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League of Legends Build Guide Author Battok

Dr. Mundo DPS/Off Tank

Battok Last updated on April 13, 2011
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Alright, I love Mundo. I admit it... Everything from the broken speech to the sound of his cleaver hitting enemy champs. So I have played several games with him and tried a good few builds. the one that seems to work best for me is this one. by combining survivability with attack speed and some improved damage, Mundo can be very very dangerous.

This build focuses health/regen and attack speed. allowing us to maximize his ult and E key.
We also get some armor and magic resist from some items that have other benefits to our build.

*Note* Something to be aware of - if you get ignited or the active from executioners calling is on you... wait until it is completely gone before using your ult! Your ult will not save your through a healing reduction debuff. however usually if you run a little while that is on and pop ult when it has expired. you can turn the tides of that particular battle, because without a doubt, your enemy was depending on your ult being gimped.

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For runes we go completely tank, by getting health in our marks and quints, dodge in our seals and magic resist for glyphs.

this give us lane staying power early game and some nice survivability at mid game.

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Our masteries are setup pretty much tank too, focusing health, dodge, magic resist, armor and so on. we go into utility to get increased experience and regen and the gold increase is a "why not" thing (i mean, what else are you going to get with 1 left over mastery point?).

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our items are easy..
early game:
Mundo already has a good bit of health regen from his passive, so we don't need to spend money on that yet. For your first item just buy a for the health. With this, you should be starting with right at 898 health. Much higher than other champs/builds. This allows you to stay in lane easily, harass and last hit with Q until you get to around 2k gold. Most likely you will begin to get low around level 5 but don't worry, just tower hug and cleaver for last hits until you hit 6 then use your ult to heal up. at this point you can pretty much stay in lane forever....
When you go back to base the first time, buy first and if you stayed in lane long enough and last hit like you should, you can also buy your . Spirit visage is a VERY important item for Mundo because it increases the effectiveness of your passive and ult by 15% and of course the CDR and health are nice too. Now go back out and either go back to lane if you are solo and they are getting close to your turret or just go where you are needed. at this point in the game, you will have very little reason to return to base... because you regen so much from ult. However you are not ready to tower dive really (its still pretty dangerous for you).
After getting a turret or some kills or just farming for a while you should go back and upgrade your boots to (cc is bad) and now we need more health and there is nothing better for a good farmer than , so buy it.
continue to farm kills and creeps (you need creeps for warmogs) until you can buy .
Atmas gives us the extra damage we need on top of our E spell and some much needed armor.
Next start buying your . you might want to let your team know that you will be getting starks at late game, so that they don't all buy it too. Starks is an awesome item for Mundo, because it provided the attack speed he needs to optimize his E spell and some nice life leach, regen and so on. Plus the aura helps your team.

*Note - previously I had starks listed before warmogs and atamas, and I have noticed in a lot of games (when I'm not solo lane or just dominating lane), I don't have enough health mid game. This not only makes you easy to kill but it gimps your ult a good bit and for Mundo ult is win.

If the game goes on further you should buy either a high armor item like or a high magic resist item like . I recommend (if possible) Force of Nature because you have Spirit Visage and with your passive the extra regen is amazing. also the run speed increase is very helpful.

At end game you will be nearly impossible to kill (with ult) and will rip through squishies very quickly.

A side note. notice that i do NOT get , This is by design. you are an off tank. Meaning that you want people to focus you... if you have GA people will kill your carries and nukes and ignore you until you are alone and worthless. If you don't have taunt and are building tank, DON'T BUY GA! it makes you worthless. you want people to hit you.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport - I get this on pretty much all tank or off tank build, because it allows me to join more battles. This means that less of my teams carries/nukes die, which = gg.

Ghost - Mundo is already fast (with ult), but there will be times when people are getting away from you or your team. ghost allows you to catch up and slow them with Q. Also there will be times when you are taking ALL of the focus in a team fight (if you are doing your job right) stacking ult and ghost, you can escape a lot of trouble.

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Team Work

In a team, your job is to harass with cleaver and focus the carries, while jumping in front of skill shots to def your team and stuff. when your allies get low, you can use cleaver to slow chasing enemies, and on the other side, if your team is winning and the enemies are getting low, you can use cleaver to slow then for the kill.

Also don't forget that you have your W spell one of the reasons you can even off tank at all is because you don't get cc'ed very long, between merc treads and your W, you will notice stuns starting to feel like short lag.