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Trundle Build Guide by mik1781p

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mik1781p

Da Way Of Pain! A Trundle Jungler Guide

mik1781p Last updated on June 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my name is Trundle and my favorite song is: Guns N' Roses - Welcome to The Jungle!

So here you are my Friends!
You have found this guide, if you found it means that you're looking for a simple and efficacious guide on how to pwn ***es on League of Leagends with this AWESOME champ... wrong choice! This isn't a "OMG THIS BUILD POWN I'M GONNA KICK ALL ***ES" guide, this is my own way to play Trundle, that changes by game to game, and if you are looking for this kind of guide you're welcome, if not... you are still welcome! Ok now stop talking and let's start.

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Pros / Cons


    +One of the easier jungler in the game
    +Great sustein in jungling
    +Easy tower dive

    +Blue dependent
    +Not so easy to master
    +Laners collaboration for a succefull gank

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Summoner's Resolve : Free gold! Simple no? smite is the most common summoner's spell that you will use, let's thing about it: 10 gold for each smite, 1 for minute, 30 minutes for game means 300 free gold, for wards and other wards!

Hardiness : More armor for you're jungling path, we have seals and those mastery, means rly low damage by AD damage ( early game )

Tough Skin : This is more usefull for a true jungler, you wanna do for 1° the dragon, free gold for all the team, but if some enemy comes to dragon you are dead flesh, so more rugged you are more easy will be to tank/steal buffs, dragon and baron.

Veteran's Scars : more hp, got to explain?

Initiator : so as a jungler you will never be 100% all the time in early game, the most important part for ganks ( low life harass at lv 1-2 ) will force you to go gank under 70% of you're life, why not exploit this situatiom? Two birds with one stone.

Honor Guard : 1,5% less damage... god i got to explain this too? i guess not.

Juggernaut : Incresed maximum health ( remember... Atma's Impaler ) and less disables, tasty! :D

Summoner's Insight : Now you are thinking: "why on the earth i should reduce flash cooldown? is stupid!" WRONG! the 90% of the escape / steal on the baron are thanks to the Flash, dont understimate this powerfull skill

Swiftness : More moviment speed...YEAH!

Runic Affinity : more buffs, more ganks!

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
greater mark of desolation
More armor penetration means more damage,
we should face a tank in solo top,
or counter jungle a Malaphite, you
don't wanna be ganked at lv 2 and let
them first blood right? don't worry your
lanes will do that ;D

Since that we don't have cloth armor as starting
item our seals will let our jungler more and more
easier, our blue golem at lv 1 will try to beat
us down, let's teach him something about PAIN!

This is one of my favorite Glyph in all da game,
think about it, mid, vs a veigar without those Glyphs
"Hello mr Veigar!"
3 sec later...
"You have been slain!"
Bad no? what we wanna hear is "An enemy has been slain!"
So buy those Glyphs billy! ( wards too )

As we know early game damage without some kind of runes, or
Dorian Blade is rly sad, so with those Quintessence we will
fix that cra... eh i mean those horrible thing.

Since that this is a game completely free, our way to play is the key, you can use other runes too but this is my wayt people! So if you wanna a new start with this champ, try those one and be free to change it!

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Summoner Spells

Yes summoners, you are a freaking jungler and as it if you don't have the damn

Your buffes, dragon, and baron will be stealed so easy that the whole team will realize, at the speed of light, how much you suck, smite is the most important spell for a jungler, that true damage, plus an indispensable will terrorize all da damn jungle, minions, dragon, baron and siege too! Die damn siege!
If you don't know how to smite a monster ( God why... ) remember this:
    + Click da monster
    + Watch da health
    + When the smite damage is the same as the monster's life smite it!

See? is not hard! Try it ;)!

As second spell i would take or , the escape/grap close of a jungler is essential, so with your and escape/grap close is even more easy, remember the 3 rules of da jungler


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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

A little and fast explain on why we prioritize Rabid Bite and Contaminate over Pillar of Filth, is pretty simple, why have a huge scale of ad on Rabid Bite since early mid game, this is our main source of damage for Trundle. Contaminate On the other hand with all the moviment improvement that we have placed in the masterys is the icing on the cake, we have only to come close to our enemy, with red and Phage / Frozen Mallet he will stay on the groud and killed rly easy. Personally i use Pillar of Filth only as a wall system to let no escape to the enemy

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This is the core of the guide, this is why you are here, this is matrix... oh wait this is Jungling!

This is my jungling path, starting from blue -> wolfes -> wrath -> golem -> red -> wolfes -> wrath -> LV4!

YEAH! Lv4! since lv 4 in less then 4m you're a ganking machine, with 90% AD scale on , red buff and over 70% of your life up you're ready to let the enemy "been slain!"
You could start to gank since lv 3 too, upping E before Q ( after red this is obvious) but, in my opinion, this choice is a little risky, you could fail da gank and your partner will dramatically die ( you no, run little Trundle RUN! )

I cannot tell you "How to gank" because is damn situational, but remember this, if the enemy is over half of his lane, with Trundle, he's dead, seriously he's dead he doesn't know it yet! remember collaboration with your team is essential for a successful gank, use your allies skills to gank them so hard that a wild surrender will appear!

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Wards And Counter-Jungling

One of you're most important goal as a jungler is to ward the whole ****ING map, 1° priority to the Baron and Dragon, next to the enemy buffes, red and blue, and the most important gank spots, you gotta have the control of the whole map, including enemy jungle, if you know where their jungler is, you can gank/steal his buffs, destroy his jungle, an underlevelled jungler is an useless jungler, and your goal is this too. now i've made a map of the spots that i ward, maybe are not the best, but they have saved me and my team mates a lot of times.
(The image is pretty big so i suggest you to download or to extend it)

Another important thing is the Oracle's Elixir, you have to detroy every wards from bot to top, if there is any ward, you cannot gank-> no gank bad jungler-> got it?

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Items and Game

So as you know, and as i've told this is a free game, you can build your champ as you wanna, but since you're here try this build.

Early Game 1-6

Do you know about ? I do, and this is the key of trundle, he's able to jungle like a bloody for da jungle without going down 50% of life, he's a monster without mercy, and in combo with your will let you dominate the jungle, the damage for the ganks is a combo of + that will let you do an huge amount of damage since early game


Ok you are god with trundle, but don't even try to follow a failed gank under the tower before lv 6, you will be hardly beaten under the turret.

Mid GAME 6-16

Here we have 3 items that are the core of my Jungling Freaking and Lethal Trundle

Let me Explain why

    +The most importat item for a fast jungling
    +Free ward!
    +Decent life steal

A good amount of life steal in combo with dat bonus damage on passive will let you destroy all da damn jungle in no time!


Understood? slow is da key, your wall system ( ) plus DAT slow will let no chance for the enemy to escape

    +Scaling life for AD, are you ****ing kidding me o_O, build up life fools!!
    +Decent amount of armor and critical in da same item

In mid game your focus in dragon and ganks, so 1 of all put your ward on the dragon, to let you know if the other jungler is trying to do it, if he does, steal it, Trundle loves free golds! And now is when trundle shines, the TOWER DIVE! if you have a good amount of life, your and a half hp enemy under his tower you're ready to kill him, remember, your ulti will let you be a little god for few seconds, so kill him fast and then run, other lanes don't like to be alone :D Ah do the agony on the most defensive stat enemy champ on da lane, you don't wanna to steal 15/20/25% of an (And i've seen it...)

Late GAME 17-18

If you are here that means that you haven't done a good job my friend, but don't worry! Trundle's is here to help ya! infact we have a damn HUGE scaling of AD q of trundle, so here we are for the most important choice, tank or not tank? simple you are feeded like hell! Destroy your enemys with DAT and , you are not feeded? you've been ***kicked? choice the way of the defence, buying items as

Versus Heavy AP Damagers
Versus Heavy AD Damagers
Versus Heavy CC / Combo Destroyers AP

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Other Avaible Items

My build is a Tanky/Dps one, focused on balanced damage/endurance, as well we can consider some other items to replace ( Thanks to Yo****heAsian and cyberfacada for this advices )

We can replace some items as:


Anti AP:


Anti CC/ burst Combo damager:


Anti Tank:



As i've said this is a whole free game, we can develop our champ in some situation ways and every options are avaible, try, controll the farm, see who and what has feeded, build to destroy him and annihilate their strong point, a jungler got to beat down the bully lanes, and has to help his mates to get kills, simple!

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