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Draven Build Guide by MythicMike

Bottom Draven - ADC

By MythicMike | Updated on June 13, 2020
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Runes: Press the Attack

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm
Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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ADC Role
Ranked #9 in
ADC Role
Win 51%
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Champion Build Guide

Draven - ADC

By MythicMike
Before i'm going to talk about the laning phase there's one thing you need to do. Open up a practice tool game, place dummy's and catch some axes. If you want to be a good Draven player, that's just something you need to master. Practice catching axes at:

-Level 2 with no items

-Level 6 with Berserker's greaves

-Level 11 with Berserker's greaves and Rapid Firecannon

-Level 18 with full build

Keep catching those axes and change direction of the where the axes lands. You have to remember, you're controlling where the axes land, the axes doesn't control where you're going. Once you've mastered all of the parts above to the point that they feel natural, then you can start playing against other people and put your training to work. In the Level 11 clip you can see me charge up a third axe while i'm attacking. This is possible once you get enough attack speed. Throwing 3 at once is a bit more difficult than just 2, but with enough practice you'll get it down. Once you get even more attack speed, it's possible to have 4 axes at once

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Draven does alot of damage early on without any items because of his Q- Spinning Axe. So try to poke them when they walk up for CS. Once you hit level 2 you can play very aggressive. Level up W- Blood Rush and run against your opponents (give a signal to your support before doing this). Then auto attack them and W each time you catch an axe. Watch your mana as Draven drains alot of mana early. But the most important part is your passive. You shouldn't always be aggressive. To get the most out of your kills, you should farm minions and catch alot of axes to get as many adoration stacks as possible before killing the opponent. But as long as you can see an early kill, that you're confident will succeed, go for it.
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By this point in the game you should just try to dominate your lane, farm a bunch of minions, get adoration stacks and murder your opponent. Dravens R- Whirling Death is not the best ult in the game, but it works. When you hit level 6 you should be really aggressive. If they somehow got away you have your trusty ultimate that you can aim and snipe them with. Be careful not to hit any other enemy champions when you're aiming for someone, since it makes your R- Whirling Death come back early.
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Late game can be intense at times, since everyone looks at you during a teamfight. They see you as the highest damage dealer but also the squishiest on the team. Which means that even though you have a big lead you have to be careful, one zed ult is all it takes for you to lose your killing streak and give a big shutdown. So to counter this you have to stay behind your frontline. Let them take the beating while you throw auto attacks from behind them and one shot their carries. So just watch out and don't get caught away from your team, unless you're really fed.
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Draven is very auto attack reliant so there's not a whole lot of combos you can do with him. But there's a few you should know about.


You should always try to use E- Stand Aside in between auto attacks, so you don't cancel your whole auto attack, but just the animation after you've done damage. Also used for the purpose of getting a free extra auto attack while stopping the enemy from moving away from you.


For the same reason as the E- Stand Aside combo above, but instead of stopping movement and geting a free auto attack, you do more damage to more than one enemy (doesn't have to be more than one enemy, but if they're really close to eachother why not hit both).


This is Draven's full combo where you put the combos above together, Auto attacking between both R- Whirling Death and E- Stand Aside


When you throw your R- Whirling Death there's a chance your enemy manages to dodge it on it's way back to you. To stop them from dodging it, you can throw your E- Stand Aside in front of where they're running to so they get knocked back into your R- Whirling Death.

R- Flash

If you don't have your E- Stand Aside available or you're just not in range to E, you can flash to change the R- Whirling Death direction on it's way back. If you flash just before Draven throws the axes out, it will make the axes change direction on their way forward. Other than looking flashy, it doesn't have that much use. You use it to ult while dodging a spell or if you realise you need to reposition your axes in the last second.
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Spinning Axe
Draven's most important ability. The reason why catching your axes are important is not only for the passive, but also to keep the damage going. If you drop the axes you do significantly lower damage. You also have to watch the timer above your abilities that tell you when the axes stop spinning automatically. They will stop after about 6 seconds, so to keep them going you have to auto attack or press Q again. There are times when you should not catch your axes even though you can. After playing a while you will understand which axes are safe to take and which you should just drop. An obvious example would be an axe landing inside the enemy turret while you're getting attacked by the turret, You don't want to tank 2 extra tower shots just for an axe.
Blood Rush
Draven has to stop and catch his axes, but his W makes up for it by giving him the movement speed and attack speed he needs to catch up again. Early game you have to watch your mana when using W, but later you can just spam it whenever you catch and axe. Use W- Blood Rush whenever you're walking back to lane to get there faster. You can W right before catching an axe to instantly get it up again. Useful if you want to catch someone but they're a bit too far away or for running away yourself.
Stand Aside
Draven's E- Stand Aside has a long cooldown and therefore you gotta use this carefully. You can use it when your enemy is running away from you, by throwing it in front of them. Throwing the E- Stand Aside behind the enemy will only launch them away from you, which you don't want unless you're the one running away. you can also use it to stop dashes, like Rengar's leap. If you know a Rengar is on his way to one shot you, save your E- Stand Aside for when he leaps at you and throw it directly at his face to stop him.
Whirling Death
Useful for hitting multiple opponents at once during a teamfight and sniping low HP targets early from anywhere on the map.
League of Legends Build Guide Author MythicMike
MythicMike Draven Guide
Draven - ADC