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Teemo Build Guide by totalimmortal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author totalimmortal

Dominating Dominion- Teemo Style

totalimmortal Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Teemo can be extremely useful in Dominion if played correctly. I have two main ways of building Teemo in Dominion: On-Hit and Roaming/Capping.

This is my first build, so I may not explain some things properly >.< If anything fails to make sense, leave a comment and I'll try to fix it.

Constructive criticism and suggestions are very welcome!

**Please note this is far from complete, I only published to get responses on what's done so far

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7/7/12 - Replaced Frozen Mallet in favor of Rylai's Scepter, added Overall Dominion Strategy section.
4/19/12- Organization fixes, alternative item choices, more overall explanation
4/18/12- Added more on mushroom placement and summoner skill choices
4/17/12- Guide created.

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Which Build to Use?

Both are (in my opinion) great builds for Teemo in Dominion, but here are some arguments to go with each.

On-Hit Teemo

Very good at defending.
Can kill most enemies 1v1 (and in some cases 1v2).
Helps much more in team fights.
Won't cap as much.

Roaming Teemo

Racks up more points. You'll almost always come in 1st place on your team.
Can change the course of a match if played well.
CAN'T take on an enemy 1v1, so lots of running.

Usually I'll make an assessment of my team while in the lobby, and choose which way to go there. If I think the team is strong enough, I'll go Roaming Teemo. If they seem kinda noob or need extra damage or defensive capability, On-Hit Teemo.

Team #1

This team is fairly strong, so I can choose Roaming Teemo with confidence.

Team #2

I'd most likely choose On-Hit Teemo in this case, since there is a chance that those who the team would be dependent on (Twitch and Poppy) wouldn't be all that good.

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Summoner Spells

Do use

Ghost is completely necessary in Dominion, no matter how you build. The ability to run quickly between points is a must.

Surge is the summoner spell I feel works best for Teemo. With its bonus AP and attack speed, you'll dish out damage much quicker while it is active.

Flash is great for Roaming/Capping Teemo as it provides a means of quick escape. A quick flash over the wall, then Move Quick and you're good to go!

Maybe Use
Garrison is good for defending, but Surge is better in the majority of cases.
Heal is rarely justified, but if you've been matched with noob teams all day, and no one else on your team has it, its acceptable to take it.

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In order of purchase.

On-Hit Teemo

Berserker's Greaves are an obvious choice for a starting item. Movement speed to get you to top faster along with attack speed, and they cost less than other boots.

Malady is included in most Teemo builds, and for good reason. Attack speed, ability power, and an on-hit passive make this a great choice for the Swift Scout.

Wit's End is chosen for very similar reasons to Malady, although it has magic resist rather than ability power.

Kitae's Bloodrazor will make killing any tanky champions a breeze, as well as providing attack damage, attack speed, and another on-hit effect for any fight.

Ionic Spark will bring Teemo's attack speed to its cap, and provides some health, which will (obviously) allow him to take a few more hits. The passive ability is good for farming and for stopping enemy champions and minions from taking your points.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives even more health and ability power. The ability power gives your mushrooms a bit more kick, while the passive slow results in more kills.

Optional/Situational Items

Mercury's Treads are a good replacement for Berserker's Greaves if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control and its becoming a problem.

Hextech Sweeper Hextech Sweeper is a good idea if the enemy team has a lot of stealth. For example, I've seen Evelyn, Twitch, and Shaco all on the same team (don't ask why, I really don't know), so I made this a high priority item because of its active ability.

Phantom Dancer can replace Ionic Spark if you want additional movement speed.

Lich Bane is not an item I would choose for Teemo, since it really doesn't have a place in my build or how I play him, but it is worth mentioning due to its ability power and additional movement speed. Its unique passive doesn't do much in this build.

Roaming Teemo

Roaming Teemo is built entirely for speed. If you feel like there's a more efficient way to build for that, leave a comment with your suggestion.

Boots of Mobility are chosen because you will rarely be in combat. Speed speed speed!

Shurelya's Reverie Shurelya's Reverie is taken because of its active ability, along with its cooldown reduction and health regeneration.

Phantom Dancers are taken for movement speed.

Force of Nature is taken for movement speed, magic resist, and health regeneration.

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What is this... "Roam"?

Roaming Teemo may confuse players as the build and role are very different from traditional methods. Here is a quick explanation. Roaming Teemo rushes around the made with extremely high movement speed neutralizing and capturing enemy points. Teemo is ideal for this role due to his Move Quick and Noxious Trap abilities. While most attempts won't be captures, they will distract the enemy team, allowing your allies to take (or hold) another point.

Roaming Teemo is built with only one thing in mind: speed. The faster the better. I buy Force of Nature for that reason: it gives bonus movement speed along with health regeneration, which allows you to stay out longer before having to recall.

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Mushrooms are especially useful in Dominion!
Green dots mark the health packs around the map. I try to keep a mushroom on most of them because it cancels out their heal and in some cases earns a kill.

Blue dots are the speed boosts on the Crystal Scar. Leaving a mushroom on these makes escapes easier and can finish off fleeing enemies.

Red dots mark the storm shields. I always have a shroom in front of the enemy shield, as it gives a split second longer to interrupt.

Additionally, you should cover frequently traveled areas, such as the top entrances, and occasionally drop a mushroom in a bush, especially if the enemy team likes to try surprise attack.

Roaming Teemo should place his mushrooms on designated escape routes to shake off any chasers.

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Overall Dominion Strategy

This section mostly applies to On-Hit Teemo, since Roaming Teemo isn't much good in a fight.

Alright, so you queue up for Dominion, and decide you want to play On-Hit Teemo. You enter the game, purchase your items and prepare to go straight to top. But why? After a rather long period of documenting and studying Dominion matches, it has become clear to me that getting to top as fast as you possibly can is not the best strategy.

For the sake of argument, let's say that at the start of the game you automatically Move Quick and Ghost, then get speed buff and get to top before anyone else. You have no allies nearby. If any of your enemies show up, you're stuck interrupting their capture while they interrupt yours, leaving you in a pointless stand-still.

Instead of doing that, refrain from using Ghost unless a teammate does. That way you are not without allies, and do not put yourself in a vulnerable position.

The priority of points to capture and hold are as follows:
Your bottom point
Your middle point
Top point

Enemy middle point
Enemy bottom point
Taking the enemies middle or bottom points is usually pointless, as the enemy can easily recall or respawn and reclaim the point within seconds. However, if your team is obviously dominant, going for a 4 cap is viable. If there is an AFK enemy, go for the 5 cap.

An important thing to master is knowing when to defend and when to leave and take a point. If 4 champions are coming at your point and only 2 are there to defend, you're most likely better off running away to take their middle or bottom point.