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Draven Build Guide by Tyrique

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tyrique

Draven - Hit 'em where it hurts.

Tyrique Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Normal AD / Jungle


Sustained DPS / Sheen DPS

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Glorious Introduction


Hello summoners!
Welcome to this Draven guide!

In this guide we will try to cover ALL of the basics for this lovely but tricky AD Carry Draven. For the Jungle fanatics, we will even cover the jungling aspect of Draven. Draven's Jungling is tricky, but we will cover that later.
After you have read this guide, i hope you'll become a better Draven player! I hope? I know! With Practice comes skill!

So have fun reading it, but more important: Have fun PLAYING it!

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

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Pro's And Con's

Pros / Cons


+ // Great early game harass.
+ // High Risk, High potential
+ // Global Ultimate
+ // Infinite buff if used correctly
+ // Good at chasing and escaping. Slow+Movement speed buff
+ // Has a modified recall animation ^.^

- // Tricky to play, Extremely hard to master
- // Nearly worthless without proper use of Q early game
- // Q becomes less effective in team fights.
- // If not well positioned, instantly focused down.
- // Has only ONE skin :'(

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The Jungle And Lane Masteries are almost the same, but for lane you get: Veteran's Scars And for jungle you get: Bladed Armor

This is due to the fact that the 2 less damage from minions and monsters and 6 damage return damage every hit gives you a little bit more sustain and faster clearing time. In lane, the extra 30 Hp from veteran scars could be your savior from that last tick of Ignite from when you facechecked a bush and got punished.

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Main rune set

Greater Mark of Strength
Flat AD marks on an AD carry is pretty self explainatory. You could get armor penetration too, but the 40% from Last Whisper is more then enough. The Flat AD marks give you that little edge over your lane enemy or that faster clearing time in the jungle.

Greater Seal of Fortitude The extra HP this gives you makes you alot less squishy. And you have more sustain in the jungle.

Greater Glyph of Warding The only real source of defense comes from Guardian Angel since guardian angel gives enough Armor, getting magic resist marks is a solid choice.

Greater Quintessence of Strength
Even more damage! Yeah!.

Other runes worth considering

Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
Combined with Guardian Angel you will eat trough a nice amount of armor. Still, there mostly is only one tank on their team, so i still recommend getting Flat AD marks.

Greater Seal of Alacrity
More attack speed is always better right? But remember that you get squishier then if you took health seals. So its basically DPS or Sustain?
Greater Glyph of Fortitude
Even more health, but i really do not recommend this over magic resist glyphs. The Health seals are good enough. I do recommend this if you switched the health seals with the attack speed seals.

Greater Quintessence of Furor
Hmmm.. Im not really sure about this one... A little bit more Crit damage, or flat AD? These runes get better late game. But the AD marks give you an early game advanatage. You decide.

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Summoner Spells

Great for those early kills and shutting down champs that have alot of life steal and health regen. Even late game it adds a nice amount of damage to your attacks. 410 is more health than you think if you use it against a squishy champion.

Flash is a great spell for EVERY champion. It can help you close gaps, create gaps, escape by flashing over walls, overall great spell.

Cleanse helps you escape sticky situations. Your just about to escape but Nasus used Wither on you? You have low health and Veigar used Event Horizon on you? Use cleanse and get out of there!

The number one reason i chose this spell above Ghost is because Blood Rush gives you enough chasing power, and if needed you can use Flash. Even tough Ghost is still a valid pick, Heal can help you win that 1v1 vs the enemy ad carry, just survive a gank, survive an Ignite Trick enemy's in normal 1v1's by going into a bush with low health, use Heal and spam all your skills on them for an advantage. Defenitly a good spell.

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Skilling Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
This is simple. You max Spinning Axe First, then you max Blood Rush, then you max Whirling Death and then you max Stand Aside take a point in Stand Aside at level 4. Its just for CC and doesnt do that much damage.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Same priority in maxing skills as the Lane frequence, but now you take a point in Stand Aside at level 3 since this will help you with ganks.

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Ability Explanation

Wicked Blades

This is basically a mini-ignite. Great for harassing. Overall a very nice Passive.

Tips and tricks:
  • Early game, try hitting with spinning axe and wait till the debuff is over then try to hit your target again. Repeat this while last hitting minions. If the enemy is a melee champion, the lane is yours! (Solo-top, Mid)

  • Frequently check how much damage Wicked Blades does, so when there is someone on low hp you know when you should tower dive, or just try to hit them with that last spinning axe. This requires quick reflexes since you need to check their HP while they are retreating.

Spinning Axe

So many to explain on this skill. I'll add photo's in the feature for you to get a better understanding of it. Basically its a little mini-game. Stand on the gold dot ^.^ This is a skill that will seperate the good Draven's from the bad Draven's. You'll get used to it soon, but mastering it is a different story.

Tips and tricks:
  • When you want to harass in lane throw the axe, and while it is traveling you have a short time between the dot appearing where you can decide in which direction the axe is heading. Constant harass = Throw the axe walk back, keep walking backwards and stop at the gold dot. then start auto attacking since there will be half of a second of time left for you to throw a normal auto attack.

  • After you get Berserker's Greaves you'll be able to land a quick auto attack before the axe reaches the ground. So its Spinning axe ---> Auto-attack ---> Quick strafe to left or right.

Blood Rush

This, together with Spinning Axe really decides whether your a good Draven or not. Early game, only use it when your going in for the kill, or killing a tower, mid-late game you'll have to try to reactivate it with EVERY spinning axe you land. This will greatly increase your dps. Of course this is hard, but as i said before, Draven has a high skill cap.

Tips and tricks:
  • Use this ability whenever your attacking a tower. With frequent tower harrasment, before you know it the tower is down and your team has a huge advantage and team fights will already start occuring. Draven is a VERY effective Pusher.
  • This is a great chasing skill. Throw a Spinning Axe ---> Activate Blood Rush and run after your target. stop for a split second to catch your axe and activate Blood Rush again while running for extreme chasing potential. This is something that has to be practiced too.

Stand Aside

Your only form of CC. Use this wisely.

Tips and tricks:
  • Remember: Pictures are coming. When attacking try to throw it in a way that it will slice a champion in the direction you want him to go, which is in the direction of your turret. That little push to the left or right can be that last tick of Wicked Blades

  • Remember that the little push is a very short disable so when your being tower dived use Stand Aside followed by Blood Rush. This should be able to close the distance greatly.

Whirling Death

This skill will cause you so much fun! Most of my kills early - mid game are secured by this sweet ultimate. Its basically a Trueshot Barrage and Enchanted Crystal Arrow in terms of range. This baby can secure kills and you can pull of some nice tricks with it.

Tips and tricks:
  • This ability gives vision so if you miss a champion use the following trick: Oke, so you have a champion at low health and you still have mana? No problem Whirling Death is your solution! But wait, you missed? Oh no! Lets hope there are no mid-high health champions behind him cause else this won't work. Now, walk in a straight line as you last saw the enemy champion walk. If the enemy champion walked to the left, walk to the left too, if the enemy champion walked to the right, walk to the right too. Now, if you think you're in a straight line with the enemy champion, click R again. Your Blades will now return to you and since you are in a straight line with the enemy champion it will change direction and basically go right trough the enemy champion! Ha! You still got a kill! Now wait for a couple of seconds and wait for the: WTF!? in the chat. ;)

  • Dont use this as an opener. Late game Stand Aside can be used as an opener since its a very short disable and that can change the outcome of a teamgame. Use Whirling Death as a finisher. You might even get some nice double-triple kills. Hell, even use it when the enemy team is all around mid health which will alomst guarantee a win for your team! (If both teams started with medium to full health)


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Starting Items

Doran's Blade
I like this for some more early damage. Draven has a nice early game advantage with this. Of course you have less sustain, and its a bit harder to catch Spinning axes. But if you manage yourself well and know how to handle Spinning Axe you will be fine.

Health Potion's and Boots of Speed
Less damage but easier to catch Spinning Axe's and more sustain.

Health Potion's and Brawler's Gloves into Executioners calling

This gives you very nice amount of life-steal early game, and gives you amazing sustain in lane. This will also help you shut down Health regen and life steal dependent summoners, and you will win most 1v1's because of the lifesteal.

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Core Items

These items are basically AD carry items and since Draven is an AD carry this is nescesarry.

Phantom Dancer
This gives high crit damage and alot of attack speed and movement speed. This is nescesarry!

Infinity Edge
This is nescessary because it gives 250% crit. If you even consider leaving this out of your build you dont know what your doing.

This is a very important item for an AD carry. You will rarely to never see an AD carry without this. When fed and full stacks, AD carry's become ridiculous. The life steal and the damage makes them THE AD carry.

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Preferred Items

Last Whisper
The 40% armor penetration is a whole lot! Makes tank's less tanky for you, and kills squishy champions even faster! Defenitely one of my favourite items!

Guardian angel
This makes you a whole less squishy! A nice amount of armor and magic resist, and the passive is literally game changing! Low health champion just killed you? No problem revive and hunt that bastard down! You are almost to your turret but you just get killed? No problem, revive and still make it! This item saved me so many times, i love it.

Frozen mallet
When you have this item, hell breaks loose. No one can escape. Death is inevitable. Of course its a little sacrifice to your overall damage, but it makes you alot more tanky! If then enemy AD carry is hyper fed this might not be a very good choice. But if there is an underfed enemy carry, but this and get Double-Triple-Quadra-Pentakill's on a minutely basis.

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Other Viable Items

This can give you a real edge if you fight against an AD heavy team. If there are more then 2-3 AP based chars, don't bother.

Warmog's armor
Only buy this when you're going full tank. I dont see while you would do this, but hey.. your choice! AND its really good combined with Atma's Impaler

Atma's Impaler
Only buy this if you have bought a Warmog's Armor

Banshee's veil
Is there an AP based char bullying you and constantly focusing and bursting you down? This item can and WILL save you from their huge burst damage. Every 45 seconds you gain a spell shield. This will really save your behind alot.

Quicksilver Sash

This is basically a Cleanse in an item. You dont need this for the Sustained DPS build because you already have Cleanse, but for the other builds, you can use this whenever you have a CC heavy enemy team.

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Laning Phase

The Laning phase is simple once you get the hang of it, if you dont have the hang of it, it might be tricky.

Simply last hit minions while you constantly harass the enemy champion with Spinning Axe when the enemy is low health: Flash (optional) -> Ignite(second or last used) -> Blood Rush -> Spinning Axe -> Blood Rush -> If level 6 or higher and the enemy escaped use Whirling Death to finish it off. Mix a Stand Aside in between when you feel like it. If you landed all of the skills above and the enemy is STILL not dead, Wicked Blades will finish it off. If the enemy survives all of this, you are underfed, or the enemy champ is a tank and overfed.

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The Jungle route is simple. Start at Blue, head to wolfs , then wraiths, then either Lizard or Mini golems. Try to gank after wraiths or after whatever the 4th monster you choose is.

Thanks to Minkey for the jungling route picture

Yellow= Your proper jungler route. Draven does not need a leash, but i do recommend it.

Orange= Possible ganking routes. All lines split from the lizard, but it is the same if you do the golem as a 4th monster. While i HEAVILY recommend you to do golem first, then lizard en THEN gank. You can skip golems and go for Lizard, or you can skip lizard. <-- Least recommended.

Red= Warding spots.

Basically jungling is throwing Spinning Axe's and catching them while trying to squeeze auto-attacks between it. (This will get easier as soon as you have Berserker Greaves. Stand Aside is your only form of CC so use it well and always inform your teammates of when your going to gank.

This video gives you a basic understanding of how Jungling works with Draven :
The Route used by Stonewall008 is also a VERY effective route! Use this one if you'd like!

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This is the common way to enter a teamfight, remember you will have to improvise sometimes.

Blood Rush --> Spinning Axe --> Blood Rush --> Stand Aside --> Auto-Attacks -->
Spinning Axe (BUT DONT CATCH IT! If you are forced to walk trough it, its a win, but dont try to catch it! Just keep auto attacking. --> Whirling Death. That would do the trick and most of the time if you stay at your maximum attacking range, you will win the fight. Draven has a high presence in team fights so try not to get focused.

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Hall of Fame!

Send me your Draven scores using this build! It will give the new viewers a basic understanding of the effectiveness, and it will make me very happy :3 I'll post some of my own games soon too.

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Draven out!

Well, i hope i helped most of you to get to know Draven better. After reading this it is inevitable that you have become a little better. Now start practicing and practicing and make perfect!

Shoutout to Searz and Jhoijhoi for the help with the templates, (Mostly Searz :3) and Mikey for the jungling picture. Have fun with Draven, and remember:

It's not Draven. It's Draaaaaaven! ;)