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Blitzcrank Build Guide by 7yundao

Other crank it up!

Other crank it up!

Updated on March 27, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 7yundao Build Guide By 7yundao 1,595 Views 0 Comments
1,595 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 7yundao Blitzcrank Build Guide By 7yundao Updated on March 27, 2013
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Just sharing my favorite champion's build to everyone else who loves him too. I have seen many cranky build around as support but i feel sorry for cranky as he has much greater potential than just a mere support.
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my opinion on the runes is: they are for early games(before lv 6). After lv 6 it is the items you buy from shop that decides who wins in a fight, not the runes. So for cranky who is going bot lane as a melee, it's best to build move speed and tankiness as u can take damage for ur lane partner and get close fast to kill or run away from early ganks. the magic/armor resist is a must since u are going to tank for ur lane partner, u might even consider full armor + speed. the point is to be able to tank enemy damage while not letting them get away.
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focus on early game kill success and sustain by having lots move speed. personally i do not like greed as it does not effect the out come of early game. with blitzcrank, the point is to suppress ur opponent early game. u can spend that 2 points on intelligence to the explorer ward or awareness to gain more experience. occaionally u level up 1 or 2 creeps faster than ur opponent to level 3 will make a difference in early game. but that really wont be caused by awareness skill but rather ur lane control. however the 4% CD will translate into that .3 sec needed to use ur power fist for a 2nd time to save ur team mate or kill an enemy which is more likely to happen. even if u dont surpess ur enemy u can still sustain and stay in the lane and get exp and wait for ganks.
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the recent nerfs against blitz crank reduce his base manna a lot :( now u get a much less manna shield in before 1st recall fights.(like u get 100 less manna shield compare to before where u have 200). so i start with manna crystal and potion. This requires you to have high accuracy on your grabs as you will not be able to grab often. however, i did put in a mana regen mastery and a cookie for mastery that should losen a lot of pressure on ur manna usage that will last you till 1st recall after which u get a philosoper stone or tear of godness.

since blitzcrank's grab has a really long cool down at level 1, getting glacial shround->frozen heart->another glacial shround capitalize on making cranky tanky while be able to stick to the enemy and powerfist them so max 40% cd as fast as possible while granting him more manna, armor, and ability to tank more tower hits. This build usually avoid fighting a AP burst champion early game one on one.

i have tried complete manamune before getting 40% cd and i found that little bit increase damage in early game is not worth the 1.4k gold if u use it to buy a glacial shround instead(which makes u tankier and lower cd). usually i complete manamune when i finish charging it and that's usually after i get my 40% cd and that proves the 1.4k to worth the money at the time.
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Skill Sequence

to be honest i have tried all combination of skill sequence before level 6 and this one is best of all of them. i have tried getting level 3 powr fist at level 5 but that proves to be bad as i keep chasing too far deep with only level 1 over drive and no boots before 1st recall. 1st recall usually u always want to complete tear of godness so u can finish charging it as soon as possible. and level 3 grab just doesnt make anysense as u only use 1 grab and before the 2nd grab finish cd the enemy is either dead or ran away. However, if u get level 2 overdive at lv 4 and level 3 over drive at lv 5, this decrease ur chase distance by at least 1 sec and translate into distance of a carry with basic boots which is around 350 distance and if they flash u catch up around 1sec faster compare to level 1 overdrive. and it allows you to keep hitting them no problem while level 1 over drive has problem doing that.
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the shield is just to compensate the nerf on mann shield and also to increase success in winning before level 6 lane fights. no need for exhaust as u have much greater movespeed thanks to msatery/runne/overdriive. plus a powerfist allow ur lane partner to cast their skills and do damage, u just follow them and finish the job.

that's all the tips i have to say for now. figure out the rest urself :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 7yundao
7yundao Blitzcrank Guide
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