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League of Legends Build Guide Author turboderp

Critlyn - One shot, one kill; what's the deal?

turboderp Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Caitlyn, as a whole, is pretty underpowered at the state she's at now. She's a sniper, yet her damage is sub-par. You're useless close range, and unless you can keep up, you're not even that amazing long range! You're a great chaser and harasser though, and you dominate early game. Attack damage on Caitlyn is great.. if you can keep up. Fall behind and you'll be doing terrible damage. This build aims to fix that by adding a more reliable and efficient way of getting that much needed damage.

That was boring. Let's get started, shall we?

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Pros / Cons


  • Great early game, and an amazing late game if you get enough of your items.
  • An amazing tower pusher and farmer.
  • Great escape mechanic.
  • The most range in the game. The only person (thing?) who out-ranges you is Kog'maw with level 3 Bio-arcane.
  • Her passive is great for harassing and dealing extra damage.
  • Can catch those sneaky yordles with your cupcake traps!
  • You're a sniper, 'nuff said.


  • Extremely squishy even in late game.
  • Has a very slow mid game. This is where you need to keep your wits up.
  • Deals very bad damage late game if you weren't farming or died a lot.
  • Only has one offensive skill which is a skillshot.
  • Recommended? I don't get this at all, Riot.

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Skills Explained

Headshot - Passive
Every 8th shot, Caitlyn deals 150% damage to champs and 250% to minions. You gain 2 stacks per shot in the brush. This is great to up your damage, and is what makes you so terrifying early game. Use it to your advantage.

Piltover Peacemaker - Q
Fires a piercing bullet in a line, dealing less damage the more targets it hits. Skillshot. Your only offensive skill, other than your ult. Use it to harass and farm minions, but don't waste your mana too much.

Yordle Snap Trap - W
Kind of like Nidalee's traps, except you can only have two of them out. They're extremely visible, but extremely rewarding. If any enemy steps in them, they get immobilized and you get sight on them for a decent amount of time. Put these in the bushes to prevent ganks, or use them to close off small passages.

90 Caliber Net - E
Shoots a net forward, slows your target down and pushes you back. Don't use this for the slow, please god don't. Instead, point it away from where you want to go and shoot it. It'll act like Flash, without the cool effects. This will allow you to chase a lot easier. You can also use it to go through small walls.

Ace in the Hole - R
Your ultimate. Basically a sniper shot from a huge-*** range, this shot deals pretty good damage. Only problem is, it can be blocked by the enemy's teammates. Please, don't use this in the middle of team battles because it'll probably be blocked. Use it when you know the path is clear and an enemy is running away at extremely low health.

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Summoner Spells

Spells you should get

- A great spell for Caitlyn, slows down enemies and reduces their damage by a ton. Makes it easier for you to catch up and destroy their faces with your rifle.

- Grants movement speed, 'nuff said. Allows you to chase, gank and escape ganks. Very nice.

Spells you might get

- Heals you. Simple and effective.

- Mana regen per 5 runes not working out for you? Want to keep spamming 90 Caliber Net into enemy turrets? Get this, I guess.

- Lets you escape from crowd control effects. Good if you get ganked a lot, but with Caitlyn, if you get stunned, you're probably already dead.

Spells you shouldn't get

- I usually use this with all the other champs, but you don't need this with Caitlyn. Your 90 Caliber Net is basically Flash every 11 seconds.

- You normally shouldn't need to "finish off" champs that are getting away. You have amazing range and your ult will stop them in their tracks if they get away.

- While helpful for getting around fast, you want to be as quiet and inconspicuous as possible. You are a sniper, after all.

- Don't even think about it, Ponyboy.

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I'm not going to act like I'm a pro with Runes. At all. I just got to level 30 a day ago, and I only have about half of my Runes. Feel free to experiment with these, and take my suggestions with a grain of salt, they might not work for you.

Greater Mark of Desolation - I swear to god, using my ult on champs that are low health and running away, only to have them survive because of the damage reduction due to their armor is extremely frustrating. This solves that, at least in the early game.

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed - Extra attack speed is always nice, but you can replace this for something else like more health of extra armor/mr if needed.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - Caitlyn has a terrible mana pool early game, and I constantly find myself mana-starved while an enemy gets away laughing at me.

Greater Quintessence of Health - I recommend these runes for every character, really. It improves your early game a lot and it allows you to skip the Doran's item without feeling too vulnerable.

Remember, don't follow this guide word for word. Adjust to your own playing style if needed, what I provide is just an outline.

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- Adds damage and some early armor penetration. Sell this near the end when you're getting your second Phantom Dancer, by that time armor won't be able to stop the madness that I call Critlyn.

- Gives you much needed attack speed and decent movement speed.

- Massive damage addition, and a great passive. Your crits will deal a lot more.

- Movement speed, attack speed and crit chance all in one? Sign me up. Getting two of these will make you a crit machine.

- Great addition to your damage, and gives some nice attack speed. Passive reduces armor on enemies so you can hit hard.

- Gives you some much needed survivability, damage and a slow that will help you catch up to the enemies who are lucky enough to escape your wrath.

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Early Game

You'll want to start out with a Long Sword and one Health Potion. If you don't feel comfortable, you can get a Doran's Blade. Getting a Long Sword decreases your spending, though. Harass and farm in lane/mid for a while until you have enough to purchase The Brutalizer, selling the Doran's Blade if you got one instead of the Long Sword.

After this, go back to lane until you preferably have enough to buy your Berserker's Greaves. This is when you should start being aggressive, as you attack a bit faster and hit harder. Keep farming, and restrain from going home unless needed.

Mid Game

You should start to see some ganking going on at this point, maybe participate in some yourself if you're not occupied. Get your B. F. Sword whenever you can. Now, you'll be doing some awesome damage. Start building into an Infinity Edge, favoring the Cloak of Agility first to get more Crit chance.

Once you get your Infinity Edge, you're ready to roll. Start building your Zeal, once again favoring the Brawler's Gloves for that much needed Crit chance. After you have the Zeal, build it into your first Phantom Dancer. Once again, save up until that coveted second B. F. Sword.

Late Game

Full-blown team battles should be erupting here-and-there now, and you need to understand your role. You are a sniper, not a tank. Please, don't be in the front and let your tank do his job without having to worry about you. At this point, you'll be dealing criticals a lot more than usual, dealing significant damage to the enemies. Get another Zeal for the attack speed and criticals, and then hurry up and try to turn your B.F. Sword into a The Black Cleaver. You'll be shooting at a scary rate now, and most enemies will be taken down fairly easily with the help of your team.

Whenever the enemies are occupied and you are unable to push, feel free to go back home in order to turn your Zeal into your second Phantom Dancer. With this, you'll be an almost unstoppable force.. with the right backup. Remember, you're still extremely squishy, since this build adds almost no survivability. If you find yourself in trouble when it comes to surviving, feel free to build something like a Frozen Mallet.

At this point, I was taking down their tank in 3-4 shots, and I killed their squishies in 2 hits flat. This is an extremely scary situation to be in for the enemy team, and if they haven't surrendered yet, they'll be considering it.

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All in all, have fun while playing Caitlyn. It can be very frustrating playing an underpowered champ, but it is so rewarding to pull this build off and instill fear in the hearts of the enemies. Try not to take the game too seriously, and don't get overly stressed. I've died a lot trying to get this build together, a lot more than I have on other champs. It was disheartening in the beginning, but now she's really started to shine, and I can seriously call her one of my favorite champs so far.

Have fun, and stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.