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Diana Build Guide by edgexabpa

AP Offtank Diana; The Scorn of Dominion

AP Offtank Diana; The Scorn of Dominion

Updated on August 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgexabpa Build Guide By edgexabpa 7,837 Views 1 Comments
7,837 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author edgexabpa Diana Build Guide By edgexabpa Updated on August 13, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Garrison


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Hey guys, I'm edgexabpa (turn your head upside down and you'll get it) this is my first guide on mobafire. Seeing as this is my first guide please feel free to comment and tell me what you think could improve it. Up and down votes both welcome.
Diana is one of those champs i feel doesn't get alot of love, but is an absolute blast to play. Why, you ask? because she's a hyper carry, who deals an insane amount of damage, and is capable of bursting down most champs when shes fed. This leads to DIANA OP and all sorts of complaining by noobs postgame. She has high mobilty, and she sticks to her target like glue, and with the right team comp behind you shes damn near unstoppable. On top of that shes slippery, and can be built in a variety of ways depending on what your team needs.
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Pros and Cons

+ insane burst damage
+ huge kill potential
+ versatile depending on your build
+ an adc's worst nightmare.
+ built in defense with her shield
+ insane power spike at level 6
+ powerful duelist
+ best/ cockiest laugh in the game, because she knows she's awesome like that.

- crescent strike takes getting used to
- can be countered by hard cc
- can jump to your death if your not careful
- focused when fed
- feast or famine playstyle, you carry hard, or die trying.(usually)
- weak pre level 6
- lack of hard cc
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General Playstyle

Diana is one of those champs that is awesome because she can be built in a number of ways, this is just how i like to play her on dominion. It focuses on making her a a hybrid damage AP offtank, who deals large amounts of damage, while being able to survive the onslaught you get yourself into by jumping face first into the enemy team. She does hybrid damage (mostly AP though) and can be a real terror to anybody that tries to get in her way. many focus on making her a full burst assassin, but i find that more risky, as you sacrifice alot of survivability that way. this build is focused on providing good burst damage while, procing her passive AA to keep doing damage while spells are on cooldown.
I normally play her top on dominion, but she can cover bot just fine on her own.
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Runes and Masteries

(Still in progress)

AS Quints and runes sync with her passive, which late game can hit for close to 700+ damage every third AA.
AP glyphs focus on her high damage. but can be swapped for MR resistance if your not very comfortable with her.
Armor seals are self explanatory, as they keep your *** alive.
the hybrid pen marks give us Armor and magic penetration, making her hit harder, on both our spells and AA's

The masteries focuses on maximizing your damage, in hopes that you get fed early. after all shes a hyper carry, and getting fed is what your all about. the utility pages just gives her a little more movement speed, mana regen, and vampirism.
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Not super important as you gain passive XP in dominion, but the AS runes along with your passive make you a fierce split pusher when given the chance, which only helps you get more fed/ push lanes to press campers out from underneath their towers. also helpful for stacks on your Seeker's Armguard
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Ghost or Flash
I bring ghost over flash for 2 reasons. First Ghost has a lower cooldown getting more uses out of it, over the course of a game. Secondly, it gives you more sticking/ escaping power than flash, but both are perfectly viable and really depends on what you prefer.

I bring garrison for one reason. In dominion, the name of the game is capture a point, and defend the hell out of it. It allows you play offensively or defensively. It allows you to mitigate damage when you dive a turret, mainly when your trying to force someone out from underneath their turret. I find this immensely helpful against those who know they cant duel you, so they hide under their turret. Remind them why they're hiding with garrison.

A third option is to bring exhaust. it works perfectly well on diana, allows you to lock down your target if they're someone slippery like Fizz LeBlanc etc.. also it allows you to win duels you may not otherwise when facing champs like like Jax, Xin Zhao, Fiora, or anybody who relies on putting down alot of damage in a short amount of time. Just make sure to time it before they start their combo. But again, it comes down to your personal choice.

works perfectly fine as well, i just feel it isn't needed on dominion, as kills aren't really the name of the game/ super important. The slot can be put to better use.

can be brought if you want to focuses on being a team player, or want the extra speed boost it gives you as of season 4. Suboptimal at best.
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Unique Skills

learning to reset her ultimate Lunar Rush is what separates the good Diana's from the great Diana's. That and learning when to jump onto that poor souls face and blow them up.

Jump too early, you'll get cc'd and die right away. And laughed at by all the trolls. Wait until they are about 75%-50% health to go all in. Poke them down with your Q, as its fairly mana efficient, and has decent range. Also this marks your enemies with moonlight, making them play more passive as they know you can jump ult onto them without it going on cool-down while they are marked.

If you jump too early, and find yourself in a sticky situation, not all is lost. If you reset your ult like you should have, you can always ult onto a minion as an escape. After all, the cool-down is relatively low at about 20 seconds, and latter is much better than dying.

You do not always need to mark an enemy with moonlight in order to jump onto them though. i recommend keeping a close eye on the map before you do this, and i usually reserve it for an enemy that would get out of range by using your Q, or i have a teammate that can back me up when you catch and slow them. but learning when to reset your ult and when not to is something that comes with experience, not something i can teach you in this guide.
advanced players can Lunar Rush and then Crescent Strike mid jump to reset your cooldown, but this an advanced technique that takes alot of practice.

save your E until the enemy tries to run, then pull them back in, slowing them. also it can interrupt any channeled abilities like Fiddlesticks' ult, drain, Janna's ult, Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero etc.... when matched against someone with a channeled ability, keep it until they use these abilities, to interrupt them.
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The Proof

just a couple screen shots from my recent performances. first or second on my team everytime.

despite feeders
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League of Legends Build Guide Author edgexabpa
edgexabpa Diana Guide
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Diana; The Scorn of Dominion

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