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Dr. Mundo General Guide by Mystrangy

Support Da Doctah' is in! [Support Mundo]

Support Da Doctah' is in! [Support Mundo]

Updated on June 21, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mystrangy Build Guide By Mystrangy 2 10 7,055 Views 12 Comments
2 10 7,055 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mystrangy Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Mystrangy Updated on June 21, 2013
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Hi, my name is Mystrangy and I'm a LoL player that has been active in the game for the past few years.
Although I'm not the most experienced player, I believe that I have found a fair share of knowledge in the game and I hope that this guide will help you.
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Why Support Mundo?

Why wouldn't the doctor be a good support?
He may not have the best initiates, the best CC or the strong buffs that other supports bring to the table, but there are four major things that he brings to the table.
* Very hard poke(Especially against tanky Supports like or )

* Nice sustainability after level 6

* Great damage

* He becomes a good tank mid- to lategame

Although there are quite a few good poke supports, not a lot of them will keep up the stable damage that Mundo has since they will get less items. Mundo has a flat damage on his Infected Bonesaw which is the main ability he uses and as such only requires items that help his team, make him more tanky or in the case of a really fed Mundo, getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Liandry's Anguish, making his Heart Zapper tick for tremendous damage in team-fights.
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Maximum Dosage should always be picked whenever it could as the sustain and the speedboost will help you survive and kill many times.

Infected Bonesaw should otherwise be taken whenever it can be as its potential is high throughout the game and the minimum damage it deals will only be truly effective in the earlygame, later it's best for the poke.

Blunt Force Trauma should be taken after Infected Cleaver as it gives you high damage in melee, especially at low HP.

Heart Zapper is maxed last since it gives you greater AoE damage and CC reduction, however it does not outmatch the other abilities and is only very effective in teamfights anyways.
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A short explanation for the item build.

Starting Items:
2 Rejuvenation Bead, 1 Health Potion and 2 Sight Ward

The Rejuvenation Beads and the Health Potion will help you until your first return since it will most likely keep you at about 80%HP at all times. Both of the Rejuvenation Beads also build into items that are useful later in the game.

Early items to get
Philosopher's Stone, Boots, Sightstone, Locket of the Iron Solari

Philosopher's Stone may seem like a waste on Mundo, but you need the gold boost it provides and with the removal of Heart of Gold, this is the only one that is worth building since the Health Regen is great for Mundo. Upgrade to Shurelya's Battlesong when you feel that the utility of it is needed.

The Boots are obvious, placement and escape is essential in LoL.

As a support you need to ward a lot and since this gives you free wards and Health on top of that, why wouldn't you want Sightstone?

Locket of the Iron Solari gives you good Health Regen, Armor, Health and a great active for a decent price.

Late Game Items:

Runic Bulwark gives you HP, MR, Health Regen and Armor, both to you and your allies making your entire team bulkier. Get this or atleast an Aegis of the Legion before the teamfighting starts.

Shurelya's Battlesong is upgraded from your Philosophers Stone and gives you a good amount of stats and gives your entire team a good initiate or disengage.

Spirit Visage is a great item for Mundo, giving his ultimate a lot more HP, some nice MR, Health and 10%CDR.

Warmog's Armor is the go to item for Mundo. It provides a hefty amount of health and Health Regen which are the two main go to stats as Mundo as he does not scale very well with anything else.

The boots I mostly upgrade into are the Mobility Boots as they allow for better initiates, escapes and placing yourself correctly.
Mercury's Treads can also be good incase the enemies have lots of CC, however should not be needed thanks to your Heart Zapper CC reduction.

If very fed:

Liandry's Anguish and Rylai's Crystal Scepter should be bought together quite early if you're very far ahead and have gotten several kills or assists. Together they will tick the enemy for 4% of the enemies current health and slow in an AoE whenever you have Burning Agony up and also make your Infected Cleaver slightly stronger. Although they are not very easy to buy, especially as support they should never be prioritized over the cheaper stuff.
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Team Work

During the laning-phase, you will have 3 main jobs:
* Poking the enemies out of lane

* Keeping enemies away from your ADC

* Help ganks from the jungler

With your Infected Bonesaw, you will constantly chunk down a fair share of the enemies HP and keep them on the edge, making you a good zoning tool. Make sure not to overextend when throwing your Infected Bonesaw and try to hit most of them since they cost HP. Your Rejuvenation Bead should do well in keeping you stable on HP but all HP is good HP.

When your jungler ganks, make sure to hit the ADC or Support with your Infected Bonesaw to chunk and slow them down, use your Exhaust if needed and use your Blunt Force Trauma to deal extra damage when hitting them.

When pacing for teamfights, throw Infected Bonesaw into the enemy team to chunk them down and if you get focused remember that your Heart Zapper reduces CC timers and that your Maximum Dosage gives you a big amount of health and attackspeed after a while.

Use the Heart Zapper and Blunt Force Trauma in the teamfight for maximum damage, focus their squishies and use your Infected Bonesaw whenever it's off cooldown.

To check bushes, throw a Infected Bonesaw right through. If you hear a chunking sound or it stops midway, that means there's somebody there.
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When should I pick Support Mundo?

Mundo can be picked as a support on several occasions, some of which are these:
+ The enemy support is very tanky such as a or

+ Your team lacks a tank

+ Your ADC has a burst combo which requires the enemy to be chunked first(Such as )

+ Your jungler has a good CC for ganks

+ You need a sexy beast on the team(Lacking )

When not to pick Mundo:
- When the enemy team has a hard poke lane themselves(Mundo needs HP to do damage)

- When the enemy ADC is very mobile(Ex. )

- When is on the enemy team(His % Damage will wreck you)
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If you want to try a different type of Support and feel like having a good time, I recommend playing as Mundo with some friends, a as ADC will give you a high potential lane that excels in early kills with the help of a jungler, a decently safe lane and champions that scale well into the lategame.

Also, please leave feedback and don't be afraid to ask any questions.

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Da Doctah' is in! [Support Mundo]

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