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Pantheon Build Guide by Darkburrow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkburrow

Darkburrow's Dominion Domination!

Darkburrow Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When i started playing League of Legends, i never had a second thought about Pantheon in SR, so instead i ended up using Vladimir for SR.

I quit playing awhile ago and when i got back i noticed a new gamemode had been introduced, Dominion... My gaming-personality has always revolved around capping points, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress 2 etc so i thought, this is perfect for me.

I just took a random champ and i chose Pantheon.. I started a game and was utter **** with him, no idea what i should do.. But as i played i managed to get more understanding around MANTheon.

I usually go Bottom on Dominion since i can defend it successfully VS 2 champs (Without the help of my own tower), but if there are 3.. i do go back to tower and just camp.

So here i am, making my first guide ever with the build i dominate dominion with, which i thought i'd keep a secret since i dont want to meet other pantheons using my build, cause that would be troublesome :/

well, lets get on with this!

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As for runes.. Pantheon does massive dmg with Heartseeker Strike and such you would need alot of Armor Penetration.

Quints and Marks should be pure Armor-Pen for obvious reasons.

On seals i've chosen Armor and Glyphs i chose Magic resist both for early survivability when ganking.

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Pretty usual masteries, DPS, armor, magic resist and HP. Simple enough? :P

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Since you start as lvl 3 in Dominion and with a fund of 1375 gold you will choose 2 starter-items.
For that extra bit of speed from boots and the Dominion-only item for hp, dmg and lifesteal, this item helps ALOT for an early start.

When i have killed 1-3 people i usually got enough gold to buy the next item

You get all the goodies you'd ever want from this! Arm-pen, dmg and cooldown reduction, whats not to love about it?!

Since you got the early überbuild you'd want some speed to counter caps, upgrade ur boots to
This is certainly gonna get you running around being far more annoying to the enemy team, why not you say? You can if you want to, but i chose Boots of Mobility since Dominion isnt all about chasing kills, its about capping and holding the points and faster movement-speed helps alot!

Next item in the sequence will be unless you have wtfpwnd everything around you and can afford right away then do so, but if by any chance someone has actually by a miracle dropped your health and you ported back, get Phage. Frozen Mallet gives you a huge amount of HP a small amount of dmg and a perm-slow as long as you keep attacking, this helps you survive longer... Dont worry about your dmg, at this stage your Heartseeker Strike will wtfpwn anything anyway.

Time to continue. After Frozen Mallet is done you will want to go for , its rather expensive so you will probably build first.. After that you just finish it whenever you can afford it. Hextech Gunblade is awesome since it gives everything you need... From what i've heard is that Pantheon's abilities counts as spells so it will benefit from both the Lifesteal & Vamp but the best part isnt about all this.. It has a 300dmg active which pretty much is another high dmg spearshot!

Most of my games ends around here, if not i will continue with a . It has alot of dmg and more lifesteal to the pot and you get more for a short time when attacking!
Getting or depends on how well you do dominating all the unworthy foes!

My games are usually over at this point, but like before.. If not.. then you will go for the last item you can manage during the 25 min of domination is like Sanguine Blade it depends on how well you do which item you buy first.

On 2 rare occasions have i been in a game where i dominated so hard that i could sell my and upgrade my to having a full build, but since this rarely happens you can do whatever u want at this point.. you'll be 1 shotting them with Heartseeker Strike anyhow...

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Skill Sequence

You have your passive that lets you block an attack that does more than 40dmg. You'll want to time your attacks together with this.. When standing in spawn use Heartseeker Strike 4 times to get that Aegis up before game starts.

When you engage an enemy use Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike until you see your Aegis go down from an enemy attack.. At this time use Aegis of Zeonia to refresh it!

is a good harass-ability used often to last hit minions or just be annoying for enemy champions, you'll be skilling this whenever you cant skill Heartseeker Strike or "MANDROP"

will be skilled up last since you only need 1 point in this for the stun and Shield-refresh and the fact it does Magic dmg doesnt help you since ur build is around Armor Pen and AD.

You'll be focusing on maxing first since the dmg coming from this is massive AND its a Frontal Cone AoE making it possible hitting the entire opponent team for huge amounts of dmg (There are times that i dive onto an opponent cap-point with 3 enemy champions near it and pop Heartseeker Strike on them all to make them back off when my teammates closes in on them or port back for HP.. Sure i die at this point but who cares? i'll have enough gold so i would've ported back for upgrades anyway)

is your point-capper and point-interrupter.. If you see an Unguarded enemy point you can mandrop on it and cap it, or if you see a point getting capped you can mandrop on his unsuspecting head dealing massive damage since most people capping will not move away, taking ALL the dmg from mandrop (If your point is still yours you can use Aegis of Zeonia and stun him letting your tower get 1-2 hits on him helping getting a kill, but if he gets away with Ghost or Flash dont chase for kills unless you really CAN keep up with him since points are more important!)

Using Grand Skyfall to get to a cappoint faster
Using Grand Skyfall to interrupt an enemies cap

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Summoner Spells

I've tried many different ones and is the best for Dominion since Pantheon is about mobility, Mandrop, Boots of Mobility and Ghost can get you capping alot!

has been best for me compared to any other summoner spell.. If you're about to die, Exhaust.. If you're about to get a kill, Exhaust.. An enemy dove into your point chasing you, Exhaust and let tower kill him. It's such an awesome spell it should be renamed to "Rape"!

I've been experimenting with . First poster on my Guide asked if i've tried it.. No i have not.. so i am now, it has saved a cappoint a times but its not used as much as Ghost. But sure its viable

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Pros / Cons

High dmg.
Good survivability when timed right.
Best capper & interrupter in the game (2:nd place is reserved for Twisted Fate and his Ultimate, Destiny).
It's Pantheon, duh?!

Squishy (Reason we have lots of hp).
Heartseeker Strike is easily avoidable by running away or behind Pantheon.
Grand Skyfall is also easily avoidable since you can see it coming.

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First guide ever made.. Hope its helpful.. Some things might be repetetive since there are other guides with similar information, but this is my take on my playstyle.. Do tell me if its hard to understand so i can tailor it for the community.

Rate and comment! :)

Regards, Darkburrow @ EU West!

Also check my livestream of various champs: