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Trundle Build Guide by Tunechai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tunechai

Destroy aatrox

Tunechai Last updated on June 16, 2013
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Hello this is ny first build guide i chose to do it on trundle because of several things
A. Not many people play trundle so you dont have to worry excessively about trundles on enemy team
B. trundle is strong against AD champs
C. Alot of people have been playing aatrox and it wont be long before hes free to play on june 25 2013 so why not have someone to counter him

Anyways i hope you enjoy and please anyone else out there with a trundle build dont dislike this one because its different than yours or for whatever reason.
By the way im going to try and make first builds in example making builds for champs that dont have one for some maps and champs that dont have a lot of builds at all and i'm a huge 3 v3 fan i do 5v5 but it can get alittle to chaotic for me so i dont do it too often normally with friends if you like this huild go ahead and leave a comment on some other build i should do and for what map.

Finally i want to say leave slme feedback on what i can do to improve my guides preferrably from the people who make guides and people who want to have an easy interface when looking at guides :) side note i'm going to be maiing most of my guides straight from my ipod if you want me to make a guide on how to make a mobafire guide on your ipod/ipad/iphone/tablet leave a comment

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Pros / Cons


+Tough against AD champions

+Steals Attack Damage from enemies

+He's the troll king trololol

+High sustain during mid-late game
-vulnerable to casters early game

-no strong early game sustain

-very vulnerable when silenced

-uses mana

-can trap yourself if you don't correctly place ice pillar

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Trundle's abilities

King's Tribute this is one of my favorite passives in the game as it can help you a lot in a fight that might seem impossible to win because 6% of max hp of enemy is a lot if that enemy is tanky also the passive stacks amazingly with Spirit Visage and Overlord's Bloodmail and if your standing in frozen kingdom the heal is increased by even more so trundles sustain is monstrous in late game.

Chomp i like to take a point in Chomp at level 1 i max this skill out first it helps out a lot considering it gives you AD and reduces the targets AD and slows them briefly so it helps and acts a a makeshift Frozen Mallet until you get enough gold to buy one

frozen kingdom this is an amazing steroid on trundle and is mainly his everything in the early game i take a point in this at level 2 and max it second also try your best to keep enemies within this if they try to kite you out of it early game don't go its effective for zoning champs who wont fight you in it and this has a very large area so dont foget to use this to escape

Pillar of Ice this is a great ability for trapping enemies blocking paths and if you place it right you can actually stun champions briefly with it this is also good to use on jungle monsters if you place it correctly you only have to fight one and the others will be trapped i take a point in this at level 3 and max it last

Subjugate this is a highly under estimated skill by enemy champions you can be at 50% life ult a master yi use Chomp throw down frozen kingdom and easily kill him i like to take a point in this skill at levels 6/11/16

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+Has a great combo with Anivia Crystallize
+Has a great combo with Jarvan IV Cataclysm as long as the jarvan doesn't trap you
+Synergizes well with any champs that have flips that have Aoe ults like Fiora so combined with Pillar of Ice enemies are forced to all go one way
countered by
-tanky ap characters
-champions with lots of mobility (if you dont take movement speed quints)

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For my seals I like to use Greater Seal of Armor you can also use Greater Seal of Scaling Armor if you want an even more buffed up late game

For my marks i like to use the Greater Mark of Attack Damage or greater mark of armor penetration but if you prefer to have lots of attack damage go with Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage i dont find much need for it since trundle's Chomp gives him attack damage

For my glyphs i like to use Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
For my quintessences i like to use Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed to help prevent being kited. And to help keep up with champions with loads of mobility i.e Kassadin But if your a pro who can't be kited dont take these and use armor pen or attack damage quints

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*I like to put 21 points in the defensive tree and 9 points in the offensive tree with trundle. Trundle is very heavy on damage by mid game once you've maxed Chomp
I like to put 4 points in Durability so that i can be tanky at level 18 trundle is naturally tanky once you buy a froznen mallet but since he already has an attack damage buff/debuff i prefer to go tankier.

*i put 4 points into Deadliness for more attack damage by late game because trundle's base attack damage is 55 which is very low for an attack damage based champion. Thats also why i take a point in chomp at level 1

*i like to also put a point in Veteran's Scars for the extra health at level 1

*i like to point 2 points in Relentless and 3 points in Tenacious this is good for escaping or if you need to run to the enemy team's carry without being crowd controlled so much that you that you die before you get to the enmy teams carry or whoever you focusing.

*i put a point in Honor Guard because it helps when you cant get away from a 2v1 and have to fight to survive (i normally dont run from 2v1 unless both enemies are full health and same level as me)

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My core items are:
* Frozen Mallet-so that i have even more slow combi ed with the pillar of ice and the brief slow you get from chomp

* Spirit Visage so thag i heal more from enemies dying and for cooldown reduction

* Blade of the Ruined King i like this item because of the lifesteal and attack speed plus its because its a blade of the ruined king and trundle's a king

* Randuin's Omen i love this item because its a big counter to Aatrox because of the attack speed reduction. (personally i think his sustain being tripled when hes below 50% hp is bs) and this is not only a guide but more so a guide for thise who are frustrated with aatrox players.

* Frozen Heart if the enemy team has too much attack speed (i.e a team comp of Aatrox Volibear and Tryndamere)if you decide to take this dont buy randuin's omen but still check if one of your team members is buying Frozen Heart cause if they are just buy a randuin.

* Overlord's Bloodmail its nice when you kill an enemy and get the heal off of it combined with your King's Tribute Spirit Visage and frozen kingdom i only but this if i'm still getting melted down in late game or if i'm tanking

*i rarely take Executioner's Callingbut if the enmy team has too much sustain i'll take this as my final item. But i will buy the Avarice Blade earlier on if i know im getting the executioner's calling. so i can have the extra gold


i like to use these items in different scenarios:

Pick the boots you want Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi side note*take ninja tabi if you want to counter aatrox and hes doing well*

Buy a Banshee's Veil or/and a Maw of Malmortius against a strong team of magic damage champion

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Trundle is a great champion overall he counters AD chamoions and he is tanky and can stick to running foes well. And loads of people have been playing aatrox and this is my counter to him. And on june 25 2013 aatrox is going to be free to play lets face the facts too many people think he's too op but once he's freee they'll be playing him all week long so why not have some one who can counter him. Anyways good luck on killing aatrox and anyone else in the way :)

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Frequently asked questions

Q:Where is the best lane to play trundle?
A: i play trundle in the top lane 3v3 and i jungle or top lane in 5v5

Q: What stats are best on trundle?
A: i prefer health and attack damage items and i also go with one attack speed item since and at least one cooldown reduction item. frozen kingdom gives you attack speed and its nice to have this up

Q: what's the best way to counter aateox?
A: because aatrox helas are tripled when he's below 50% health i loke to try and harass him alot and stay out of range of his attacks so he can't heal or if i catch him out of place i'll try and ambush him from a bush and burst him down Randuin's Omen and Executioner's Calling will help keep him from getting the three hits he needs to heal and reduce his heal.

Q:Are there any risks to playing trundle?
A: yes with every champion there's some risk with trundle you have to worry about tanky magic damage dealers because his chomp will not affect them much if they're doing magic damage a prime example is Singed because singed mostly runs to do danage its hard to fight him until you have a frozen mallet mercury's treads blade of the ruined king and learned how to effectively place your pillar of ife.

These are mostly from forums i'll add more leave some questions in the comments.

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Changelog IS PUBLISHED :)