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Sion General Guide by darkhawkmaster

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League of Legends Build Guide Author darkhawkmaster

Destroyer of Demacia - Sion Top Guide

darkhawkmaster Last updated on July 8, 2015
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Hey, at the moment, I am unranked level 30. I main Sion in top lane and as a support. I have got a full mastery level 5 Brute with 60k gold score. I met Sion when he was free to play months ago. I instantly had something for him. He is extremely tanky and can deal extreme damage with his Q. In top lane, I suggest to max his E first as it is a great harassing ability and has a very long range. Make sure to use the minions as it deals additional damage if the enemy top laner is hit by the minion. Whereas, when supporting the stun and damage from his Q is recommended to be maxed first. When building Sion, it should be a mix of AD and tank. Lots of armor makes it impossible to kill him while he is dealing damage. His passive can sometimes annoy you as you might not be fast enough to get a final hit to kill enemy champions. However I manage to get a kill with his passive 65% of the time. It's all about getting ready for you death. Some players often forget that when he dies, all his abilities are replaced with death surge which grants him attack speed, bonus damage and movement speed so that you are able to catch up with the enemy champ if they are running away. This can be activated by immediately pressing either Q W E R right after you die.


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