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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author illShadow

Death Rollin Gator/ Atk Spd/Tank

illShadow Last updated on April 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pros / Cons

Great harraser/ closes gaps
Amazing Atk Spd
Healing Ultimate

Very Squishy Early game
Needs Fury
Needs Tank

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So this is my very first build I've made, so don't be afraid to rate it. I made this build because i dont think the top rated build compliments Renekton. If you want to a be a good carry you need to be able to survive and have your Fury charged in team fights at all times. With Atk Spd this is possible. With a full build you gain 200 fury per second which is amazing. Also while gaining more fury per second your also gaing massive amounts of life steal, if you are feelign very squishy and the lifesteal isnt enough survivability then simply sub out for a Frozen Mallet its purely situational.

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Summoner Spells

The Reason I use Ghost and Flash are pretty simple. Ghost is a very effective way of getting around the map/Chasing runners or initiating ganks.

Flash is just an amazing spell you can pop Ghost and chase them down hitting them as much times as possible and Flash to get away of do that last hit.

Other Spells

You could go Exhaust instead of Flash if you like the second Spell you choose is purely situational but you really do need Ghost for Renekton

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The items i've listed are for pure Atk Spd the first three items you get are your main core items. After that you work on your DPS items, Also I've updated the guide and made 2 seperate builds that you can access at the top of this guide just click on the pictures of renekton. One of them is a tank build and the other is a great dmg build

Berserker's Greaves
Zeke's Harbinger
Madred's Bloodrazor
Sword of the Divine

After these items you begin to work on you Dmg dealing items such as

The Black Cleaver
The Bloodthirster

Situational items include

Frozen Mallet which is for the extra Health points if the lifesteal doesn't give you enough survivability.

Warmog's Armor This is for additional HP if you don't like Frozen Mallet

Thornmail Buy this item if your going against heavy DPS such as Master Yi

Expanded build options

Ok so if you play alot of solo queues then I've decided to assist you in how to build renekton seeing how very flexible he can be.

5v5 team with no tanks

You better make renekton a tank or you will be torn to shreds. The build i use for him is purely amazing.

Firts get Boots of Speed Health PotionX3
Mercury's Treads, Warmog's Armor, Frozen Mallet, Sunfire Cape, now you can go for another Warmog's Armor or Randuin's Omen, or Thornmail, then Guardian Angel

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Laning Partners

So when you laning you can pretty much do any lane you want. You can solo middle if you confident and your team doesnt have a middle dependent champion. If so just go bottom or top. Good laning partners include,
, His Snowball is a great skill for the Atk Spd build
, His Slow is great for chasing down and stunning and dealing more DPS
Vladamir, His Slow is great for chasing down and stunning and dealing more DPS
, His jump skill is great for the double initiate you can slice in while he jumps at them.
, Her Slow is great for chasing down and stunning and dealing more DPS
, His stun is a great initiator so get in and stun them
, Her Slow/Stun is great for chasing down and stunning and dealing more DPS
, His Arm Grab is great to pull them near tower so that you can stun them.
, His toss is amazing with Renekton he can toss into the tower and you can stun them near it.
, His fear is a great initiator so get in and stun them
, His taunt is a great initiator so get in and stun them
, His stun is a great initiator so get in and stun them
. His fear is a great initiator so get in and stun them

These champs compliment Renekton very well, the top 3 best i would say would be Blitzcrank, Singed, and Nunu & Willump. With Blitzcrank and Singed hopefully they can pull to the tower and you can stun then with your Ruthless Predator. Basically any champion with CC or Utility is great to lane with.

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Now with renekton you do not want to jungle level. It is possible but there is a much easier way to do this. First dont jungle unless you have a solo top champ who can handle being alone. So the first thing you do is you buy a long sword and hp pot. You go top and last hit as many creeps as you can. By level 3 you should have enough money to buy a madreds razor. Once you get this you can go to blue buff and kill him with your hp pot np. Then move to the wolf camp. Now this is why renekton is such a great jungler, because is also a great ganker. Let middle know that your there i usually just ping let him know you have ghost and flash and that they need to get close to the target. Pop your ruthless predator then your ghost and flash in as close as you can so you stun him. Now this is a great way to gank but the best way to do this is to let your mid champ know when your at the wolf camp and you want to charge as much fury as you can while fighting them so you can run in with full fury and have a longer and more powerfull ruthless predator attack. This is how you want to try and do all your ganks. charge your fury and the minion camps and then run in and gank them. Renekton is great for staying in the jungle for long periods of time. With his ult you can just heal(i usually save for when im fighting buffs) and its just great for surviving in the jungle without ever having to go base. As renekton ive gotten godlike with just my berserker greaves and my madreds razors, so it's not that critical that you go to base to get you next item, im not saying you shouldn't but if you can gank someone or go into thier jungle and get some buffs.....well why not you can!

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Early Game-Late Game

Early Game

What you objective is during early game is to harrass creeps, more like a hit and run tactic till you get your Slice and Dice at lv 3. Once you hit lv 3 you can begin to harrass. I do this with Ashe all the time, I let her think she has lane control and once i hit lv 3, I Slice the creep wave and dice at her and Ruthless Predator then Cull the Meek, this really hurts her. And with your Atk Spd runes you can get off a hit or 2 before she runs. That can be said for any champion, you can use your slice to taunt them and if needed you can dice out of the fight with ease. If you just want to harrass simply slice in Cull the Meek and dice out, very good harrass techinque.

Middle game

Once you hit lv 6 you can pretty much free roam the map for a long time. With you HP gain from your Dominus you can stay in lanes for a much longer period of time. You can try for a gank at middle using your ult in the fight, hopefully you succeed and get a kill, if so you probably still have Fury left. now you have a choice you can either try to take middle tower, or you can Ghost up to top/bottom saving your Fury and try for another gank. After this try to clear your jungle hitting red or blue buff first. If you confident in your abilities go ahead and hit their jungle. If they have a jungler ask a buddy if they want to try to gank the jungler. By now you should have Zeke's Harbinger and be working on your Madred's Bloodrazor. After you get your Madred's Bloodrazor the *** kicking begins. Continue to roam and push lanes, you are a very good lane pusher use this to your teams advantage, hopefully you can take a turret or 2 maybe3 lol.

Late Game

By now you should have your Sword of the Divine/ Frozen Mallet. If you choose to go Frozen Mallet you have some serious survivability. If you went Sword of the Divine you have about 1.9 Hits Per Second which is amazing. You should begin working on your The Black Cleaver increasing you Atk Spd to about 2.3 and increasing your dmg. By this point your single target dmg insane you do about 400 dmg per second with your Auto Atk. If you get your The Bloodthirster you now have roughly 600 dmg per second with your auto atk and massive amounts of lifesteal. Now you have a choice if the game is dragging on and on and you feel like you need more Dmg by all means sell your Zeke's Harbinger and buy another BloodThrister.