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Rammus Build Guide by LandKraken

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LandKraken

DDR - dominion damage rammus

LandKraken Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is Land Kraken, welcome to my first guide, it's still in development so I'd appreciate input and criticisms. I decided to make this because I honestly find league easy, so in order to keep the game interesting I try interesting and fun builds. I've decided to share this tactic (destroyer rammus as my friends call him) in hopes that someone might find this interesting and try it out. If you have any other champions you'd like to see a fun (or normal but effective) way to play then just say so in the comments.

This build completely defies the Meta. If you're still reading this then there's a good chance you don't care and are willing to play around a little outside of what's "acceptable" in the games. This isn't a tank build, by any means. It'll offer a little durability towards the end, but at first you're going to have to rely on your defense curl and natural abilities as a summoner. That being said I'll move straight into the reasons you may or may not want to try this build.

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Pros / Cons


    You'll be able to rack up a lot of kills.
    You will make all your friends super jealous.
    Everyone will expect you to be a tank and will thus be scared/ try to avoid you.
    You will have very high damage, which more often than not will be fatal.
    You are an amazing ganker, capper, team fighter, and escapist.
    Very fun to play.

    You won't be a tank.
    Your team will be mad at you if you don't warn them and they rely on you to tank.
    Until you have your first phantom dancer you may face a few difficulties.
    You probably should know rammus (at least basically) before trying this build.

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Skill Sequence

I don't exactly know what I was thinking when I said max out Powerball first, but if you choose to it'll give you more damage and slow on your collision with an enemy. However, leveling this skill won't make you go any faster or improve the duration of your speed boost. That's why, puncturing taunt has become my new priority. After testing this in game, the taunt duration increase mixed with the armor reduction really packs a one-two punch against enemy champions. Defensive Ball Curl still is my second priority, because it offers you great durability, damage to enemy AD's who would want to stop you, and rammus' passive also allows Defensive Ball Curl to give you more AD as well. While you may choose to max out Powerball first for the damage and slow, I find that with a longer duration on puncturing taunt you're putting out more damage via holding them in place while you attack, than you would with an early level 5 Powerball.

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So thanks to some help on the item build, I've played a few rounds of dominion and tested out different combinations. Below I'll discuss the logic behind my old item choices, the reason I have these six items as my core, and possible alternatives.

Twin Phantom Dancers are an interesting choice. The bonus movement speed is going to allow you to catch and escape from anyone, the crit chance and attack speed will allow your high attack (from the previously discussed defense-curl attack bonus) to really shine. Two of these will double the effects, enough said. If you choose Youmuu's Ghostblade, over a phantom dancer I find that it ends up leaving you a bit lacking in the early game speed (because of the recharge of the speed boost on this item). Youmuu's Ghostblade will however offer you a nice ammount of armor pen, and crit chance as well as damage. This is why I suggest you keep it in the build, just don't rush it immediately. Boots of Mobility are not uncommon on dom, and they will allow you to get around the map quickly so that should be self-explanitory. Thornmail will protect you from the meta baddies (heavy AD champs everyone uses on dom like Tryndamere, Wukong, and Volibear), as well as boosting your attack through his passive. You may choose to nab a Force of Nature instead, for durability against AP types and some HP regen. Frozen Mallet will offer you a slowing attack (LET NO MAN ESCAPE) and offer you quite a bit of damage as well as a nifty bit of hp for escapes and durability. The reason I prioritized Frozen Mallet as your third item is it will allow you a good amount of durability earlier in the build, as well as that ever crucial slowing bonus, and some nice flat AD. I'll be honest, I've yet to even make it to the 6th item because of how well I find this build works. But if I ever did, Zeke's Harbinger would make sense, as during Defensive Ball Curl you would be gaining a lot more health than you'd lose (thanks to the life steal, hp regen, attack speed boost, and armor pen), and you would also gain quite a bit of damage. Of course, you could always grab a durability item instead of Zeke's Harbinger if you feel you need it.

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"Mr. Landkraken, why don't I put my masteries entirely in offense if this is a guide for attack damage Rammus?" Well cockney british orphan, I honestly believe the masteries speak for themselves. Summoner's Wrath will boost your Ghost movement, and if you choose Ignite or Exhaust in your summoner spells it'll help you out there. Summoner's Resolve is for your Revive, this way if you somehow die the speed boost combined with Powerball (and maybe Ghost if it's up) will offer you a practical teleport, and no-one will see you coming. As for another reason why a lot of the points are in defense, is that it will allow you to outlive other people in fights. Not to mention the mastery Initiator which allows you to maneuver the map with extreme speed, and set up for ganks. I also grab Swiftness in utility for the same reason as iintiator, speed will be the key to your success.

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The runes are typical of an AD champ, this section really is up to user interpretation of how it should be set up. I have it set up as an offensive rune set, but defense would be equally viable as it will keep you alive to fight longer. I don't really have much advice on this section, I hardly ever even use runes champion specific as I honestly can't tell a difference. But again I had to set up what the ideal would be.

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Summoner Spells

"WHAT Revive?!?!? YOU'RE A TROLL DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE DOWNVOTE." - angry user who doesn't read the guide fully.

EXAMPLE FOR WHY I PICK Revive:Let's say Tryndamere outlives you because of Undying Rage (it happens). Pop your Revive, Powerball, speed across the map and kill him as well as stopping or continuing the capture on that pesky tower. You'll be so fast the other guy won't expect anyone around and you'll be able to stop him as well ( a lot of people are too dumb to recall when playing a character they think they can heal as or cap with when no one's around).

Ghost should be self-explanatory. I mean as I've already said, speed is the key to this build. And with the speedy masteries, Boots of Mobility, and your Revive speed boost, you will be guaranteed that first cap. You will be able to hunt down that kill. You will live through that chasing carry's vengeance because you just took out four of his team-mates. Speed is what this builld revolves around, I'm tired of saying it but I have to so that people who skim over guides.... *cough* *cough* ... will see it somewhere in here.

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And here is where I wrap up the guide. So, what have we learned:
[*] You will revolve around speedy attacks, caps, escapes, and actions.
[*] You want to cage enemies into attacking you with your puncturing taunt and Defensive Ball Curl.
[*] Don't make your team rage, warn them before you play so you aren't looked upon as their only tank.
[*] Revive is viable if you apply it in the correct fashion.
[*] Build and skill order are always open to your interpretation, but this is the easiest method of AD Rammus that someone could pick up with no experience.
[*] There is always more than one way to play a champion, try to explore!

That's all I've got for now folks. Please rate, comment, and suggest ways I might improve! If you liked this guide, and want to see another weird champion guide, then please comment and I'll do my best to accommodate.

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The Proof

I'll just let it speak for itself. ( I have yet to lose ;) )