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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by OstravaAllant

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OstravaAllant

Dr. Mundo Top Lane

OstravaAllant Last updated on July 18, 2015
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Dr. Mundo is an powerful top lane tank with strong poke and wave clear and very few hard counters. The following is my guide for how to play Dr. Mundo top lane, I hope you find it useful.

Comments with constructive criticism about the guide or my writing are wholly welcomed. I am currently unranked, because I'm not confident enough in myself or my internet to do ranked, but I view myself as high silver, so I apologise if my guide does not help people in gold or above elo.

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I run flat defensive seals and glyphs on Dr. Mundo due to his relatively weak early game. This helps to stop him from being bullied out of lane by strong all-in champs early on, such as Riven. I also run flat hp quintessences due to Mundo's strong health scaling on his ultimate. These runes also allow you to use your abilities more often, and increase the regen from your passive.

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I like to run 30 in defensive masteries, as Mundo does not scale very well with any of the offense or utility masteries. 30 defensive masteries allows Dr. Mundo to tank much more effectively, and also helps him sustain in lane.

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Dr. Mundo should always rush either a Sunfire Cape or a Spirit Visage, depending on the matchup. Starting with a Ruby Crystal allows you to build these items more quickly. Once you have your first item you should get either Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, depending on whether you need more armour or magic resist. Personally I prefer Mercury's Treads, as the tenacity from the item stacks with the tenacity from your W, Burning Agony. After your boots you should generally get either Spirit Visage or Sunfire Cape, whichever you didn't get first. After this you should purchase more general tanky items such as Banshee's Veil and Randuin's Omen. Warmog's Armor gives Mundo more health to back up his resistances, and Thornmail allows you to 1v1 almost any AD autoattack based champion.

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Skill Sequence

You should always max your Infected Cleaver first, as it is your primary source of damage. I prefer to max Burning Agony second as it gives you additional tenacity and dps. Your E, Masochism is primarily useful for last hitting early game, and so should be maxed out last.

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I like to take Teleport and Flash on Dr. Mundo, as I find that other summoners such as Ignite are never as useful. In some situations it may be a viable option to take Smite instead of Flash, and go for a Skirmisher's Sabre with the cinderhulk upgrade, but I do not recommend this in most situations.

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Pros / Cons

- strong early game poke
- near impossible to gank at level 6
- incredibly tanky
- good sustain
- easy to cs with
- very few counter picks

- lacks the hard cc of other tanks
- hard countered by ignite and grievous wounds
- weak dueling for the most part
- relies entirely upon landing his q

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One of the main draws to playing Mundo, especially for newer players, is that he is incredibly easy to cs with. This is due to his Infected Cleaver, which refunds it's cost if you kill a minion with it, and his Masochism which increases his attack damage by a flat amount for a few seconds. Do not be afraid to use both your e and q to cs, but make sure that you are still using your q to poke your lane opponent down.

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Tips and Tricks

- If your jungler is someone like Rengar, who usually cannot do a full clear you can ask them at the start of the game if they will let you take a camp. If they let you, you should take your W ( Burning Agony) first, and go to either the wraith or wolf camp and sit there with the w toggled on, attacking the large creep in the camp. This is easiest if you start with a ruby crystal. Once you have cleared the camp you should recall and buy 5 health pots, then tp to lane. This will instantly give you level two, but at the cost of a jungle camp and a tp.

- The health cost on your Infected Cleaver is refunded if it kills what it hits. This means it is great for cs-ing. Not only this, but half the cost is refunded if you hit the target without killing it, so it can be used to poke the enemy laner very effectively.

- If you have a Spirit Visage and you kill a unit with your Infected Cleaver you will regain more health than the cost of the cleaver. Abuse this to sustain for longer in lane.

- As your ultimate has a very low cooldown (75 seconds, even less if you have Spirit Visage or Locket of the Iron Solari) do not be afraid to use it to quickly get back to full health if you are low. However, bear in mind that you are relatively vulnerable to ganks if you have no ultimate, so do not use it too frivolously (especially if you are pushed up and their jungler is mia).

- If you are laning against a ranged champion with strong poke, such as Kennen or Gnar you can stand further away from the creeps than you normally would, and get cs with your Infected Cleaver rather than attacking the creeps and taking poke.

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Early Game

In the early game (levels 1-6) you should aim to farm with your Masochism and poke with your Infected Cleaver. If your lane opponent is quite squishy and doesn't have ignite you should be able to all in them at level 6, provided you have poked them down to about 2/3 to 3/4 hp with cleavers.

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Mid Game

Once you have some tanky items you should aim to push your lane using Burning Agony and attempt to tp gank bot lane or roam mid. Bear in mind that Sadism, your ultimate, does not give you as much fighting potential as something like a Kennen or Hecarim ult, so you might lose fights bot lane if both you and your lane opponent tp there.

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Late Game

Mundo's late game is very strong, as at this point you should be able to tank the entire enemy team during teamfights, provided you are not ignited. You should aim to poke and catch out enemies with your Infected Cleaver, and either peel for your adc or go and lock down their adc with cleavers if you have Thornmail.