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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Cyber's Guide Reviewing Shop

Cyber's Guide Reviewing Shop

Updated on January 27, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Build Guide By cyberskull 16 0 23,331 Views 110 Comments
16 0 23,331 Views 110 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cyberskull Build Guide By cyberskull Updated on January 27, 2015
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Welcome to my Guide Reviewing Shop!

In here you can request a review for your guide and I'll do it for ya! The way it works is I go to your guide, I read it and judge it based on important factors and then I post my review in the comment section of the guide. There are rules that I will post in one of the chapters below. Failure to follow those rules will result in your request being denied. If you continue posting requests and breaking the rules that will result in a ban from the shop.

What do I expect in return you ask? Nothing. I plan on doing reviews for free. If you want to thank me just do so in the comments. Giving me rep or upvoting/downvoting is your call but is absolutely unnecessary.

If you want more info about the shop keep reading the chapters below. Enjoy your stay here!

I am unavailable and will get to your request when I'm here!

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Do NOT break these rules. Please!
  • No requests via PM please. I don't mind them that much but PMs are not a place for such requests. This Shop is.
  • Only guides written in English will be reviewed. Don't post requests for guides in other languages.
  • Your guide must be about something that has been out for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Doesn't matter if it's a champion, a new map, a new game mode, a new item, etc.
  • You must be able to handle constructive criticism. If I dislike something in your guide don't immediately start defending yourself. Instead try and think of a reason as to why you think I'm wrong or just accept the fact that I'm right if you agree with me.
  • You must not give up on life just because I didn't like your guide. Try and work on the stuff that I said I didn't like and once your guide is better come back for a second review.

Those are the rules. Here are the punishments for breaking them:

  • Once - A warning
  • Three Times - A second and final warning
  • Five Times - A temporary ban from the Shop
  • Eight Times+ - A permanent ban from the Shop (Why 8 times? I wanna be patient with those who have been temporarily banned before and are trying to improve on their behavior)

Note: A ban from the shop simply means that I will ignore your requests until your ban ends (if it's permanent I'll just ignore you forever lol). And if you get banned and start spamming requests or you just keep asking for an unban I'll just report you for spam.

Of course I won't always follow these rules. If I'm in a really really good mood and you've broken a rule I probably won't care but I'm rarely in a super good mood so don't get your hopes up! :D
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What can I expect from your Reviews?

I will do the following in my reviews:

  • I will give you constructive criticism on the whole guide and not just on the Cheat Sheet.
  • I will read the whole guide or most of it depending on the length. If it's really long I will try and read as much as I can from each chapter.
  • If I'm reviewing your guide for a 2nd time I will point out what is better and what is worse in the guide since last time I reviewed it.
  • I will link your guide in the "Reviewed Guides" chapter below.
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How will you judge the quality of my guide?

I will review your guide based on the following:

  • BB Coding/Appearance - Although I am not the biggest fan of BB Coding it does make a guide look nicer so I will take that into account.
  • Cheat Sheet - The Cheat Sheet is not that important but a good one is nice for people who don't have time to read your whole guide and just wanna use the build.
  • Viability - The viability of your guide is important. If your guide is about ADC Rammus or Jungle Ashe don't expect me to give the viability of your guide a good score.
  • Tidiness - Your guide will be better if it's well organized so this is an important thing to judge a guide on in my opinion. If you have the introduction and summary chapters next to each other don't you think that would tell a reader that your guide isn't well organized?
  • Spelling Mistakes - It's okay if your native language isn't English and you often make spelling mistakes. However there are lots of ways to get rid of spelling mistakes for example Microsoft Word.
  • Content - Does your guide have useful information and advice? Does it have a lot of tips for newbies and advanced tactics for more experienced players?

Based on these factors I will grade your guide and I'll post the end result in the "Reviewed Guides" chapter. Here are the grades/ratings:

1 - Completely Horrible -> Downvote
2 - Really Bad -> Downvote
3 - Bad -> Downvote
4 - Needs lots of work -> Downvote/No Vote (if your guide can improve in my eyes I won't downvote)
5 - Not bad but not good either -> No Vote
6 - Ok but needs some work -> Upvote
7 - Decent -> Upvote
8 - Really good -> Upvote
9 - Awesome. Just needs a tiny bit of work for perfection -> Upvote + An honorary mention in the "Hall of Fame" section which is in the "Reviewed Guides" chapter.
10 - Amazing! -> Upvote + An honorary mention in the "Hall of Fame" section which is in the "Reviewed Guides" chapter.
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Request Form

Please follow the request form! It makes it easier for me to review your guide.

  • Your Summoner Level, Name and Server
  • The Link to your guide
  • What are you looking for in my review? A simple review on the whole guide? Or have I reviewed your guide before and you just want me to review it again to see if it's better now?
  • You read the rules...right?
  • Anything else? Excluding the review anything specific you want me to look at in your guide?
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Reviewed Guides

In this chapter I will post the guides I have reviewed, their author and what their score was. The Shop is still fresh so I'll start filling in this chapter once/if people request a review. Also this chapter is home to the Hall of Fame a section for guides that have achieved a score/grade of 9 or 10 and are just wonderful.

Reviewed Guides:

  • Satella's Riven Guide - 9/10 Awesome Guide!
  • BlackIceT's Cassiopeia Guide - 8/10 Solid Guide that needs just a bit more work!
  • Logarithm's Katarina Guide - 8/10 Straightforward guide that teaches you what you need to know about Katarina and nothing else. I like that.
  • OTGBionicArm's Cho'Gath Guide - 9/10. Awesome guide that has the perfect amount of information on Cho'Gath!
  • H4xDefender's Darius Guide - 8/10. Needs work in some areas but the information in the guide is very accurate and helpful. It makes up for the guide's weak parts.
  • -NA- Veng Lmfao's Udyr Guide - 10/10. Flawless Guide.
  • Wookien's Zac Guide - 7/10. Needs work but overall it is a decent guide.
  • LiLStormcloaK's Kassadin Guide - 9/10. Really good guide!
  • Theredy42's Olaf Guide - 7/10. It is a good guide but it can be even better with a good amount of work.
  • TinyStar's Beginners Guide - 9/10. Really good guide. It just needs some minor tweaks here and there.
  • iSparklez's Zilean Guide - 6/10. Needs a lot of work but has great potential!
  • Starki113r's Nocturne Guide - 8/10. Needs work if it wants to reach an even higher rating but at the moment it is a pretty good guide.
  • Return of Bob's Fiora Guide - 6/10. Was gonna give this one 5/10 but I think it has potential so 6/10 from me.
  • manlyflower's Kog'Maw Guide - 8/10. Solid guide. Needs some work but it's already pretty good even without it.
  • Forget about the boy's Singed Guide - 4/10. Needs a TON of work. That's about it. It can be good but it requires a lot of work. Lots of it!
  • Lucorian5's Pantheon Guide - 9/10. Minor changes = Perfection :P
  • OTGBionicArm's Guides Thresh, Nasus, Taric, Yasuo, Graves - Gratz to Bionic. First person to have multiple guides with a score of 10 (at least in my shop)! All of them are great well-made guides that deserve a grade of 10.
  • Teh Grazzh0pper's Ezreal Guide - 8/10. It needs several changes in my opinion but apart from that a very well written guide.
  • brkl789's Vayne Guide - 9/10. Very pleasing guide :3
  • Arenor's Sejuani Guide - 8/10. Needs work but currently in a good shape. 9/10 after the second review. Very good improvements!
  • MunchingOrangeFa's Master Yi Guide - 2/10. At the moment a very sloppy and messy guide with 0% effort put into it. Needs a sh*t ton of work.
  • MunchingOrangeFa's Kha'Zix Guide - 3/10. Basically the same as his Master Yi guide with some minor differences. As with the Yi guide this one also needs a sh*t ton of work.
  • Aquilegia's Riven Guide - 9/10. Superb guide :P
  • Aquilegia's Sejuani Guide - 10/10. No need for changes. Perfect just the way it is hehe.
  • Creator of Chaos' Master Yi Guide - 4/10. Needs a lot of work but it can be good if the author wants to make it good. It's up to him.
  • brkl789's Syndra Guide - 9/10. If the match-ups chapter gets finished the guide will be perfect for Syndra players ^^
  • XKillerMachineXx's Skarner Guide - 9/10. It lacks something but overall a very very good guide.
  • Nanners's Karma Guide - 9/10. Needs a bit of work and it'll be perfect.
  • pepsiM4A1's Aatrox Guide - 8/10. Some improvements can be made but it's still a pretty solid guide.
  • DoomGlad's Vayne Guide - 8/10. Minor improvements are needed for perfection but overall a great and well organized guide.
  • EdisonKhoo's Sypport Syndra Guide - 7/10. Needs a lot of work but it's an alright guide. 6/10 at first but improved to 7/10 after a second review.
  • IPodPulse's Tryndamere Guide - 8/10. Can use some changes/improvements but overall a nicely done guide.
  • Emikadon's Lulu Guide - 9/10. Splendid! :P
  • Zestifier's Syndra Guide - 8/10. Needs some improvements/changes. Still a pretty decent guide without them.
  • DoomGlad's Renekton Guide - 8/10. Pretty decent job. Needs some minor improvements though.
  • emoriam's Irelia Guide - 9/10. Just needs a match-ups chapter for a perfect score. Got the 10 after the second review.
  • zombee10's Nautilus Guide - 7/10. Needs work. Overall, a decent guide.
  • SpawnOfHell's Tryndamere Guide - 8/10. Very informative guide (maybe a bit too informative). Needs several changes though.
  • Austipain's Quinn Guide - 4/10. Very incomplete and sorta nooby. Needs LOTS of work.
  • buttercup's Nami Guide - 8/10. Needs several changes but overall very good.
  • jamespongebob's Soraka Guide - 8/10. A few tweaks are needed but overall a really solid guide!
  • jamespongebob's Miss Fortune Guide - 9/10. Pretty sick guide! :P
  • STeeDofDooM's Nidalee Guide - 7/10. In need of work but it has good potential (CLG reference, Ha!)
  • brkl789's Diana Guide - 8/10. Could use some changes but overall a very decent guide!
  • NorthernRedStar's Support Vel'Koz guide - 9/10. Needs some minor fixes in my opinion but overall a very well made guide.
  • IPodPulse's Rengar guide - 9/10. Almost perfect. Only the Cheat Sheet needs work.
  • Foxy Riven's Graves guide - 9/10. Some minor problems here and there but overall a great guide.

Hall of Fame:

  • Satella's Competitive Mid Lane Riven Guide - First Guide that was reviewed in this shop and I'm glad that it was the first because it was a splendid guide! Thank you Satella!
  • OTGBionicArm's Cho'Gath Guide - The only real problem with this guide in my eyes is how messy the guide graphics are. Nothing else ^^
  • -NA- Veng Lmfao's Udyr Guide - I have 0 complaints about this guide. A well deserved 10/10!
  • LiLStormcloaK's Kassadin Guide - I feel like this guide needs something to reach perfection. Dunno what that is though.
  • TinyStar's Beginners Guide - Just needs minor changes to reach completion.
  • Lucorian5's Pantheon Guide - Like I said with just minor changes here and there this guide will be fully completed.
  • OTGBionicArm's Guides Thresh, Nasus, Taric, Yasuo, Graves - All of them are amazing and deserve a 10!
  • brkl789's Vayne Guide - Some updates needed for perfection but overall an excellent guide with 0 flaws.
  • Arenor's Sejuani Guide - 8/10 in the 1st review but with very nice changes it managed to get a 9/10 and a spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • Aquilegia's Riven Guide - Just needs a few minor tweaks (imo) to reach perfection but for some people the guide might be perfect already.
  • Aquilegia's Sejuani Guide - Flawless.
  • brkl789's Syndra Guide - The perfect Syndra guide! The author just needs to finish the match-ups chapter and it will be 100% complete!
  • Nanners's Karma Guide - Excluding the Cheat Sheet and the unnecessary use of a Warding chapter this guide is Rock Solid.
  • XKillerMachineXx's Skarner Guide - 7/10 in the first review. It needed quite a bit of work back then. But after a second review the guide reached a 9/10 score. I think it's missing something but it's still a very well done guide.
  • Emikadon's Lulu Guide - Needs a few changes/updates for perfection but overall an excellent guide.
  • emoriam's Irelia Guide - No complaints! Everything in the guide is great! ^^
  • jamespongebob's Miss Fortune Guide - What can I say? Some minor fixes and this guide will be perfect for Miss Fortune mains.
  • NorthernRedStar's Support Vel'Koz guide - It doesn't need much for perfections. Just some minor fixes and several updates.
  • IPodPulse's Rengar guide - If the Cheat Sheet is re-worked it will be perfect! But still, really solid guide!
  • Foxy Riven's Graves guide - Only needs a few small tweaks and it'll be complete.
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Special Thanks

- jhoijhoi for teaching me (let's be honest..most of us) how to make guides with her "Making a Guide" Guide

- TinyStar for the awesome guide banners/graphics. You can find her awesome signature/guide graphics shop here.

- All of you for choosing my guide reviewing shop!

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