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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wakka

Dr. Mundo penetrates when he pleases!

Wakka Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Hi, I'm Wakka, I'm playing at EU and this is my first build so I guess there should be some sort of introduction. I'm fond of unusual ideas but also like to take them very seriously.

I will post some of my builds here as soon as they become complete enough for submitting, however of course, no build is 100% complete without implementating the constructive commentary (and this can only achieved by submitting the guide first, then wait for comments). In short: Constructive criticism is always welcome, and I'm happy to change anything if you have a better idea.

However, please, don't question the overall viability of my builds, mainly because I don't post them like "this is the best build of this champion", more like "this is the best build on this concept, whether the concept being viable or not."

I will post some very serious guides for ranked anyway, of course i will mention it somewhere in that build.

Side note: I will only "link" and ability, item or rune once per chapter. Chapters will be short, so that's enough.

Enough of this, let's get introduced to the build itself!

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The concept/Introduction

So there are many builds of Mundo here, the only variation between them is how many survivability each build gives up for inflicting more Physical damage. Watching the aftermath graphs on how many physical/magical damage I inflicted with several types of Mundo builds (from AD Carry to hard tank), I was amazed by the huge sustainable Magic damage Mundo has.

His Infected Cleaver does magic damage based on the enemy's health and not on AP. His Burning Agony does Aoe magic damage and has a very good base damage but the AP ratio is very hard. Think of it like a nerfed-to-oblivion version of Karthus's Defile which does more base damage, has slightly better AP ratio and a much bigger AoE. However it drains huge Mana , doesnt reduce CC and cannot be sustained all time since Karthus is squishy and cannot really afford tank items.

So.. The concept is: Make a Dr. Mundo build which focuses on magic penetration for his 2 skills, and survivability to sustain Agony forever. Yes i mean forever! The only question is, can it be viable as a physical offtank? My answer is yes, but it requires a much different playstyle.

I think I did the right build, I think it's effective, but please TRY IT OUT BEFORE VOTING and feedback is welcome, since if this build is viable (needs more testing) I may even go ranked with it (who knows, i may be the next SorakaBot lol.)

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Pros / Cons


-Dude... Zhonyas on mundo... wtf?
-More damage than usual Mundo builds
-The ability to spellvamp increases survivability by a surprisingly high amount, and is more efficient on Mundo than in many AP champions (Many builds leaves out WoA because it only gives 50 AP)
- Extremely fast minion farming makes defending multiple lanes more easier
- If you see an Ignite on you, and you know you will die just because of that, you can activate Zhonya's


- Physical damage still low (but MagPen helps against MagRes stackers)
- Less survivability than many tanks, means that you can't really initiate teamfights (but rape them after Curse of the Sad Mummy lol.)
- More hard, MUCH MORE HARD to play than other Mundo builds

Overall, it has balanced pros/cons i believe, making it playable.

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Since we can't rely on first level 40+0.2x AP damage on Burning Agony, and a few AP doesnt matter much at endgame, there is no ned to get flat or /lvl AP runes. We will take Infected Cleaver on level 1, and it doesnt scale with AP, making the only way to increase its damage is with Magic Penetration.

Maximum magic penetration you can get from runes is 19, thus having no point getting 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Penetration since 18.78 will be rounded up to 19, leaving one Glyph to choose freely. I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction for those situations when I need 0.6 seconds less cooldown on Sadism to stay alive.

There is no need for stacking any CDR on Mundo anyway, since this either replaces some better offensive items (for example replacing the Sorcerer's Shoes with Ionian Boots of Lucidity has no point) or offers a different, but less viable way of survivability (for example replacing some defensive masteries in order to get CDR utility masteries) or just make you waste your gold on unneeded stats (for example the mana regeneration on Deathfire Grasp. So nearly 4% on level 18 is enough, however free CDR from the support's Soul Shroud is always welcome.

Also CDR because of Cleaver is pointless, since the initial very low cooldown is enough to aim. Why putting CDR when you already need a few seconds to succesfully aim with it? Especially in the laning phase when the enemy will all-time trying do dodge the mighty Cleaver.

And since there is no magic penetration seals, I take Greater Seal of Evasion since defensively they are the best choice in my opinion. (To be honest I have no dodge runes lol. Currently farming the IP for them and using armor yellows instead...)

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Pretty self-explanatory. There is no need for the 4% damage reduction, thus making the obvious 9 in offense, the obvious 20 in defense (having three times more points on Harden Skin only doubles its effectiveness...), and the obvious Haste in utility.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost has many uses. People tend to underestimate it and choose Flash instead. Ghost is useful for chasing, escaping, and getting close to the already slow enemy (Thanks to Infected Cleaver!) to Burning Agony them to death. Without Ghost, the enemy can utilize YOUR minions to block your way to him, making you less effective. So I consider this as a must. And believe me, we have the way to minimize the number of situations where only Flash can save them, with a more versatile spell...

and that spell is Exhaust. Pop it to slow them more. Pop it to escape. Pop it on the most fed DPS in team fight. Or, most funny use: Pop it right before the last second of toe-to toe first blood combat. You will get first blood, escape with 50something HP, and enjoy the flow of /all OMG LUCKER MUNDO messages. If you engage 1v1 in the open and there is possibility the enemy will Flash away, pop it soon so he cant flash over a wall immediately.

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Oh hoh, the most arguable part.

Start with boots and as much health post you want. Mundo's passive: Ardenaline Rush makes Health pots unnecessary if you can handle the situation.

Fun part is, you will have 19+15% magic pen on level 1, which the enemies cannot see, and with having boots on level 1 they will not suspect anything until you buy Hextech Revolver. You can still say "OMG BOUGHT WRONG ITEM" when you show up with Amplifying Tome after first recall (However, this case is not likely, since with correct play, your first recall can be on level 9 when you can have something like 3000 gold!)

Afters several number of testing games I found out that Hextech Revolver is the best survivability item to make first (For this build lol. However, it's entirely viable if you make Sunfire Cape first), since there is no time and gold to farm "placeholder" items like Haunting Guise or Warmog's Armor. It will make Infected Cleaver basically no-cost and more! Remember, on level 9 you will have maxed Cleaver and hopefully Revolver AND Sorcerer's Shoes, this way making the cleaver doing more than 500 damage to Dragon, and spellvamping 15% of it. Late game, GAINING 150 Hp with 1 cleaver is not a rare thing!

BUT!! Do not upgrade it to Will of the Ancients. 900 gold for 5% spell vamp and 10 AP is just baaad (in early game). Late game you can make Hextech Gunblade if one of your teammates has Will of the Ancients, or you can buy WoA if you play with more Ap champs in the team. My experiences are that many Ap champs buy it, so if you have a WoA on for example Kennen nex to you, you will have 40% spellvamp with Gunblade which is... a LOT. Once Swain and me made a triple kill in 2 sec this way. Nevermove + Burning Agony + spell vamp is a great combo. Also you can slow 2 champs at a time with Cleaver and HTGB's active. But generally you will not autoattack much so the lifesteal-damage part is kinda wasted. As I said above, your preference.

I already stated in the Runes section why having Ionian Boots of Lucidity is pointless. However, speaking of boots, you may consider having one of the 2 "tank boots": Ninja Tabi or Mercury~s Treads if they lack magic resist AND stacking "too much" damage (or CC in case of Mercs).

Next item to get is Sunfire Cape. You may wonder, "Hey, AP champs need AP!" or "Hey, AP Offtanks totally get Rylais first!" I will explain why getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter on Mundo is bad. First of all, tanking-wise it only gives HP while Sunfires give Armor too. Second, the 15% slow on Burning Agony is pointless since your victims are already slowed down hard by Infected Cleaver and/or Exhaust at the moment Agony keeps damaging them. Third, the 80 AP it gives (104 with Rabadon's Deathcap) only gives 16(20) plus damage to Agony while Sunfire Cape gives a whopping 40 for FREE!! Only problem is, you can't spellvamp with it. But seriously, you don't need the 20% of 16 per second per enemy in range. And fourth... it costs 495 less gold!

The remaining 3 items: Abyssal Mask, Zhonya's Hourglass and Rabadon's Deathcap can be purchased in an order, depending on enemy team. Obviously if you take more magic damage then take Abyssal first etc. If you totally rape at this point, consider getting Mejai's Soulstealer for the epic lulz. (/all Seriously, Mejais on Mundo wtf??)

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Skill Sequence

Pretty brainless. With all the Magic Pen Burning Agony will do more damage than Masochism, so putting any points in Masochism is kind of waste (Unless you buy some Hextech Gunblades, which is the only recommended item aside from the situational Mejais (or maybe Void Staff ) and the original build... This item build can't vary as much as Mordekaiser , for example, can.

So we max Infected Cleaver first, Agony second, the ultimate Sadism third and lastly Masochism.

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Creeping / Jungling

Problem is, to jungle from level 1 you need Smite and in the current state of this build it makes you give up one of 2 wonderfully versatile summoner spells. So I never would jungle with Mundo. More because Agony is more effective when it hits an entire minion wave (at least 6 creeps) making laning more effective. However when you get Hextech Revolver it's possible to jungle if the team needs more XP, but seriously, bad idea. Bad.

So stand in the middle of creeps, turn on Burning Agony, keep cleavering/autoattacking the cannon minion or the highest HP minion, that's all. (or should this be in the Farming section? I dont want to make an entire chapter for 2 rows, sorry.)

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Team Work

You should be near the tank, since 0.5 second after it initiates and the carries start DPSing you should jump on them and damage everyone. Your tankiness is enough to get across the enemy team to get that Caitlyn behind. (Seriously, Caitlyn is food for Mundo.)

Since after level 7 you can kill any minion (yes 100% of them!) in 2 seconds that comes close, you don't really need kills for gold but assists are always welcome. Try to slow down multiple targets with Cleaver. Keep in mind that you keep cleavering one target, he is slowed more than 50% of the time. (Initially Cleaver has 4 second cooldown and slows for 2 second.)

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To Chaotic Bliss for having his AP Mundo guide which I criticized (Check it out:, for actually taking the criticism, for letting me make my own guide (I asked him before, since I didn't want to take away his idea..), and finally for that brainstorming on Skype lol.

I had fun thinking of, testing and playing AP Offtank Mundo, hope you will too. Again, please try it before voting and help me with some constructive comments if you found better possibilities for this build than me.

See you on the EU servers, my summoner name is HOK Wakka. Feel free to add me.