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Darius Build Guide by DualEdge

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DualEdge

Darius- For Noxus

DualEdge Last updated on June 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone, I am DualEdge and welcome to my first guide. Today I want to share my Darius build, It may be a bit unorthodox but I've gotten good games with it already. So thank you for reading my guide and enjoy.

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This Chapter, I will explain What the mastery is for.

Summoner's Wrath:To improve your Ignite.
Brute Force:A little extra AD will help you in last hitting and poking the enemy champion.
Weapon Expertise:This will help your overpowered Decimate Deal tons of damage combined with Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation you won't have any Early game Armor problems.
Hardiness: This will help you take more Physical Punishment.
Resistance:This will help you absorb Magic Damage.
Vigor:This is optional, I just like it for early game lane power. You can take Indomitable instead if you need to be more bulky.
Mercenary: More gold from kills and assists, This really is a good Mastery to get on Darius because of Noxian Guillotine.

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Offensive Runes: Greater Mark and Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation
In my opinion, Off-tanks don't need Attack Damage Early on, But what they do need is Armor Penetration. Attack Damage is useless without Armor Penetration. For me, Brute Force is enough for early game Dominance.

Defensive Runes: Greater Seal of Resilience and Greater Glyph of Warding

These Runes give you maximum protection early as well as late game. This is why I don't need Indomitable . With Greater Seal of Armor, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist and Cloth Armor I have around 60 Armor at Level 1.

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Trinity Force Vs. Frozen Mallet

First of, I want to explain why i recommend Trinity Force over Frozen Mallet. Let us make this more interesting.

Trinity Force

*Good For Burst combined with
Crippling Strike.
*Bonus Movement Speed.
*It can still slow with it's
Phage Component.

*Very expensive.
*Gives Very little Health.
*Less chance to slow.

Trinity Force

*Gives a lot of Health.
*All Auto attacks slow.
*Gives some Attack Damage.

*Also Expensive.
*Less burst damage from the lack of Sheen.
*No extra Movement Speed= Harder to chase/run.

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Other Item Options

Here I will say other item options for Darius.
Frozen Heart Gives 99 Armor, Mana and reduces the enemies Attack Speed in a AOE (Area of Effect) around you.
Thorn Mail You would buy this if you needed to counter their ADR, Frozen Heart is better to buy if A. You need mana. B. They have enemies who are reliant on Attack Speed (Teemo and in my server, what we call "Plastic whacking Stick" Tryndamere or a Tryndamere who only builds Phantom Dancer)
Frozen Mallet Like I said earlier, Frozen Mallet is also a great item for Darius. If you are gonna get this item , Replace Trinity Force with it.
The Bloodthirster I don't recommend this on Darius,But you are free to build anything on him. This item gives tons of damage giving an additional 75 damage on Noxian Guillotine then this damage is amplified by 20% per stack of Hemorrage on the target. Only look to buy this if your doing very well.
Last Whisper This item is very powerful on Darius combined with Apprehend (25% Armor Penetration), Weapon Expertise (10%) and Last Whisper (Adding up to 75% Armor Pen ,I think the cap is 60%? can someone please tell me Thank you =)) ) With this stats, you could kill Rammus in 10 seconds.
Sherelya's Reverie This item will give you a well needed escape tool, mana regen (Very needed on Darius due to his small mana pool), some health and health regen.
Manamune A very unorthodox item on Darius, but I tried it and it really works. This item is still not recommended.
Force of Nature This item is very powerful on Darius. This item is still a last resort item, meaning you get it if your Maw of Malmortius is not enough to keep those pesky AP Carries at bay.
Ninja Tabi Very good item to buy if the enemies have tons of auto attack based champions.
Banshee's Veil Buy this item on Darius if they have an enemy like Karthus who rely on a single hit targeted spell or have a powerful ultimate.
There are other itemd that are possible for Darius, but I just finish by naming items that are awful on Darius.

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Items That Don't Do **** On Darius

Infinity Edge YO! You aren't Tryndamere.
The Black Cleaver You got enough armor penetration already.
Phantom Dancer Speed ain't your thing Juggernaut.
Rabadon's Deathcap You aren't a AP carry.
Archangel's Staff Why aren't you listening?
Void Staff Are you bind or do you hate my writing?
Ok, I am tired of typing AP item names, so just to make this clear, DON'T BUY ANY AP ITEMS (except for Sheen)

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Cons, Pros and Rating

Darius is a very powerful champion who with a lot of practice, can take almost any role in a team. So this chapter will tell you how good he is with different roles and rate him in overall after.

As a Support
3 over 10
Support Darius is possible, but very bad. You have almost no support power besides your grab+slow combo, a Big NO to support Darius.
As AD carry
5 over 5
AD Darius is very legit because of the scaling of your all your skills. The one downside is that in a team fight, you will get focused down to a bloody pulp. Legit but not recommended.
As Jungler
Jungle Darius is totally overpowered, The one reason I don't like it is you are one of the best bullies in the game. So I like to solo top.

Now I will judge Darius overall:

Pros:*Can take many roles.
*Does tons of damage early on.
*Is one of the best bullies at the moment.
*True damage= Facemelt tanks.

Cons:*No escape spells.
*No ranged harras meaning you will have to get close to harras.
*Needs farm to do well.

The Final score for Darius is...

7 out of 10!
Damage 2/2
Health 1.5/2
Escape 0/2
Team Usefullnes 1.5/2 (Grab + 2 second CD slow)
Badass score 2/2

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Usage of Noxian Guillotine

The way you use your ultamate is key on Darius, it is what makes Darius a Darius.
In this chapter, I will teach you how to use your ultamate, Noxin Guillotine (Creidit to Mal2103 for seggesting this chapter) in different senarios.
First, I will teach you the basic way to judge when to use it, you will use your ultamate when A.They are low health B.They have 3 or more Hemorrhage stacks on them (180 damage at level 6 isn't very powerful) C.They are getting away. When using Noxian Guillotine, you use it to finish them off. But one thing people don't think of is the mana cost. Compared to Decimate the mana cost of Noxian Guillotine is huge, This is why i recommend to use it when they are out of range of your other skills, this could save your small mana pool around 30-40 mana witch could cost you a kill later on. Now you also want to use your ult after you have stacked Hemorrhage stacks on them, this will increase its damage by a huge amount (Up to 100%) it also acts as a "last resort" damage, meaning if your Ultamate doesnt kill your passive will.
Advance Usage:
In a team fight, you are one of the safest target for the ADR in the back, so you will want to try to kill her/him. If you fail however, you want to use your ultamate to help your team, by brusing the enemy champion with the most health (excluding tank). The reason for this is not to get more gold, it's to give your ADR and AP carry more gold. This tactic has won an originaly loss team fight.
Wrong Usage:
The 1 mistake I see Darius players do is when in a 1v1, they use their ultamate right as thay die thinking it will save them from a 1/2 health kog'maw. This move is very stupid, and usless. Not only does it put your Noxian Guillotine on cooldown but also will make you mostlikly to lose the next team fight due to the lack of the ultamate bruising spell Noxian Guillotine.