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Darius Build Guide by XxMaximusxX

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XxMaximusxX

Darius Guide - Dps / Tanky / SoloTop - Best Build Ever Seen!

XxMaximusxX Last updated on July 23, 2015
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Here im going to tell you about how to playDarius, The hand of Noxus.

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The first thing that you need to take in account is the minion kills. Always try to get them with basic attack or if they are far away use your QDecimate.
The other thing that you need to take in account is that you need to cancel the enemy farm. Just doing that you are going to get a big advantage over the enemy in your lane. BUUUT! Always care of GANKS because as you are going to push the lane the enemy team will try to gank you. Best thing to do is buy wards.

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When in a 1v1

Usually the best thing to do if your going into a 1v1 use:

Before level 6:Decimate > Crippling Strike > Auto Attack > (Apprehend if they are trying to run) if not Decimate

After level 6:
Decimate > Crippling Strike > Auto Attack > Decimate > Apprehend ( if there trying to run ) > Noxian Guillotine ( when there low health )

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When in team fights!

In team fights below level 9 take some care because your hp is not going to be so good for a real tank. In level 18 enter team fights like a tank and have no fear of the enemies.
To win team fights you need to use your QDecimate every time you can so your passive Hemorrhage stacks and deals a good amount of damage. Then you need to use your E Apprehend to the AD Carry or Mage of the enemy team. Then use your W Crippling Strike to the one that you grabbed and after that auto attack him. The last thing for being ready to win team fights is when to use your ultimate Noxian Guillotine. You need to be watching all enemy champions until one of them reaches a low percent of hp. That is the moment when you ultimate, if you killed the enemy the cooldown is going to get refreshed so you can do the same in the other champions. But if you missed and your ultimate Noxian Guillotine doesn´t gets refreshed just keep auto attacking the AD Carry or the Mage. NEVER FORGET TO FOCUS !!!

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All the items I picked have a reason.

The first iteam is essential for League of Legends:

I pickedThe Black Clever because if someone gets armor you can reduce it and make your AD Carry do much more damage to that player.

Another item that I pickedFrozen Mallet the reason why i got this is because of his epic slow, and when combined with your W its awsome.

Then I pickedThe Bloodthirster because it gives you a nice Attack Damage and some bonus on Life Steal.

Other item that I pickedInfinity Edge the reason is because it gives you an enormous percentage of critical strike and a very high Attack Damage.

The last item i picked wasWarmog´s Armor this is for getting you 1270 bonus health at full stack with some health regen.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost this spell is used to chase a low hp enemy or to run from a gank or a fight. It is very useful.Ignite this spell is very good to get and advantage in 1v1 fights or to get an asist in team fights or to finish kills.

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Well guys this is all my guide, if there is a patch that modified something i´ll changed it here. Also if you notice that something is wrong please tell me.
I wished that you liked it, comment and vote please!