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Poppy Build Guide by SubSonic1

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SubSonic1

Domination in Dominion - Post Fizz build

SubSonic1 Last updated on November 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I just redid the items and masteries. If I see enough positive feedback I'll go ahead and redo the guide. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!


Cry cry cry Poppy is AP. Well, in Dominion, things are a little faster paced and your auto-attacks make or break your time standing there getting hit. Deaths don't matter. Well, not like they matter in classic. You want to be able to clear a turret of any "unwanted" people standing under them, and who better than the turret-diving queen, Poppy. Hopefully, this guide will inform you on the finer points of taking out a couple champions before they blow you up.

Also this is my first build guide, so any input is more than welcome. Try it out, please comment and most importantly, VOTE!!! Since the edit with the new set items list, I've been smushing champions well enough to earn Poppy a nerf soon so ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS! :)

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Runes and Masteries

Because your destructive power will come from your attack damage, your nemesis will be armor. How do you conquer this evil foe?! Armor penetration of course.

Let's start with the meat:

Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation are your best friends. They give you a base armor penetration of 24.93.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed helps you with the all important swing more component of this build. You get a 6.84% bonus from the start. This will help you mush those pesky champions who bot against you and think they're helping by trying to stop you cap mid. They really should just go and cap one of your turrets. But hey, if they want to donate gold to your Infinity Edge then so be it!

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction is also for those early fights with those pesky champions. At early levels, your Devastating Blow if the bread winner. Mush them into a wall, auto attack, DB and auto attack will leave most champions feeling a bit violated.

Now for some potatoes:

Your masteries tree is very offensive. He insults guests and kicks pets. Tier 1 provides you with some crit and AP. Three points in Deadliness and one point in Archmage's Savvy to get you to the next tier. You want to max out both Sorcery and Alacrity . Next we come to Sunder . Max this bad boy out! Moar ArP!!! Brute Force will help you early in the game. Toward the end it becomes a bit trivial. Now the fun stuff... Lethality with boost your bonus crit damage. Coupled with your Infinity Edge, it's a good time. Last but certainly not least. Havoc . More damage all around. Damage damage damage... Love it.

Now what do we do with the rest of these points? We head over to utility. Not just a monopoly space anymore. You're gonna want to max out Good Hands . You'll spend a lot of time dead and the less time you have sitting around the better. Take that point in Haste . The extra speed and time is a huge benefit in Dominion. Four points left! What to do!!! You want to use it in Expanded Mind . Why not Awareness ? Because you gain xp over time. Eventually everyone is level 18. What you need here is less moments of you smashing Q or E with the icon blued out.

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Skill Sequence

You want to build your Devastating Blow up first. DB deals a good amount of damage and usually startles your opponent into thinking twice about a fight with you.

The next to be maxed is Paragon of Demacia. Paragon is great for the backdoor turret steal. Increased speed on this map is always a good thing and coupled with ghost, it gets you to where you want to be.

Last but not least is your Heroic Charge. Charge is last because the stun duration doesn't increase with level, and your auto-attack and DB is what shines with AD Poppy.

As usual, build your Diplomatic Immunity at 6, 11, and 16.

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If you're like me and just look at the items up at the top of this guide and never bother to read anything below, then I'll just take this time to talk to myself.


Back to the guide!

This build is built to chop people down faster than an American Logger. You want damage. You need damage. You should live for running into a group of three champions, casting Diplomatic Immunity on the weakest link and going to town on everyone else.

You start off with your standard Boots of Speed. Pick up a Pickaxe for some extra damage. By the time you get back to base again, you'll have enough for your Berserker's Greaves

There's a reason you build the Infinity Edge as your first real item: you want that high damage. At lower levels, that extra damage plus crit is enough to send most champions home for dinner. You'll just have to be a ninja and make your money by capping, or well placed 1v1 ults or kills/assists in team fights.

Next is your B. F. Sword. You can start one/two shotting minions with the damage you gain. This will help you achieve your Infinity Edge faster. Champs will get taken down a lot faster too. Don't be afraid of a 1v1 with no ult once you get it. Round out with the Cloak of Agility then finish off the Infinity Edge.

Now that your auto attack is a force to be reckoned with, you need to start rounding out your build. Zeal is your next purchase to give you that attack speed and additional movement speed. Next, living longer to deal more damage is always a good thing. Pick up your Vampiric Scepter and start building your Targon's Brace. It's a balancing game of hitting faster and more life back per hit, and at this point in the game, I found that hitting faster takes priority over more life back. Finish off your Phantom Dancer. Not only do you hit and move faster, you crit more and get more life back.

Let's make this a bit unfair now... Pick up that Recurve Bow. Your attack speed is a thing to be feared. Until you can finish your Zeke's Harbinger, you will look like a crackhead at a whack-a-mole game. But why pick up Zeke's Harbinger? Because that 20% lifesteal is amazing plus you buff your allies, and your friends living longer means at the end of the battle, your team wins the war even if you fall.

Now we just make it silly. Start building your Youmuu's Ghostblade. Start with the Avarice Blade. The extra crit is always a plus. Next your The Brutalizer. Finish off the blade and use it every chance you get!

Because this build is a bit pricey, you have to be wrecking shop to get this far. There have only been a few games where I was not number 1 on our team. Being number 1 is a good gauge of how much money you should have, since most everything that will give you points will also give you gold. If you're not number 1, either your team is doing an amazing job and the opposing team is hating life or you're doing it wrong.

Your last item will be a Cloak and Dagger. Why? I've found that at this point in the game, I start to get cocky. I rush in 3v1 and for the most part, I win. What stops you dead in your tracks is being stunned. It's Poppy's kryptonite. I mean that literally since it's about the only thing that can stop her. What better way to ward off kryptonite than with tenacity! Plus with this, you now have 90% crit. You have to be very unlucky to not auto crit them to death.

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Play style

The more I play this build, and LoL in general, the more I've come to notice that there's really 3 different types of people that play LoL. There are the people who think that there's only one way to play this game, the people who go with the flow and don't care as long as you win, and the people who don't speak english. Just kidding about the last one. They all speak english. They just don't want you to know they do.

There's a third kind out there. Our kind. People who want to have fun. Win or lose.

*Steps off soapbox*

On to the Playstyle!

How I usually start off in Dom is to cap bottom and then rush their mid. There's 3 scenarios that happen from here. Their bot comes up, their top wins/loses windmill and come down, or you cap their mid. I'll give you instructions on what to do should these occur.

If their top comes down and your whole team is herping around the windmill... RUN. If they come down and your team is chasing behind them, hide till they catch up and join in the fun when they get to you.

If bot comes up, mush him. Just make sure the tower is at least neutral. There's a strat on how to mush him too. In early game, champs are pretty much on even ground. Abilities have long cooldowns and auto attacks usually don't hit that hard. That's where you shine. Remember that Pickaxe? Yah... that damage is useful. I take out my opponent with a W, swing, Q, swing, mush into wall, swing, swing, Q, swing. Remember that hitting your W gives you that armor/damage buff, so don't hesitate to use it.

If you end up capping their mid, that usually means that your team has taken the windmill and killed everyone, or your bot is being taken and people are flipping out on your team saying things like "wtf" or "noob poppy". Don't let those idiots discourage you. Not only do you have 3 turrets, and are therefore winning, you just got 200g and possible another 150-300g from re-capping your own bot. Hit b and run down there to take back what is rightfully yours!

Also, in the not-so-unlikely event that both teams are ******ed and haven't capped yet windmill yet, use your W, ghost, and hit that speed boost next to you and fly up there to clean up the mess. By this point, their team should all be damaged just enough for you to help them take the windmill.

Once the opening festivities are done, an AD Poppy never sits still unless she's capping a turret. You don't defend. That's not your job. I'm not saying that if your teammates are getting rocked 3v2 you don't jump in, I'm saying that you're not the person to camp at a turret just waiting to be ambushed. YOU, are the person ambushing.

There's a certain point during this build where you will be able to ult a champ and take out at least 2. When you're able to do this always depends on who you're fighting.

The main goal as Poppy, and in dom, is to control more turrets. Cap 3 and defend only applies in that last 100v100 nexus life battles where it's down to the wire. You should be constantly watching the map for champs running around by themselves you can mush, or when they're split up and you can cap a turret. Always be moving. If an ally calls out for help, go help. Don't stick around till they get back. Try to cap something else. Always be moving. Go take out a few minions. One of the best things is when you're capping a turret and one of your allies comes up and clicks the turret too. You see that group of minions hanging out behind you? 120g+75g from the turret. Don't be afraid to break off as long as the turret will be capped and you still get your gold. Did I mention you should always be moving?

So far, this has been a how to dominion play style guide. Now we get into the finer points of this build and what it means in dominion.

With an AD Poppy, your Q and E won't hit as hard as an AP Poppy, however your auto attacks will hit almost as hard as your Q and E with an AP Poppy. There's the trade. You want to maximize your time fighting so you can get in as many auto attacks as possible to murder everything around you. A good tip for this is to ult the champion that can't quite hit as hard or doesn't have a stun. Ult Soraka all day. You can't silence an auto attack.

Another way is to make sure that when you use your E, you're hitting them into a wall. That stun is 2 or 3 autoattacks.

That's how you should play Poppy, so what's different for Dominion? That's the thing. There's no special "trick" to it. There's just different objectives than in classic.

Oh, and make sure you're using your W liberally to get around the map, just remember to pick up health packs so you don't run out of mana.

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I built this because I like to have fun in League. Some people think the only fun you can have is winning. I like to find the little joys in matches... Like hiding in a bush and smushing Kog into a wall, watching him get whacked to death before he gets out of the stun, then hitting W and running away while he just stands there confused about what just happened :)