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League of Legends Build Guide Author Deckstar


Deckstar Last updated on February 24, 2013
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Finally! I KICKED MY LAZINESS OUT and decided to make this build, so GET IT ON!!!

First of all, Olaf is a Extremilly annoying champion to go against it, so you should be Agressive! Not SUICIDAL!

Before anything else: OLaf will NEED TO GO SOLOTOP, When he does, you must remember the Function on the team.

What do you mean, Function? Few people realize the importance of a well balanced team, i mean, What does the Ad Carry does?...He breaks the towers, giving the whole team bonus money and lane advantage, getting closer and closer to the nexus!
What the suport does? He try to make the AdC stay alive until the carry made it to the tower and broke it.

What the Ap-mid Does? He tries to push the mid lane, and deal the maximum amount of Magical Damage Possible, so they can win, or at least, survive the Team-fight.

What the Jungler does? He helps the whole team, in a agressive way, like ganking other lanes, or give buffs to the team, and also, they usually have the ability of targeting and fast killing low life enemies.

So what did we learned from this? That League of Legends, IS NOT ONLY ABOUT KILLING AND WINNING, its about team-work, strategy, skills, and patience, A LOT OF PATIENCE.

But Why am i telling all this? Because, you need to know your place as Solotop!

As solotop Olaf, you need to make almost the same thing as the Ap Mid, give the MAX AD DAMAGE POSSIBLE! Wait wait wait- Isn´t that the job of the Ad carry? NO! AD´S CARRY JOB IS TO CARRY!! DUH...
If you trust your Adc with the main damage, he will be unable to survive, becaus he will get into many risky situations, that are not worth his death!
Also the solotop olaf is meant to be a bruiser, which means having both attack and defense, acting like a tank.

And as a Tanky Monster, you can survive that **** getting kills and push your lane with your adc safe and sound, destroyin all the enemies turrets.

If the enemy gets too much armor, the Ap mid will rape-em all
If the enemy gets too much Magic Resist YOU will rape em all!
If the enemy gets too much damage, you and the tank/suport will deal with it
If the enemy focus you and the mage, the adc will rape them AND their turrets.

If the team is well balanced and cooperative, Every strategy that the nemy try to do will be countered!

Keep that in mind.

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First things first, i´m Henry, but u guys can call me Duelist or Duel to make it short. I´ll try my best to make these guides, they´re actually pretty fun to do it!

Olaf is a very powerful champion late-game when fed, he is tough, huge damage dealer, TRUEDAMAGE APPLICANT, although not so powerful as Darius in this sector, but fighting against a well-fed olaf... Its just suicide. "Why?" u ask:

At first Olaf is squish early-game, so if you advance to much... you´ll just die, and he also got no escape mechanism, so early game caution is really welcome.
But as soon as Olaf get a Phage, anyone can notice a drastic change against him(only if he is not underfed), He will take more damge, and will deal more damage and slow, if you get the trick of the undertow it will decimate your oponents life, although it got a long cooldown so extra caution is needed again and if you use your skills too hasty Olaf will get mana hunger and you will lose kills/assist/your life.

By reaching the late-game you will be tanky and scary, it will be harder to get kills cuz the enemies will runaway from you, if you´re doing a nice job, unless you or one of your teammates screwed up and now you have a fed enemy.

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Berserker Rage -PASSIVE- Olaf's Passive is simple, for each percent of health missing, he gains a percent of attack speed. Which is pretty much actually, targeting an Olaf is a bad idea, Making you harder to take on in a 1v1 since you will attack faster, this can work incredibly well with life steal.

Undertow -Q- At lvl 1 deals 80 plus 100% of Attack damage and slow the enemy hit by 24% for over 2,5 seconds. At lvl 18 it will deal 260(+100%) and will slow the enemy by 40%. The cooldown fo this skill is 8 seconds, but if Olaf get his axe back, its cooldown will decrease by 4,5 seconds, allowing many finish chances.

Vicious Strikes -W- Olaf passivly gains bonus fixed ammount of attack damage + 1% of his max health, so yeah, more life, more damage. When activated, it will gain a pretty good percentage of life steal and spell vamp, so yeah, somebody in Riot was planning a possibility of a Hybrid Olaf build, which... Probraly didn't worked very well, i dont know, i never tried, so... Nevermind, lets continue.

Reckless Swing -E- A nice strike that deals a fixed amount of true damage to the target, but it deals some true damage to Olaf as well, this ability does not stack with AD or AP, so its damage wont go to far, so its more useful on early game, acting like a finisher, against tanky enemies.

Ragnarok -R- Olaf COMPLETY ignores any crowd control effects on him, he also gains a nice bonus armor, magic resist and armor penetration, a fairly high amount of all of them, making Olaf a pain in the... Lower areas.

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Pros / Cons

- Great natural survivability
- High damage while being able to have survivability
- His abilities stacks with his health, leaving harder to kill and even harder to finish
- Natural Life steal
- Ignores crowd control
- Can easily stack combos with many itens
- Great duelist
- Great lane presence
- Easy and safe farming
- True damage dealer
- Fairly easy to master
- Can carry the game
- Outstanding ganks if you know how to use the Q decently


- Really squish early game
- Requires patience
- Easy to get cocky
- Long cooldowns
- No real escape mechanism
- Easy to get ganked(BUY WARDS)
- Must have an ability to balance the itens stats so you won't lack power or lack Health.
- An Olaf fail lane will deal a bigger impact on the teamfight then you can imagine.
- Its 1 or 100, all or nothing, Fed or feeder, that will be a high pressure for anyone.

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My main masteries are focused on AD offense, but i also recommend a AD-TANK masteries, focusing 9/21/0, so you can be less squish early game, but that might affect your score on kill streak.

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The itens i reccomend are for defense and ofense at the same time, Frozen Mallet IS THE BEST ITEM 4 OLAF YET. The great quantity of health and bonus slow will make you tougher and will stack with the Undertow effect, making the enemy nearly stop in his tracks.

Life steal? That depends on it, but i DO reccomend. Olaf can handle the bonus sustain, making it easier to win a 1v1 fight.

Armor/Magic resistance: Atma´s is my only armor shield such as Maw of Molmortius is for MR since Olaf already increases his AR/MR on his UT, but if you need survivabilty i reccomend you to ignore last whisper for Guardian angel.

If the enemy team is purely AD i would use Sunfire Cape instead of the Maw of Malmortius

But what if the enemy team is full of AP´s??? I shall recommend a Mercurial Scimitar! You might have noticed that i never buy any item with defensive propreties only(except Warmog's Armor and Guardian Angel , i always check for more offensive aspects, so i wont be a pure tank, i mean, Olaf is not exactly a tank, olaf is a bruiser.
Well... you gotta be a tank... But not exactly a Lol Tank, like Shen, Malphite, Dr. Mundo... I mean this Tank:
Or this one:

Power and toughness, thats what a solotop bruiser is all about.

Last Whisper at the end, because you know enemies are now prepared for your axe with lots of armor, so buy this to keep dealing as much damage as possible.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost for Chases and escapes and ignite/exhaust in order to ensure easy kills. Serious, thats not much to explain here.

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Unique Skills

I´d love to keep saying that olaf is virtually invincible in this build unless the player is really stupid, BUT that can only be possible with Skills, Focus, Patience(earlygame) and a EXPLODING RAGE OF BRUTALITIES!(late-game)

Olaf is strong, but dont get overconfident!
"Arrogance corrupts one's soul" -

Getting big headed, with Olaf... Actually getting big headed at any match with any champion is FATAL. Do your best, thats all there is to it.

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Skill Sequence

I dont really have a fixed skill sequence, because it will depend on the match up:

If you are having problems with life sustain, i reccomend bet on the W.
If you are having problems with a tanky match up, i would choose the E.

In every ocasion i focus leveling up the Q first, as Olaf´s main Damage source early and later.

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I dont go with Olaf on Jungle so i will just say a few things about creeping, use the Undertow FOR HARASS, dont waste too much mana on minions, unless its late game and you are in a hurry. Try to farm with only the auto attack, while watching the enemy movents, usually they charge when they have the mass minion advantage.

Also when you need health back, but you are out of health pots, you can hit W and start farming with the life steal, getting your health back, gold and exp, before recalling, dont take too long though, Olaf is easy to get ganked, even more before lvl 6, buy ward when you can and dont advance too much, or else you will get pwned.

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I thank every one that helped me with comments, likes, and othes stuff.

ALSO, you guys might have noticed the lack of pictures and videos, dont worry, i will be updating the build once in a while.

Well, thats done for now, thanks for reading and lots of wins for you