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Shyvana Build Guide by Erathmis

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Erathmis

Doing it with Shyvana, (in the jungle)

Erathmis Last updated on January 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction / Standard Itemization

Thats right! the pros have seen her greatness!

I take Wriggle's Lantern for the jungling speed and sustain.

Wit's End for the Magic Resist and Attack Speed to add to her tankyness while putting some more bite to her attacks.

Mercury's Treads for additional MR, and for the CC reduction. As a moderate damage bruiser Shyvana is often cced and ignored in late game.

Atma's Impaler for the armor and to maximize the benefits from that excessive health pool.

I am a big fan of Sunfire Cape on Shyvana because of her decent aoe damage with Twin Bite and Burnout. Now keep in mind, Twin Bite can only cleave while in Dragon's Decent

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1. The aoe armor reduction in dragon form is very nice for your ad carry
2. Your yet another Tanky Dps jungle and those are always good
3. She is a farming machine! I almost always have top gold earned, even if i dont have top kills and assists. All because of Burnout, this is huge for a long game and can give you a huge leap into your next item.

4. You get to troll saying you are the dragon, or calling it daddy etc.. thats always fun.
5. Her base health is amazingly high, this goes great for a relatively weak ganker because it gives so much more forgiveness for tower diving.

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1. Your pre 6 ganks suck. No other way to put it.
2. The only cc you have is using Dragon's Descent on enemy's that are near walls. Which might aswell not be a cc because it doesnt do much good unless they are like right on top of it (the reason this is a half decent cc is because it acts as a stun leaving the enemy unable to cast move etc.)
3. Very weak sustain early game, this can be very painful for your early jungling.

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Additional Items or Alternate Paths

Madred's Blood Razor is great for a long game or for a little kick to help take out a tank.
-My issue with it is it's CRAZY expensive and can slow your build way down so i dont take it in the early game on most champions (there are exceptions though where its affect is almost too good to be true for some champions)

Force of Nature
-This is awsome for caster heavy teams, gives you move speed to help reach them, a moderate amount of health regen, and amazing MR.
-Once again my issue is cost, but this time its because of the large amount of MR you already posses for a typical game i dont see it as being the most for your money

Trinity Force
- its proc on attacks works amazingly with your cleaving Twin Bite, however it is less reliable on the slow affect then Frozen Mallet and leaves you a bit squishier then ideal in my opinion. Where it would be ideal is if your team has 2 bruisers already and your team needs some more damage.

[Randuin's Omen]
- The gold per 5 from having [Heart of Gold] is great while you have this on the back burner. - The aoe slow is nice to. I am a big fan of use affect items because in the right sitution they bring a lot more to the table then their static counterparts.

Berserker's Greaves
- Once again good if you can get away with losing the MR, these are fantastic for helping out the team.

Warmog's Armor
- Another good Item for the [Atma's Impaler] and your overall well being, im just a fan of Sunfire Cape but its up to you. Both are perfectly viable.

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Okay big twist here, Smite is absolutely necessary for a jungler, but I have started running Exhaust so my ad carry doesnt have to, and early ganks are a million times easier.

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Im not 100% certain that this is the best set up yet. I feel like the damage tends to fall off late game so you might want to drop some alacrity and pick up more armor pen or more magic resist (I find that I almost always have enough magic resist, so this is not a major concern for me.)

Okay what i love about Shyvana is her clearing time is amazingly good. This makes her one of the fastest jungle's in the game. (possibly the fastest i have no idea who is fastest anymore nor do i give a ****)

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I go defensive and support masteries to maximize Shyvana's amazing health and leveling speed. However equally many people love to get some offense in there, w/e works for you but I have success with this in all cases. There is never a surplus of tanks in solo queue.

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Jungling and pre 6 playstyle

Okay from personal experience it seems the best thing you can possibly do if a lane isnt blatantly over pushed or simply mentally handicapped is to FARM FARM FARM FARM FARM. Shyvana has amazing clearing speed the base damage on her Burnout is absurd. This also makes her a phenomenal counter jungler.

With that said her early game sustain (pre wriggles / vamp) is AWFUL. so I like to Start at

1. Wolves with a soft leash and spamming my [Burn Out] to take as little damage as possible.

If your leash is done properly you will be almost full hp and have the camp down before blue spawns. If not oh well drink a Health Potion you have plenty.

2. Then you move on to blue popping a second Health Potion if your missing health. I like to get another soft leash here because you can down the wolves so fast that your generous ally can grab blue aswell and still make it back to lane before missing a single creep)

Now I DO TAKE THE FIRST BLUE FOR THE CDR AND LEVELS. AFTER THE FIRST ONE THAT **** BELONGS TO UR AP CARRY. The first blue is a huge waste to give up, you will take at least 10 minutes to recover from that xp loss.

3. Move on to wraiths. Its pretty simple use a Health Potion, activate Burn Out auto attack, press Twin Bite camps dead, yay.

4. Back to wolves! you should arrive like 3 seconds before they spawn thats normal. Use a potion if needed same old stuff as the Wraiths. All that matters is you fit your Twin Bite snuggly in between your meles. This will give you 4 attacks in the time of 2 and that is always nice :D

5. Okay on to red. Use ur Smite again when its low, W, Q same old same old.

Then mini golems. If you got a ****ty leash this is where itll get tight. If you think you wont live you probally wont so go ahead and back if you have to.

6. Back to wraiths

Okay hopefully by now you get the picture its like that little jingle, 2 steps forward one step back. This will let you arrive at camps almost exactly as they spawn and give you maximum farming time.

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Yay level 6 time to kill teemo!

You should recieve full rage as you hit 6. All you do is walk in behind them. Dragon's Descent and plow through them then spam Twin Bite and Burnout for massive damage. If you didnt ult off the bat and they get infront of you, you can use flash to get infront of them and knock them back, or try steering them into a wall. Any other tricks are up to you to figure out its pretty simple so i have faith in you :D

While im thinking about it your ult also makes for an amazing escape mechanic. Its a long dash and with your Burnout, you leaves a trail of fire like Singed's poison and people often dont mess with you after you get out of range and speed way up.

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Finally, Your Role

Shyvana is very beefy, lots of armor and magic resist as well as a cleave and aoe armor debuff. If your forced to you can be a very fitting tank. I usually play her as an offtank. Doing decent damage, while being fairly tanky and makes an excellent shield for the carrys. Typically Your job is chase around the squishys and punch them in the face while you act as a meat shield for yours. Its pretty easy.

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Current updates will always be posted here with the most recent at the top and sorted by date. (yay convenience!)

As of 1/27/11: You might have noticed my recent skill order change and be thinking I am some kind of idiot. Well the reason I swapped up my priority is this. I looked closer at the damage increase on Twin Bite and Flame Breath and i came to the conclusion that Flame Breath beats it early game hands down. So this should offer a bit more burst and a damage increase on your melee attacks as well because of Fury of the Dragonborn.

The second significant change I made was adding a second item build. Here is my breakdown for it.
This will be more of an end game build for your long drawn out battles. Where neither team can really get an edge and your able to maximize your farming. What this build will do is make you a lot scarier to the enemy team, while keeping you about as tanky as needed. The Warmog's Armor will make up for your lost health on Frozen Mallet and Sunfire Cape. While the Trinity Force and The Black Cleaver make your aoe Twin Bite a force to be reckoned with!

I will be adding additional item routes in the future and I have a new jungle route aswell. Ill post pictures as soon as I take them. For those of you who cant wait it is Stonewall008's route. Name is something like Who needs Dr. Mundo. I know thats not it exactly but type in Mundo and youll find it.