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Diana Build Guide by Big_Burger

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Big_Burger

Diana's Prayer to The Jungler's Moon

Big_Burger Last updated on September 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a work in Progress.

It is not complete nor is it polished. Please don't down vote due to missing sections or for layout deficiencies. Thanks.

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Introduction & Play Style

Hello all summoners!! this is my first attempt at a Guide so PLEASE be kind. I Love playing Diana and she romps through the jungle with Great Late game team fighting abilities.

I will start out by saying I play her a bit differently than most people I see because of her Passive and her ability to initiate a fight and group the opposing team together for my team to destroy. This guide is NOT based on a play style that will get me the best possible Kill/Death Ratio but rather one that will help my team WIN the game. I play to win and if that means I die in every team fight but we make 3 for 1 trades all game then I am MORE THAN Happy to do this. If this is not your play style or ideology then you may want to read through and take what you can, but please don't down vote me for my play style alone.

A few notes about my play style and why I choose to build her this way. I play with a bruiser/Tank mindset. This can get me into trouble sometimes as I am more than willing to engage sacrificing myself for the good of the team as a whole. this is where I come from when playing Diana so I build her with that in mind.

Diana's Passive can deal a TON of damage but if you are not attacking fast AND if your basic attacks don't deal any real damage then it is wasted. Why worry about getting an extra 400+ bonus damage every 3 or 4 seconds when your base damage is only around 100 per second. The way I build her I end up attacking about 1.8 times a Sec and each basic attack is for around 200. This ensures that my life steal is working, I am dealing damage other than my Passive procs and ensures other carries can't just trade auto attacks with me.

Here is a comparative example: If built full AP (which can work well with Diana) then I will auto attack for around 100 mid to late game attacking at a rate of about 1 per second. This means in 4 seconds I will deal 400AD + proc once for 250ish (lev 16ish) + (60%AP say 300AP) 180dmg for a total of 830 before opponents def stats. With my build I will attack at about 1.8 per second with AD of 200 equaling 1400AD plus 2 passive procs or 500ish and 180dmg (assuming 150AP and 2 procs) for a total of 2080 before def stats. This is without using any abilities at all and with no Critical strikes included. This is closing in on ADC damage stats with close to full builds.

I mention this because the sheer power of her Passive allows you to melt champions and turrets when kept in mind as part of your game play. If you only focus on her AP then you have to kill the opponent with your burst or die while your skills are on cooldown. The way I play I can consistently deal large amounts of damage while taking advantage of her FULL Kit.

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Pros / Cons

Radiant Rays

  • She has a GREAT Passive
  • AP Ratios allow Amazing Burst
  • "E" Allows Team Fight CC
  • Great at chasing runners

Darkside Doubts

  • Squishy, Squishy
  • "silence" can mean death
  • No AD = small damage
  • Early Mana Problems

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Marks: Greater Mark of Attack Speed These along with my Masteries result in a 19% AS increase or .89 per level at level 1. This Is GREAT for allowing you t proc through the jungle camps.

Seals: Greater Seal of Armor Standard Jungling Seals to reduce damage taken in the jungle. These are required since she is squishy and has no built in sustain.

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Ability Power. This along with Quints give her a good starting AP level to increase your shield strength and Cresent Strike. I choose these over AP per level because of the increased speed allowed from the early power. Result= More early ganks.

Quintessence: Greater Quintessence of Ability Power As stated above these give Great starting power for her abilities. The only other Quints I would consider would be Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed but I think this would leave you under-powered for to long to be worth it.

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For Masteries I go with 21-9-0 AP based but add in AS for her passive.

Brute Force and Mental Force are basic for adding early strength to her attacks.

Alacrity adds to the Attack Speed runes to start the game with .89 attack speed.

Sorcery allows you to get Arcane Knowledge for the Magic pen because over 2/3s of your damage will be Magic.

Blast is picked because unless you have over 360AP it grants more AP than Archmage

and of course the finisher Executioner

I choose the Defense tree because she needs to extra armor and health for the early jungling.

Summoner's Resolve gives the extra Gold needed while jungling. Some may scoff at the 10 gold but through the course of the game it results in 200+ gold. this is about 6 Health Potion.

Hardiness helps add NEEDed armor for reduced damage in the jungle.

Durability and Veteran's Scars help with your natural squishiness. The 138 health from these will help more throughout the game than you may first realize.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner Spells I take the Standard Smite as well as Ghost.

You can choose Flash but I prefer Ghost as I have to run around the map a lot and may be out of position at times. The ability to get across 1/4 of the map in a few seconds can mean the difference between your team winning or losing a fight. Having Ghost also allows me to do some split pushing as well (which Diana can do well) while being able to jet away if the other team shows up.

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I start Boots and 3 pots. If you are having problems and taking to much damage then it is ok to go Armor and 5 Pots so you take less damage and have more sustain. The trade off is a slower jungle.
The first full Item built is Wriggle's Lantern this may seem odd with an AP champ but it helps with the jungle damage, life steal sustain, and helps map awareness for your team.

I then finish my Berserker's Greaves for more attack speed. Depending on how much money you have and the game situation you may want to Buy your Sheen before finishing your boots (the difference is 1200 over 570 or 630gold). Rushing the Sheen helps with Mana issues and gives a boost to your damage from the Proc. The purchase order depends HEAVILY on how well me and my team are doing.

Next in most games will be Phage. You may need to get this before Sheen if you are having issues dying. After these finish your Trinity Force for 1495gold. You may wonder why Trinity Force? this is because the stats given ALL help with this build. From the Sheen Proc to the Zeal Attack speed to the movement speed (you will move 432 after it is complete), the buffs work together to increase your strength and overall power.

Now you can move into more AP and Spell Vamp with Hextech Revolver the 1200 gold results in a BIG improvement in your ability to deal damage through your abilities as well as increases your sustain.

At this point you have to determine if more AS or AD will help more. if you decide on the AS route then purchase Stinger to start your Nashor's Tooth if you need the AD for more auto attack damage and stronger Sheen procs then get Bilgewater Cutlass and finish your Hextech Gunblade.

Once you have finish your Hextech Gunblade and Nashor's Tooth you can finish your build with whatever has seemed to be lacking. In most games I have noticed I get melted by AP carries with the build so far you only have 53MR at level 18. you can address this in one of two ways. Either bulk up with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter or get a Abyssal Mask. I usually got with the Crystal Scepter if they have more AD damage and the added health will help. If the teem is more heavily AP then definitely go with the Abyssal Mask as the 57 magic resist is a large boost. the AP difference is negligible due to the Abyssal aura.

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Skill Sequence

Jungling with Diana requires a couple levels in your W Pale Cascade. this is Great for Jungling because it gives you a much needed shield as well as doing a surprising amount of damage. Getting a couple levels early shortens the cooldown and brings the damage up enough to allow you to breeze through the jungle.

Your Bread and butter is your Q Cresent Strike. this is the first skill you want to max in EVERY Game. the only exception is if you are going to be tanking the whole game then max out Pale cascade and go Max AP as well, but this is not the focus of this guide. Cresent strike not only does a high amount of damage but it also sets you up for a Ult into initiate a team fight. (More about that later.)

your E is Moonfall. I would rather call it Kill insurance. when they try to run you pull them back in and finish them off. I get one point at level 3 or 4 depending on my teams ganking needs. This along with your ult is a great initiator that allows your Teams CC and AOE spells to wreak havoc on the opposing team. The ability to jump in on their carries and focus them while grouping the other team for damage from your "W" is a deadly combo. One other important thing to mention about Moonfall is that it will interrupt channeling. this can be VERY helpfull if Nunu starts ulting or if you have another teammate being suppressed by WW or Malz.

Finally you have your Ult Lunar Rush. it is similar to Akali as it allows you to get to someone NOW. The great thing about it is it's low to no cooldown. If you hav hit someone with your "Q" in the last couple seconds then you can ult onto them with no cooldown. This allows you to not only hit them with your Cresent strike but ult them twice and "W" them while minimizing your damage taken. For squishy Carries this may be all it takes to finish them off.