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Rumble Build Guide by ELiX ZaLost

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ELiX ZaLost

Dont Stand in the Fire

ELiX ZaLost Last updated on July 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Well hello there! This is ELiX ZaLost with a build that can let anyone get pentakills like a boss. Yes! This build will lead you to epic penta kills when in your Rumble versus Five battles. Who needs team members? Ha! This build focuses on tanking, my golden rule is the longer you are alive, the longer you have to lay some serious damage. Lets get started Shall we?

EDIT: Thank you all for getting my build voted so high <3 Much love from me. If I do another build, I will be making a Morde build. I just need a little encouragement! Show your interest in More builds by commenting and up-voting <3 I also encourage you to add me in game or send me a message if you have any questions!

PS: I plan on updating this build as I see fit. Probably will do a bi-weekly update, to make sure the build is just right Okay, You guys brought me to the top of rumble builds, I'm checking on you guys everyday :] I also found myself editing small things a little here and there (from typos, coloring, to more details) to keep the guide at its best. As always suggestions are always welcomed! <3

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Alright buddy, here is the "What do I need to know to get started"

  1. Q + W should be used together 90% of the time. You use this to catch up, protect yourself, and do major damage. Just consider Q + W as its own ability.

  2. NO MANA! You get buffed for running hot, and being overheated. Try to only overheat when you lay down HEAVY burst and you are going for the kill or you are prepared for the silence. (your auto attacks hit VERY hard while overheated, dont think you're powerless)

  3. Flamespitter is used for SPAM SPAM SPAM! Q+W! Q+W! Q+W! [overheat...] AGAIN!

  4. Your ultimate's best use is CC! it can also score you a finishing blow on the run aways. Start team fights with it, and FIGHT ON IT! Also is great to drop when ganked, you'll get a penta kill <3

  5. You gota be aggressive. Each dash of Q+W while in lane will leave any enemy more hurt then you. Keep spamming them with it! Q+W Q+W Q+W [overheat...] AGAIN! (see a theme here?)

.... anyone! The best part about rumble is you can go in any lane, with anyone. I pair best with anther tanky DPS or support. Rumble can even mid with no problem. with all the squish that goes mid, you have them recalling every few levels.

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Abilities and Summoner Spells

[Q] Flamespitter - Damage, Harassment
This is your damage, use it. As long as a enemy health bar is on screen, this should be on its cool down.

[W] Scrap Shield - Protection, Dash
This is your shield, it goes fantastically with flammespitter and I rarely use one without the other. I have gotten into the habit of click Q + W at the same time and you should too! It also works as a dash, use it to quickly charge during lane phase, close a gap, and occasionally to open the gap between you and whoever you may be running away from. Its also great for absorbing 90% of a tower hit if you happen to get caught in a shot.

[E] Electro-Harpoon - Slow, Harassment, light damage
One point is put into this for a little extra burst and also for the spamming slow. This is great for shooting enemies just out of range and under a tower. It wont hurt much, but it'll add up over time and also scare them into being more passive. This can zone anyone if used consistently.

[R] The Equalizer - AOE Slow, Damage, Super-long Range
You will use this whenever you are going in for a kill. Lay it down starting at an enemy's feet and trailed into their run away path. This almost always triggers a Flash but that's okay, It has a shorter cool down then Flash :D Try to hold fights on this, it works as a fantastic slow, and does a fair share of damage if they stay on it. Rarely, you can use it to drop on someone running away and score a ninja kill.

[D] Ghost - Escape, Chase
This is your Get-Out-Of-**** card. Click it and hit your Scrap Shield (w) and fly away at great speed. you should be able to outrun anyone with the improved ghost and spamming of your Scrap Shield. If you feel greedy, This can be used for Chase more then Escape, but I only recommend using this on offence mid-game to late-game and even then only if you are doing well. I keep my KDR high by using this as an escape 85% of the time. You got enough CC and dashes to take care of most "I WANT THIS KILL" situations.

[F] Ignite - Damage, Debuff
I use this to insure my kills. The 50% healing will shut down champs like Vlad if you cast early in a fight. If you rather use a Flash that's fine too.

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Tank tank tank! The longer you live, the more they die! that's the only true way to play rumble. I jump for joy when I see an enemy rumble Rushing a deathcap. he gets focused, and dies. With AP you only do damage for about 4 seconds before you die, as tank, you can easily withstand up to 3 enemies nuking and focusing you for a good 10 seconds! if you keep focusing the mages, you can pick them off one by one and pull out some nice multi kills no problem.

Early Game
So first up, build your Mercury's Treads. Get more MR MAKE THEM MAD! They won't be able to scratch you early game. Regen + pots will take care of any dents. Quickly get your Giant's Belt, after your boots. This gives you the health needed to keep them zoned. Q + W ALWAYS GO TOGETHER!

Mid Game
Mages still banging you? Get your Force of Nature and they will cry in terror as you exit a bush and cockily /t at them. However, with my runes, FON comes after Sunfire Cape. Physical is your early game weak point. Sunfire Cape makes you a bit harder to bash down, and the extra DPS is nice. Honestly its the extra DPS (even if its small) that makes me generally get Sunfire Cape before Force of Nature.

For a bit more punch, Grab a crystal scepter. The health boost and extra CC will give you the power to FORCE enemies to fight. They wont be getting away with your abilities keeping them at 3 miles a hour. You keep them in your grasp and they slowly bring their own death attempting to scratch you.

Late Game
At this point, you should be quite positive in kills. Its time to lay down the "OMG HE IS SO FED" Finish up the build with making yourself absolutely unkillable. Grab a Guardian's Angel and finish up with a Warmog's Armor for Lawls, OR finish up with a Rabadon's Deathcap. To be honest, it shouldn't matter. You'll be face-rolling at this point anyway. Both ending items will work.

Optional / Suggested
Thanks for all the comments you guys! I am reading them and I enjoy seeing your suggestions! Don't think I'm not listening to you guys!

Ninja Tabi
I normally believe MR is more valuable, but if you find yourself taking a lot of physical damage, These will keep the punch to a poke. This also does an amazing job of doubling your dodge chance and thus triggering your mastery speed boost much more often. Thanks for pointing this one out Zenkir!

If there is a hard hitting physical carry (that's doing well), like Vayne, or Ashe, then I recommend hitting this up after your Sunfire Cape. You can skip Force of Nature if you are comfortable with skipping out on the MR and the speed buff.

Hextech Revolver
I can see where this item can help. This will boost your damage output but will leave you lacking health as if you build strictly to my items. Thank you Slizer002 for bringing this item to my attention! ^-^

Rabadon's Deathcap
I mentioned this in my Late Game section, There is NO NEED WHAT SO EVER to rush this item. But If you find yourself unstoppable, you can always build one of these instead of Warmog's Armor, however, I like Warmog's Armor for the lawls. :] Your CC holds them close and you will slowly kill them, no matter how many towers are attacking you.

Warmog's Armor
If you want to get this instead of a Rabadon's Deathcap, it will make you absolutely unstoppable. I recently took this off the offical item order because I realized that this item takes some time to reach its full potential. I rarely get to finish this whole build in a game, but after a while I realized Gardian's Angel should be enough and some extra damage should be in order.

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Runes and Masteries

Greater Quintessence of Health
Greater Mark of Magic Resist
Greater Seal of Evasion
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

MAGIC RESIST! (Reds & Blues) As a tank, it is important you protect the health you have, magic resist will frustrate your enemies as they slowly realized fighting you is a waste of mana. After the first health potion, they normally stop attacking you all together.

DODGE! (Yellows) Here is your defense when it comes to physical. You get plenty of armor in the build so i use dodge runes to help out with Nimbleness in your Mastery tree.

HEALTH! (Quints) Health was nerfed quite a while ago, if you want to stack ether of the other stats above, you can do that. However, I feel like health still lessons the blow from a lack of a Dorans item.

YOU'RE a tank! The Defense tree is home for tanks and tanky DPS. As you should note, I skip mana based points given rumble using heat, instead of mana. The extra 8 points i slide into faster leveling and some better ghost.

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Match History and Video

The showed stats are for the game used in my youtube video. That would also be the game on the top, I took this directly after getting the gameplay videos. --- --- Click for Larger
VIDEO (Original audio removed, Ill find one through Audioswap I suppose)