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Veigar Build Guide by TheRealCefor

This build has been archived and is for historical display only.

PLEASE NOTE: This build has been archived by the author. They are no longer supporting nor updating this build and it may have become outdated. As such, voting and commenting have been disabled and it no longer appears in regular search results.

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealCefor

Dirtbag Veigar

TheRealCefor Last updated on May 18, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

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Threats to Veigar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Azir "Azir is a pain to deal with if you don't know what you're doing. His game-play revolves around his sand soldiers which give him a really good amount of burst, DPS, and range. Stay away from his sand soldiers as Azir can burst you down just as easily as you could burst him. His W creates one of his sand soldiers at a target location. These soldiers scale with AP, Azir's attack-speed, and if you are in range it attacks you instead of Azir. His Q sends his soldiers dashing to a location dealing magic damage. He'll use this to harass you and to re-position his soldiers. His E sends him dashing to a soldier. If he hits an enemy he'll stop, deal damage to them, and gain a shield. His ult creates a wall, just a wall of sand soldiers. You shouldn't have to worry about this unless you get in melee range of Azir. A good Azir will really hurt you in lane and have a lot of influence in later team-fights. If he knows what he's doing you'll never get in range to kill him unless you flash. HOWEVER Azir is NOT easy to play, a good Azir can beat you but only 1 in every 100 Azirs know what they're doing." Quoted from Parrot6632
Heimerdinger "Heimerdinger is a very weird champion. I don't even know how to describe him... Well, his Q places a turret down at a target location that will stay and keep shooting. Any champion who can easily destroy these turrets counters him and Veigar can do it ridiculously easy. Just throw down Dark Matter on top of them until they're all destroyed. Once those are gone, he's completely useless. Most Heimerdingers won't be able to farm without their precious turrets so it is pretty much the easiest lane you could ever have... P.S. I recommend adding a second point into Dark Matter early to kill the turrets. You can easily burst him at level 6 if he's below 70% hp and you've farmed well." Quoted from Parrot6632
Karthus "Karthus is a late-game mage that is famous for his global R. I recommend some early boots to dodge his skill-shots in lane. You should never be in range for him to hit you with Defile so you don't have much to worry about other than his ultimate. To dodge his ult, you're gonna have to buy Zhonya's Hourglass and try not to use it for anything else unless you absolutely have to. He scales in a fashion similar to you and can devastate team-fights even after your Q+R kills him with the help of his passive. Try to kill him away from your team if possible but if you can't kill him then focus on having a bigger impact in the fight." Quoted from Parrot6632
Karma "Karma is a Mage that has impressive damage early/mid-game and scales well into late-game due to her utility. The reason for her impressive damage is that she has her ultimate from the start. What Karma's ultimate does is boost one of her basic spells. Empowered Q does more damage and leaves a zone that slows and then detonates for some impressive damage. Early on, 2 of these can chunk you and force you to recall so be on your toes. Her W is a tether that after 2 seconds will root you and deal damage. It shouldn't be too hard to stay out of range since it is pretty short. The empowered version will heal her for 20% of her max health on cast and another 20% if she keeps the tether. Her E is a shield that grants MS. Empowered E is the reason she can scale into late-game due to granting her team a fairly large shield and a cheap copy of 'On The Hunt'. She is really an all around jack-of-trades Mage that can poke, peel, and team-fight fairly well. You'll out-scale her easily and will become more relevant than her around level 11. Beware of tower diving her due to empowered W and shield." Quoted from Parrot6632
Kennen "Kennen is a poke mage with a good amount of team-fight potential. His Q is a skill-shot shuriken which is nice and simple. His W sends out a shock-wave to anybody inside his R or affected by at least one Mark of the Storm. Mark of the Storm is his passive, once he gets 3 of these stacked on a champion, they'll be stunned for a pretty long time. He can apply these stacks with all of his spells and every 4th consistent auto-attack. His E turns him into a weird lightning ball that allows him to move really quick, pass through units, and apply damage plus a mark to anybody he touches. His main wave-clear combo is E-W which also happens to be what he also uses to harass. Whenever he uses that E it is probably a good idea to throw down your E around him which will prevent him from applying the majority of his damage. His R is a giant storm that forms around him which applies a Mark of the Storm every 0.5 seconds and deals heavy damage. His second classic combo is R-Zhonya's which can be annoying. Learn to time your E+W so that it'll hit him right when he gets out of Zhonya's. Also, don't eat free shurikens :/ " Quoted from Parrot6632
Swain "Swain is a dps late-game mage that has some amazing spell-vamp and respectable damage. Morello's will be absolutely necessary against him if you didn't take Ignite. The only skill-shot you have to dodge is his W which is a AOE root with a slight delay. If he lands this he has the potential for huge damage with his E and Q, both of which are dps. His E will increase all other damage to you and his Q will slow you. He'll try to Q for an easier W if you happen to be in range so avoid that. His R transforms him into a giant bird and he does multi-target damage around himself with 3 smaller crows that heal him for some of the damage dealt. Late-game his healing in team-fights can reach huge amounts so it is necessary to have some grievous wounds up your sleeve, Ignite or Morello's will work. His typical build includes Zhonya's first item so be careful about ulting him. His range is fairly bad so as long as you dodge his root you should be fine." Quoted from Parrot6632
Syndra "Syndra's play-style revolves around her dark spheres, she summons these with Q and they deal a fair amount of damage. This is also her main damage source and dps. Her W allows her to pick up a minion, sphere, or monster and throw them to a target area dealing damage and slowing anyone hit. This skill is fairly telegraphed and not too hard to dodge. Her E is her only hard cc and her most important skill, it is a skill-shot cone that knocks back everything in the area. If she hits a sphere with her E, it will be knocked back very far and stun anyone hit for 1.5 seconds. If she lands this on you, she will severely chunk and probably kill you. This skill is not as telegraphed so you'll have to predict this. Her R is reminiscent of Veigar's in the way it works, she clicks something and deals a ton of burst damage. The damage is based off how many spheres she has out at that moment. Depending on how skilled the Syndra is, she can get up to 7 spheres total which includes the 3 spheres rotating around her. Mid to late-game, you both have kill potential and both of you rely on landing the CC on E. She's squishy, immobile, and has no way of escaping your E except with Flash. Treat this match-up like most other AP mages." Quoted from Parrot6632
Twisted Fate "TF is a fairly simple mid-laner mechanically but he can be deadly in the right hands. During the laning phase his main poke will consist of his Q, Wild Cards. He'll throw out 3 cards that deal magic damage and have insane (I mean insane) range. He'll max these first and throw them out repeatedly for farm and harass. His W is his main spell that you have to watch out for and his most deadly one. He selects one of three cards of either red, blue, or yellow. The blue one will deal the most damage and restore his mana. The red one will deal AOE damage and slow. The infamous gold card will deal damage and stun for a pretty long time. His gold card will allow him to pick you off or at least chunk you if he lands it on you mid-late game. During the laning phase the best you can do is stay out of his auto-attack range. His E is a passive that gives him attack speed and magic damage on hit every 4th auto. His R is the best roaming spell in League. First, he'll reveal everyone on the map and then he'll be able to teleport anywhere he wants in a semi-global area. Once he hits 6 he'll use his R to roam top or bot. Veigar can put little to no pressure on the lane while he's gone so its VERY important to call MIA and warn your teammates whenever he leaves lane. If he doesn't get fed off roaming post-6 early game, you'll be good as you can burst him down as easily as anyone else." Quoted from Parrot6632
Vel'Koz "Vel is the definition of a poke mage. His range matches Veigar and his damage is very high if he manages to land his skill-shots. His entire kit consists of skill-shots and he is completely immobile. He's extremely squishy so you don't have to worry about him after level 9 or so with the potential burst Veigar possesses. The key to surviving his strong laning phase is to get some early boots to evade his skill-shots. Never stay in one place or you'll take a fairly large chunk of burst damage. The only really dangerous parts are his ultimate and passive. With Thunderlord's Decree, the third proc of his passive will hurt a lot, I mean a lot. Back off if he lands 2 procs of his passive so he can't take out half your health with 1 Q. You'll have to time Event Horizon with his ultimate in team-fights to stop him from devastating your entire team with the laser or just press R and he'll probably just straight up die..." Quoted from Parrot6632
Ziggs "Ziggs is a poke mage with a lot of control in the form of his E and W. In lane all you really have to do is dodge his bombs. Don't get in auto range of him because he has his passive which'll make his auto-attacks hurt a ton. If he throws down his minefield on top of you, walk out of it without stepping on all the bombs at once. If he tries to escape with W, quickly throw up Event Horizon and he'll immediately become stunned. Expect him to try and snipe you with his ultimate so recall in out-of-the-way places other than that he's pretty squishy and should die easily if you catch him" Quoted from Parrot6632
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Brief Introduction & Interactive Replays

I am Dirtbag Yordle and I welcome you to my quick-read guide
(Not 100% complete atm but all the important details are covered - 100% coming super soon!! - Just dealing with a new full-time job so my time is very constrained atm)

Veigar is League's primer mistake-punishing, 100-0 burst mage. New to his kit, Veigar uses his enemy's own maximum Health against them with Primordial Burst which makes him a huge threat to every champion in the game, even tanks. Veigar has the ability to get a free Needlessly Large Rod every 5-7 minutes, so stacking Ability Power should be your prime goal throughout an entire match. Veigar will out-scale any mage and most carries simply by farming, harassing with spells, slaying enemies, and assisting allies secure kills.

To compliment his own lore, Veigar has hands-down the most cruel abilities in LoL. His enemies can rarely manage the damage dealt if Veigar is itemized correctly and properly farmed. The only thing stopping Veigar from being the most ground-breaking champion is the reliability to deal said damage. Mastering techniques, mechanics, and mindset of Veigar will make the difference of being laughed at to being the terror that fuels nightmares.

Here you will find replays of current-patch LoL matches thanks to, these videos are for learning purposes and are not my attempts at showing off. Watch these videos to see this guide in action, there is no better learning tool than a video, that also happens to be fully interactive.

PAY ATTENTION - There are a few things to take note of when watching these replays, and yes...

~ Welcome to Veigar Community College ~

  • Spell Usage and Ability Power farming
  • Positioning in lane, on the move, and in fights
  • Itemization and minute-mark Creep Score AKA minion farm (10, 20, 30...)
  • Synergy with specific allied champions and objective control
  • Opponent play-patterns VS Veigar
  • *I Will Make Mistakes* Learn from them and think "what could of been done differently"
[Due to changes made by, posted below is a single link to all recent replays including ranked matches]
*No additional software is needed to view these replays, just the latest patch of LoL needs to be installed*
**A small (but safe) batch file will need to be downloaded via match link below**

This guide will be updated frequently. Thank you all for the support!

Special thanks to Parrot6632 for his efforts in creating the entire Threat Breakdown section, Maintained for his righteous custom icons, and Utopus for his top-notch review service!!!

A BIG thank you to TheRealChellizard for her custom splash art! Check out her work at Deviant Art!!!

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Veigar For Dummies

Chapter in-progress, will include in-depth look at summoner spells and masteries


  • Very large range and zoning capabilities with exceptional engage and disengage

  • One of the best siege champions in the game

  • Anti-carry mage with an insane amount of killing potential

  • Great personality and has some of the best quotes in League

  • Can infinitely stack Ability Power


  • Can be very team-reliant

  • Commonly runs out of Mana early-game

  • Has low defensive stats all-around

  • Many enemy champions and items can reduce or nullify his burst damage

  • Veigar will be focused in every fight because he's powerful and everyone hates him.

  • These runes are meant to be strictly defensive, there are no good offensive or utility options for Seals.

  • Greater Seal of Armor (Recommended vs Attack Damage) helps resist some physical damage inflicted by an Assassin, since normally their strengths lie in Auto-Attacks and Armor Penetration.

  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health (Recommended vs Ability Power) is the best choice to reduce a Mage's damage output because more Health makes a champion harder to burst down with Magic Damage.

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Kit Overview & Skill Tips

Personally, I think this passive could be more creative but the scaling 1.5% Mana-Regeneration gives any Mana item Veigar builds a powerful steroid.

With the scaling regeneration, Veigar can fully sustain his own Mana-Pool post-level 9 (especially with a Chalice of Harmony).


While severely lacking in burst damage, Auto-Attacks still do damage and scale decently well throughout an entire match. Auto-Attacks combined with Ignite is an effective but desperate way to secure a kill when Veigar is dealing with his Cool-Downs.

The most used spell on Veigar, Baleful Strike has both a high base damage and Ability Power ratio. Mastering this spell is first on your to-do list, as it also has the lowest Cool-Down.
  • Always look for the opportunity to hit two targets, either it be two minions, one minion and an enemy champion, or two enemy champions.

  • Hitting an enemy with Baleful Strike is a great way to test out your damage and their defenses. If they took a good bit of damage from one Baleful Strike, prepare to go all-in on your opponent if you have Primordial Burst ready.

  • If versus an especially dangerous opponent like Annie, Zed, or Talon, try to avoid using the second hit of Baleful Strike unless it will kill another minion or hit a champion to avoid pushing the wave too much. This max range farming also ensures you're safe from most all-ins.

  • As with all skill-shots, leading Baleful Strike to where you think an opponent will be is critical. Also, throwing Baleful Strike into brushes and the fog-of-war when you are aware an enemy is around can prove useful.

  • Focus double Ability Power farming pre-6, if your opponent tries to zone you, hit them with a Baleful Strike or two to make them go into a more defensive position.

  • Late game, do not underestimate the damage of a Baleful Strike, you might end up wasting Dark Matter or Primordial Burst when Baleful Strike secures the kill instead.

Baleful Strike GIF

The most powerful, non-ultimate spell in the game when it comes to sheer damage, enemies quickly learn to respect Dark Matter or suffer dearly for it.

Dark Matter GIF

One of the most powerful, non-ultimate zoning spells in the game, Event Horizon can turn the tides of any fight in an instant.
  • Landing the insta-stun is still possible, just cast Event Horizon on an enemy hit by allied Crowd-Control or on an opponent that simply hasn't notice Veigar get within spell range.

  • Event Horizon is key for aiding allies or yourself escape from skirmishes, in this case, it is best to place the entire area of Event Horizon in-between yourself and the enemy team to discourage enemy dashes, jumps, and blinks. If getting ganked in-lane, make sure that an edge of Event Horizon reaches your tower. The enemy jungler can walk around it otherwise and wait for the stun to wear off.

  • When dealing with enemies that have targeted gap-closers which can get past the wall of Event Horizon, walk on the perimeter of the wall to safety. Most assassins and fighters choose to walk away knowing that they'll be instantly stunned for going in. If they do go in, kill them.

  • Event Horizon is excellent for forcing team-fights, trapping an enemy out of position can turn the fight into a 5v4 instantly. Be careful of not placing Veigar out of position when looking for a pick.

  • Using Event Horizon to zone objectives will keep the enemy at bay when they want to jump in the most. A few examples are protecting Dragon and Baron Nashor from enemy last-hits and keeping the enemy away from one of their own towers even when there is no ally minion wave nearby.

  • Whenever a team-fight occurs, the enemy team will be expecting Veigar to cast Event Horizon, but if the fight takes longer than usual, the enemy is never prepared for the second Event Horizon. Use this surprise tactic to your advantage.

  • Event Horizon can stop Dark Passage and many other dashes and lunges! Keep this in mind along with that Event Horizon lasts a full 3 seconds, most enemy champions with re-positioning abilities will grow impatient or panic and underestimate how long Event Horizon remains active.

Event Horizon GIF

The most powerful, single-target ultimate in the game in terms of pure damage. Primordial Burst is well-known for deleting mages and anyone who makes a mistake around Veigar.

Primordial Burst GIF

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Core Items & Viable Alternatives

Starting Off

With an abundance of mobile Mages and deadly Assassins in the League of Legends roster, Veigar will need more than just pure damage to start out with. Cool-Down Reduction and Mana-Regeneration are two attributes Veigar will need ASAP. Athene's Unholy Grail and Morellonomicon are two excellent options to chose from, each provide an unique attribute Veigar can use to his advantage.

  • 80 Ability Power combined with 9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power can help overcome any Magic Resistance built to hinder Veigar.

  • Grievous Wounds can reduce an enemy's ability to sustain (an Assassin's Life-Steal or a Fighter's Health-Regeneration) when Veigar can't simple burst the enemy down with one combo.

Second - Fifth Item(s)

After choosing if you want to focus more in defense or offense with your first item, now it is time to build what is required on Veigar to ensure that you do the burst damage you're intended to do.

Last Item

Veigar is known in the League of Legends as one of its most defenseless champions. Having one item that focuses in defense can prove rather useful, especially when going against an enemy team that can evenly match your own in fair team-fights.

  • Although Banshee's Veil completely lacks offensive stats, its 45 Magic Resistance and 450 Health stacks very well with the Magic Resistance granted by Athene's Unholy Grail. All three of these combined provide Veigar with the maximum amount of Magic Resistance he can get without sacrificing his burst potential.

  • The Spell Shield is very effective versus Mages and other champions with powerful spells, making Banshee's Veil critical to build against team compilations that lack multiple Attack Damage threats.

  • While Guardian Angel lacks the defensive utility found in a Banshee's Veil, the flat Armor and Magic Resistance is still useful. The only reason you should look into Guardian Angel as an alternative is for its passive, in most cases, Banshee's Veil is the better choice.

  • The ability to ignore death once with Guardian Angel can help greatly against an enemy team that doesn't necessarily have powerful spells, just powerful attacks. Guardian Angel combined with Zhonya's Hourglass can give Veigar the ability to be unfocused for around 5 seconds during a key team-fight, just don't die twice.

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How To Play: The Tiny Master of Evil

*Collecting Notes, new section will include techniques for lane-phase, team-fighting, securing picks / objectives, and how / when to use spells including an extremely in-depth look into Event Horizon*

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Power-Plays: Caught on Tape

Desperate Kill

There will be many times when Veigar will be marked for death with no escape at hand. What would you do? You have to kill them before they kill you. These fights are never pretty, thinking quick and acting faster is your only hope of survival. Below you'll see Veigar attempting to save his team's turret unaware he is already far too late. With help coming but not soon enough, Veigar will have to fend for himself.

Desperate Kill GIF

Maximize Range

Enemies will often think they can out-smart Veigar by playing safe and keeping their distance. Ironically, those passive enemies are at the most risk. Veigar possess an admirable and formidable range, any foe within sight of Veigar is in potentially grave danger. Below you'll see Veigar and his allies securing Dragon when a sneaky Twisted Fate appeared in a nearby brush. Thanks to Bard catching sight of the crafty conman, Veigar unleashed a powerful attack at an enemy he had lost sight of.

Maximize Range GIF

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Quick Tips: Mid-Lane Edition

*New section coming soon, will include a single tip for every mid-lane match-up*

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Counter-Picked: Top 7 Match-Ups

  • For Ahri to get the most out of her kit, she needs a clear path to land Charm. Stand behind minions and allies to avoid being hit by a full-combo ( Ahri can 100-0 Veigar easily). Beware of Spirit Rush (and Flash) which Ahri can use to re-position herself quickly to attempt an all-in Charm.

  • Don't forget about Essence Theft, especially during lane-phase when Veigar doesn't pack much of a punch. If Ahri uses her spells effectively, she can Heal herself during every full-combo!

  • Both Fox-Fire and Spirit Rush have auto-targeting components that provide Ahri with unavoidable damage, simply by being near her with Low-Health can result in a quick death.

  • Orb of Deception is a triple-threat spell! Its ability to hit twice (especially at the spell's max range) while dealing True Damage on its return-path is devastating, also the bonus Movement Speed can provide Ahri with a strong engage or a safe escape. The best way to avoid this spell (and also Charm) is to move perpendicular of Ahri, it's logically the shortest distance to avoid any straight-line skill-shot.

  • Annie is VERY dangerous at all levels of an entire match, Pyromania is a constant threat and could result in a swift death for Veigar. When Pyromania is active or near being triggered (her tool-tip will show current stacks), stay a safe distance away even if it means missing out on a minion or two. The best way to deal with an Annie who saves Pyromania for a stun is to have your jungler gank as often as possible.

  • Annie will automatically laugh when Pyromania becomes active!

  • Unfortunately, Annie can burst down a champion just as good as Veigar but has two reliable stuns while Veigar only has one (which is nowhere near as reliable). It is best to play passive against Annie and to only engage if she is out-numbered or has just recently burned Pyromania and/or Summon: Tibbers.

  • Veigar does out-range Annie with everyone of his spells, picking fights with her at max range can put Annie at a disadvantage. Make sure Event Horizon traps Annie at a distance where she can't safely engage with Pyromania or Summon: Tibbers.



Collecting Notes, Match-up Coming Soon!


Collecting Notes, Match-up Coming Soon!


Collecting Notes, Match-up Coming Soon!


Collecting Notes, Match-up Coming Soon!

BONUS! Dirtbag Yordle Presents: All for One - a fun video where a poor pack of Kindred are doomed to fail.

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Guide Change-Log

  • 5/6/2016 - "Mid-Season Mage Update" Update!