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Yorick Build Guide by Defensivity1

Top platinum

Defensivity's S10 Yorick Guide

By Defensivity1 | Updated on April 7, 2020
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Runes: My S10 runes

1 2 3
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Ranked #5 in
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Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

Defensivity's S10 Yorick Guide

By Defensivity1
Why Yorick?

There are multiple reasons to play Yorick I personally find his kit very satisfying and I don't mind his early game being bad because I tend to play towards his strengths.

Yorick Strengths

1 - He is great at skirmishes when he has ghouls

(1v1, 1v2, 1v2, 2v2, 2v3, 3v3, fights especially when fed)

2 - Easy csing

Because you get full gold and experience for every Minion or Jungle camp your ghouls kill and if you failed to auto a minion to low enough health in laning phase you can press q because its an auto-reset also known as you immediately get another auto-attack, which in this case is amplified by your Q.

3 - Insane map pressure

If you have ghouls in both sidelanes no single champion on their own could match both those side lanes at once while you as Yorick are then still able to be around team fights or objective fights.

4 - Dragon or baron taking

Yorick is insanely good at taking objectives such as baron nashor or dragons because his maiden gives him a lot of damage against those objectives and ghouls generally tend to do a lot of damage to the dragon or baron or even jungle camps aswell.

5 - He is Fun

I think I speak for all Yorick mains here when I say this sometimes I want to play another champion and then 2-3 hours later I just find myself playing 5 Yorick games before I start realizing that I wanted to learn another champion that same day.

The weaknesses

And dont forget to give this guide an upvote if it helped you

Abilities Back to Top

This is Yorick's Q it enhances your next auto-attack within 6 seconds with damage and gives it 50 bonus range when you press it, it also heals Yorick for 12-82 based on level Doubled when Yorick is below 50% health
For every point you put in it reduces the cooldown from 7 / 6.25 / 5.5 / 4.75 / to 4.
(7 Being with 1 point in Q and 4 being with 5 points in Q)
It also does more base damage for every point you put in Q it goes from
30 / 55 / 80 / 105 / to a maximum of 130.

It also has a 40% AD scaling so 40% of your ad will be added to the damage of your Q. 30 being 1 point in q and 130 being 5 points in Q as Yorick you want to get 5 points into this ability as it's your primary way to get graves to spawn ghouls from because every time your Q kills a minion or jungle camp it leaves a grave that you can use to spawn ghouls to a maximum of 4.

And this is also the best ability to deal damage to your opponent or fight because this is your primary damage ability with good damage and a low cooldown and counts as an animation cancel for your auto-attack this means if your auto-attack is almost finished and you press Q your auto-attack will do its damage and then immediately after your Q does its damage.

This is Yorick's E For every point you put in it it does more damage from 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / up to 210 (+ 70% AP Scaling) Which is not enough to build AP items for in case ur wondering.

And it reduces the cooldown from 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8 and 8 is 5 points in your E and 12 being only 1 point invested into your E.

Your E Is an Area of effect or AoE skill shot with a target range of 700
which when hit marks enemies for 4 seconds and slows them for 30% for 2 seconds.
Ghouls will leap to the enemy marked by your E
And Yorick The ghouls and the maiden get 20% bonus movement speed when walking towards a marked enemy.

This is Your W
1 second after you use it it creates a cage or circular wall around the area where you had your mouse when you pressed it

The cooldown goes from 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / down to 12 seconds cooldown, 20 being with 1 point in your W and 12 being with 5 points in your W

The Cage does not do damage by itself and enemies can not go through it but allies can and it can only be killed by enemy towers or auto attacks from your enemy.

1 or 2 points in w means that your wall has 2 health.
3 or 4 points in w means that your wall has 3 health
5 points in W means your wall has 4 health
Enemy champions need 1 auto-attack to remove 1 health from your wall and it will die when it reaches 0 health or gets attacked by an enemy tower.
W has a target range of 600

This is the maiden, the maiden has a cooldown of 160 / 130 / 100 with 100 being with 3 points in R.
When you Reactivate R it sets the maiden free who will run it down the lane that's closest to where the maiden is but its not very accurate in your base or fountain until you get past your inhibitor tower.

Your goal is to keep your maiden with you for as long as possible after summoning her she stays within 600 range of you mostly being at the 600 range away from you so to keep her alive you might have to walk back far or go into a brush so that the maiden comes towards you as long as she is not within 600 range of a minion or attacking someone marked by your E or released she will come towards you when you create more distance than 600.

When the maiden is near a minion that dies it will spawn a ghoul that upon attacking a minion in a lane will run it down that lane (This is the thing all ghouls will do)

She will also spawn ghouls when she is in range of an opponent the skuddle crab or a jungle camp with 1 for every creature or enemy dying but these ghouls will follow you around until they die from 1 auto-attack or take damage from abilities or get into combat or range of a minion.

This is your passive also known as Shepherd of souls
You get 1 grave for every 12th, 6th or 2nd minion or jungle monster that dies.

Its 12 from level 1 to 6 And at level 7 it will be 6th jungle monster or minion and at level 13 or higher it will be the second jungle monster or minion that will give you a grave.

Only 4 graves can exist at once with the ones furthest away from you being replaced with a new grave.
Before level 6 Back to Top
Against most champions, before level 6 you do want to be careful with melee engaging.

Yorick excels at farming safely under his tower which also has the additional benefit that you cant be ganked as easily.

If your jungeler is fighting at the skuddle crab I recommend ping him off of the skuddle with danger pings or even ping him before he gets there to tell him that you can't help you just back off we cant contest this.

Because even if you do decide to come and help out your jungeler who has decided to fight at the skuddle you are most likely too late, and if you arrive in time you will miss Experience and gold from toplane and then both of you will die to the enemy toplaner and jungeler.

The enemy pushing you in constantly also has the added benefit that if you have a jungeler that's good at ganking your enemy laner is very gankable.

Level 6 Back to Top
At level 6 you have the opportunity to kill lots of opponents who before that you would not be able to 1v1 so its a great idea to be prepared to duel anyone at that point unless mentioned otherwise under the difficult matchups.

If at this point you kill your enemy laner its advisable to siege for tower plating with demolish if your enemy laner has teleport you want to back off from his tower 6 seconds before he is respawning to give you enough time to walk back to a brush or safe spot and base.

If however the enemy laner went ignite or has already used his or her teleport this is a great opportunity to either get another plating if you can keep the maiden alive whilst doing this.

And of course, walk to a safe spot and base immediately after taking that 1 more plating.

You do want to be careful of the enemy jungeler when getting plating if you are below 70% health or its an enemy jungeler who can 1v1 you because he or she is fed.

Power spikes Back to Top
For Yorick Level 6 or when you get another point on your Ultimate and after you finished an item like Sanguine Blade, Trinity Force Or Steraks or another full item is where Yorick becomes significantly stronger for a small amount of time we refer to this as a Power spike.

This means that right after finishing those levels or items you are significantly stronger and are for a small amount of time able to duel other players who haven't reached their power spike yet or simply are weaker because of you having the power spike or were already weaker, thus you have an easier or quicker time killing them in a 1v1.

You However do want to be careful with trying to abuse power spikes Especially into bad or skill matchups because those enemy champions will also have power spikes when they finish certain items or get to certain levels.

Afther Laning Phase Back to Top
Laning phase is the phase where everyone is required to be inside of their lane because both Tier 1 also known as outer turrets are still alive and you do not want to give these away for free.

And laning phase can take longer for you or for your ADC, or you depending on which of the T1 towers stand longest.

So after that when either all Tier 1 turrets are gone or either side has captured the other one's tier 1 tower in either top or bot you do want to either roam, have your team group mid.

You have a couple of options
  • 1 Splitpushing
  • 2 Rotations
  • 3 Grouping with your team.
  • 4 leaving ghouls in the sidelanes and basing to be at a fight in mid or other objectives

(basically, a rotation but ur ghouls are pushing out both sidelanes and you get to base and buy new items and then move from there.)
Minion Waves Explained Back to Top

Minion waves come in every 30 seconds from your base and walk from there to the center of the lane to fight each other

The caster minions require 1 tower shot and 1 auto-attack to kill
The melee minions require 2 tower shots and 1 auto to kill

(but before you have a longsword they require 2 auto attacks and 2 tower shots to kill)

This means that after the tower hits the minion those 1 or 2 times you want to auto-attack the minion so you get the gold or in case you are low level and lack the ad to do it with 1 auto you want to auto the minion before the second tower shot and after the second tower shot.

There are 3 states in which a lane could be
1 - Freezing

2 Slowpushing

3 - Pushing or Crashing
Macro Gameplay Basics Back to Top
I made 3 spoilers inside each one it briefly explains a strategy all are different and every single one of these strategies have to be used and learned to be a good Yorick player I did my best at only explaining it shortly without lacking context or clarity

Grouping Basics

Rotation basics

Splitpushing basics
Warding Back to Top
Control wards or more commonly known as Pink wards are very good for taking objectives like dragons or Baron, or simply to deny an enemy vision of certain areas and it's also very good.

if you want to have ur location unknown to the enemies which could be a very good strategy to kill enemies who decide to randomly walk into the jungle, however, be careful doing this as multiple enemies can follow them up if they have any idea of you being there.

I recommend using your regular ward at 2:25-2:29 and no later if the enemy jungeler started bottom side, it does not matter whether you put the ward in the river bush because you ended up pushing your enemy laner in or you use it on the second bush in the toplane because you are getting pushed in and don't want to die to a lane gank.

Its always better to use your ward and have it be ineffective then to never put it on cooldown, however, be aware to not ward places away from objectives that are near spawning time if you are close to them.
Item Explanation Back to Top



Wit's end



Maw of malmortius

Spirit Visage

Adaptive Helm

Why no Iceborn

I will work on this section until most items are added this section is incomplete at this point.
Rune page 2 Strategy Back to Top
If ur looking for something slightly different this is also a very strong build going with transcendence to convert over capped cdr into ad, transcendence is good the other rune is gathering storm for damage.

The idea behind this build is starting Triforce and then building into Cleaver the reason you would want to do this is because its 2 great damage health items that are both really good on Yorick and you get the armor reduction passive from cleaver and you get the stronger sheen proc.

because you go transcendence you overcap cooldown reduction into ad damage so you can then build for example spirit visage frozen heart which gives 110 armor maw of malmortius, or even ghost blade and all the cooldown reduction will be giving you ad so you could build very tanky but then do a lot of damage while being very efficient at spending the gold.

It is a perfectly viable or even strong build that some people don't try out, but if you decide to give it a try its not bad.

Swap out Gathering storm for nullifying orb if ur up against a lot of ap champions or ur enemy laner is ap do the same with the armor runes, there is little point taking them against ap champions.

The negatives of this strategy

The positives
About me Back to Top
Hello, I'm Defensivity1 Aka Defensivity or Defense
I started playing League in the middle of season 7 and I'm currently 21 years old.
I decided to make this guide because I enjoy playing Yorick myself and I feel like this will help other people enjoy or learn playing Yorick I do think he is undervalued or not being played enough for how fun of a champion he is.

For questions, you can find me at the Yorick subreddit, (Defensivity1 in the subreddit)
or in the Yorick mains Discord (Defensivity there)
Or you can shoot me a message on Mobafire or post a reaction or question at discussion.

This is my second attempt at making a Yorick guide, now I'm more informed and learned more than I had learned when I attempted to make a guide the last time and I do hope this guide helps other people to enjoy or learn to know how to play Yorick.

I ended up getting Diamond on my now main account.
OP.GG in S9