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Darius Build Guide by TaylorPark1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaylorPark1

Darius: The Way Of Noxus

TaylorPark1 Last updated on May 27, 2012
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Hey guys, this is my second build on mobafire, my first was a Warwick jungle build. Feel free to check it out here, any feedback would be very much appreciated.

Now, on to what you really came for! Darius

Darius is an exceptional bruiser, he deals almost constant damage to all enemies around him, all while tanking a fairly substantial amount of damage. But with his ultimate Noxian Guillotine, it is as if Riot made him with a penta kill in mind.

Well now on with the actual build.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

+ // Great damage over time with his passive.
+ // Crippling Strike slows and deals extra damage.
+ // Very useful in fights, with his large area of damage
+ // His ultimate is built for penta kills. Plus TRUE DAMAGE.
+ // He can balance an axe on his chin AND dance.


- // Without any bonus move speed, after boots, he is very slow.
- // No escape, so reliant on summoner spells.
- // Very often banned in ranked or draft pick games.
- // Focused so hard.
- // People will always tell you how "OP" you are in game.

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So by now you've looked at the wide array of items you will be using to dominate your lane with everyone's' favourite Noxian. Instead of taking each item individual as it appears, i'll simply talk about the final sequence.

  • : // First of all every guide you will find will have boots of some kind, but these simply fit the best. Due to the fact of the movement speed, but mostly the magic resist. It helps you massively once the AP mid decides to hit you with there full spell roster, they will keep you alive. But also the tenacity, which reduces the length of stuns, your going to need this as you will be focused by a lot of cc.
  • : // Now i hear everyone screaming: "why not if?", "where's the blood thirster?". And my answer to those questions is, armour penetration. So you get 40% armour penetration, and 40 damage, both great. But when we look at Darius' third ability, Apprehend, it gives us 25% armour penetration at level 5. So that is a total of 65% armour penetration, so not even Rammus and his armour can stop you now.
  • : // Now the frozen mallet, is simply here because of its massive health donation, and its slight bit of damage which in the end all adds up. But the slow is also great, as you will now have 2 sources of slow! 3 if you want to count exhaust.
  • : // As I already mentioned in the "Pros / Cons" section, Darius is quite slow without any additional movement speed. So that where the phantom dancer comes in, attack speed, movement speed and crit chance! What more could you want.
  • : // This item gives a very substantial amount of damage to the final total. But also the magic resist will help us survive those long team fights, with ranged AP poke. But this swords party trick is, that if you take damage that puts you below 30% health, you receive a shield for a short time which is great if you are being bursted down by Viegar or Le Blanc. But another benefit, is that the more health that you are missing, the more AD you will receive from the item. Its the perfect balance of damage and survivability.
  • : // Now this item is great for you, as it gives us armour to bring that back up to counter late game damage. It gives us more damage to cause pain to anyone who comes near you. But also attack speed, which allows you to get your hemorrhage stacks up very quickly, causing maximum damage. Also its unique ability, allows you to dominate even the most fed of tanks, as along with our massive armour penetration you will now also deal massive damage to anyone with good deal of health.

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  • Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist: // We take magic resist because early game it is very beneficial to have that slight advantage over your lane opponent. And with the early advantage, you can hopefully dominate your lane.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: // Taking attack damage runes, allows us to remove the need for a dorans blade or other similar items, and start with boots, which will give us a quicker path to our final crushing build.
  • Greater Glyph of Attack Speed: // This small amount of attack speed allows you to place as many stacks of Darius' passive as possible on your enemy as fast as you can. Which will force them to burn health pots, or maybe even return to base.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: // Now the simple armour runes, these are here for the exact same reason as the magic resistance. To provide as much of a firm foundation and advantage as possible early on.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Ghost]: // Ghost gives you a movement speed bonus for a short time, now ghost is very useful as it can be used for escapes, or to simply chase down that pesky teemo who has just popped move quick. Either way it is very useful on Darius as he can be slow in the early game stage.
[Exhaust]: // Exhaust, when used on an enemy cause there movement speed and attack speed to be reduced massively for a short time. Now once again it can be used to kill an enemy before they make a run for thier tower. Or if your being chased you cant exhaust the nearest enemy to give you and edge in speed to escape.

[Ignite]: // This spell is worth a mention, as it deals damage over time to the targeted enemy, it can be useful, and on more than one occasion has secured me a kill long after the enemy had ran under their tower. But it isn't really needed on Darius as his passive is already dealing damage over time, so you really just have 2 of the same thing.

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Well although my guide has been short, I did try to keep it that way, this guide is simply a very basic analysis of how in my experience Darius is BEST played.

I really hope you enjoyed reading my guide, please comment and rate however you feel appropriate. Any feedback is really helpful.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for some of the coding work done here, please check here guide out here