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Diana Build Guide by Oblivion001

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oblivion001

dominating stomps with diana

Oblivion001 Last updated on September 4, 2013
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pros and cons

pros : u do very high burst dmg which allows u to burst down the enemy adc in a blink of an eye with the skill combo q , w ,r e r u have also high mobility with yur ult jump this can be used in different situations for example : u want to chase an enemy but he flashe daway and u cant flash tofollow them and there are enemy minions nearby : u q the furtest minion and press r to that minion this wil lgive a reset on yur ult and gives a gap leap so u cna r again to yur enemy to catch up and pull him back with e and u activate q to start the fight . u can aslo use yur q r comb on escapes for example u have to run from a gank on midlane the easiest way is just to q your wraiths and jump to them and activate yur shield this way u dotn need yur flash . she has also pretty good sustai nand wave lear , wave clear with her q and passive a,nd also a bit with her w and then sustain for blocking enemy poke with shield . cons are not that many : if u get cautght and stunned immediatly u should use yur zonyas asap with fast reflexes or u cant dol anything as soon yur back u have to activate shield and fight with yur burst dmg . other con is that if u miss yur q u should wait to initiate once u land a q then u can go coz if u use yur ult without q stack yur sitting with an average 15 s cd so yru dmg output diminishes very hard
CONs :

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u should farm early game with only using yur passive and autos and u cna use q to lasthit minions far away or to poke and farm at the same time u can also farm with w if u have yur passive up and u wanna go in for poke and farm at the same time (gives good chunk of dmg fopr minions and poke on enemy)

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