corki, the daring pentakiller!!!!

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