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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxIAMLEGENDxx

Darius Hand Of Noxus Survivability Build (Re-Edited) 19/8/12

xxIAMLEGENDxx Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Introduction to Darius

Hello all welcome to the newest champ Darius.
Please bare with me for I am new to mobafire and I am not entirely sure on how you add photos and i am not entirely sure on how you show the ability photos and the item photos and many more. It would be great if anyone can help me out with that. Anyways on to the guide, this is my third guide and it's Darius. He is a very OP champ in my opinion. Please read through the chapters to further understand why I choose that specific item, ability and many more.

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Items play a big role on darius. Darius is obviously an AD (attack damage) champion. Darius has a very slow attack speed, however has a very strong damage output and makes his target bleed and it is stackable. The good thing about his passive is that it affects on how much damage it does to the opponent. Like his ulti, it deals a lot more damage if the champion is bleeding.

Now if you are solo top, you would want to have either a cloth armor and 5 potions or if you are top laning with another champ, get boots of speed and 3 potions.

Make sure you go get zeal, for darius is very slow with having only around 385 movement speed with mercury treads and an attack speed of around 0.850 or below which is too slow. You get zeal to increase your movement speed to about 405 and increase your attack speed by 20%.

next you wouldnt want to get a phantom dancer. Instead get your infinity edge. This item is a must especially because you would need damage output. Infinity Edge is one of the most used and most powerful items for AD champions and it is very strong and efficent especially for Darius.

Now that, you have your IE, it depends on the situation you have. Sometimes, when I feel like I die too quickly, I take a giant's belt just to add 430 health which is quite a lot. It would be of great help for you to survive longer. But if your not really dying too quickly, I suggest you go get a phantom dancer.

From the step above, just make sure you finish those 2 recipe items into the frozen mallet and the phantom dancer.

Now that you have those two, we'll switch to the bloodthirster. Again, one of those AD items, one of the most used and it is very beneficial to Darius. You get 60 (+40) attack damage and 12 + (8%) life steal. This is a very great amount of damage and life steal to have.

Next, is the last item. maw of malmortius. i dont get this all the time, like i said again it depends on the situations. Sometimes i would get an atma's impaler which is another great item to substitute for maw of mal, sometimes i would get another blood thirster or i would get a warmog's armor.

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Skill Sequence

For skill sequence, just use make sure you max decimate first. Decimate is a very good skill to have especially when laning. It is good for last hitting minions.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells i would choose is flash and ignite which is the way i go every time.
Other spells that can alternate are ghost

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Pros / Cons

Now for your pros and cons there's a lot of things here to say but

-Low mana cost for skills -Easy to harass (during laning phase)
-Pretty good farming -Cannot do well without items
-can sustain well
-ulti has refreshed cooldown
when you kill a champion
-Strong damage output
-ranged skills[/color]

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Team Work

Make sure your always calling Mias out for your team. For darius, make sure if a team fight is happening you should be there helping out your team. If you do not go help them, you are letting them down. Make sure to let the tank come in first and then the other 4 of you should come in as fast as possible and attack. Make sure to try use your ulti as your killing blow, for if you get a kill on a champ, it refreshes and again you can keep using it as long as you kill a champ. It is also true damage which is unbelievable

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Unique Skills

His unique skills would easily be his ulti.... true damage plus refreshed when a champion is killed. But his skills are also unique in a way that it's ranged. You can get good farm and decimate is very good for last hits on minions and his skills have a low mana cost.

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Overall, darius is a very good champ.Just make sure to play strategically and tactically. Make sure that you call out mias and you should be in team fights whenever they are happening. They cannot win without you!

PS: Please tell me how to add the item/runes/skills photos and put it into the build.
I seriously dont know how and also adding a picture. All i always see is just image URL but i tried putting it there it just shows a link instead of a full photo!

Hope you guys, found this helpful and again i am new to mobafire!
Peace out if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :)