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Draven Build Guide by Strikes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Strikes

Draven's League ~ Dominates the lane & the game

Strikes Last updated on March 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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NOTICE: I would like to inform everybody that this is a complete work in progress, and is under 60% complete. Since this is my first guide, I want to publish it early to get as much feedback as possible, that way I can continue to edit it. I am completely unfamiliar with the mobafire features, and would appreciate it if you guys could comment what I did good/wrong, and leave some constructive feedback. Once again, this is not complete. Thanks for reading!


After playing my fair share of games with Draven, I finally decided that I would take some time to write a thorough guide for the people who would like to know how to play this valuable AD carry correctly.

Let's be honest here. I'm no Platinum or Diamond pro, but I know what I'm talking about when it comes to AD carries, especially Draven. Experimenting with ADCs over the past few months really led me to think that Draven is the best carry in many ways if played correctly.

So read on if you would like to read why he's the best, how to be the best, and when it's best to play him. Although he's not like other carries, he definately carries better or just as good as any other.

This is also my first guide, so minimum hate please!

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Pros & Cons

Although Draven is one of the best carries, he has some cons that tag along with him.


Has limited counters
Self-steroid w/ cooldown reset
Global Ultimate that can pick up some easy kills

INSANELY high early and mid game damage

Nearly impossible to lose a bottom lane with

Swag as f*ck

Great poke

Has a slow and push which can make some good plays


Escape skills are not so reliable

Shut down very easily by CC

Requires excellent positioning

Needs more practice than others (Catching

High skill cap (This is a pro & con)

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When & Why?

So alot of people underestimate Draven because he isn't a hypercarry nor a right click and win champ. His cons can be pretty heavy on himself and your team if he is not used correctly.

When do we use Draven? When it comes to bot lane, I pick draven almost every single time if they have a squishy support or ADC. Doing so, it is really easy to poke and own the lane. Not only can he win every single bot lane comp (few exceptions), but he also out trades every ADC in that lane apart from Varus. The big 3 carries (Ez, Graves, Cait) stand little to no chance against a correctly played Draven on bottom lane.

Why do we use Draven? He has a massive damage advantage over other carries during the early and mid game phase. This allows him to get farmed, get kills, win the lane, and roam. This all leads to an easier win. A fed Draven is almost impossible to take down, especially with a good team to back him up.

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x9 = This is pretty much self explanatory. I run with these to make farming better. It also helps with poking down squishies during early game. The only rune that you should even think about swapping this out for is Greater Mark of Armor Penetration.I only suggest running those if you feel comfortable last hitting without the 15 AD.

x9 = This is also a standard rune set. You will ALWAYS need armor on these runes, as they are primary, and there is nothing else that is worth swapping these out for. 15 Armor from these is great during every part of the game.

x9 = This is where I often get comments. People always ask me why I run these and not . This is because I see a larger benefit in Armor when I play draven. This allows me to stay in lane longer, allowing me to outfarm the enemy carry. I don't believe that Magic Resist is necessary, because most supports do not pose much of a threat to Draven in the lane phase, and late game AP carries can be countered by a or . Sure these are secondary glpyhs, but I see nothing wrong with that. If this glyph set does not work out for you, swap them with x9.

x9 = These should be used for the same reason, and should be swapped out for Greater Quintessence Of Armor Penetration the same reason as the marks used.

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These masteries are Standard AD carry masteries.

The reason that I put 3 points into and 1 point into is because Draven can pick up some early kills at level 2 or 3, which means that you most likely burned your ignite. That extra 5 damage makes farming noticeably easier during your few early levels.

Every other mastery that I put in here is pretty self-explanatory, but feel free to comment and leave suggestions if anything.

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Summoner Spells

Just like every other champ in the game, Draven can swap out his summoner spells for better ones

based off the enemy's team composition and situation.

Setup 1: + = This combo is probably the most commonly used.

It is mostly used when you have a support with good CC, and are against a lane and/or team with

little to no CC, meaning that you don't have to worry much, and ignite can be used to pick up some

easy kills. Flash is the only acceptable movement skill on a champion like this, and it can get you

out of sticky situations.

Setup 2: + = This is pretty much the exact opposite of

using Setup 1. This combo is to be used if against a team with a large amount of CC that will have

you killed easily. This will save your life many times, and will allow you to get back into a

fight, or run away quicker. Flash is used for the same reason as above.

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Counters in Lane & Out of Lane

IN LANE: Draven gets countered by the following AD Carries ~

Caitlyn isn't all that bad, but she can really own a lane. I have won countless times against a Caitlyn, but that will only happen if the enemy makes a mistake. She has a long range, an "okay" escape skill, and a semi-global ultimate. Going against a Caitlyn is not a complete loss, but it will be harder than usual.My only advice is to play super aggresive with an offensive support so that you do not get poked.

Varus.. Oh Varus. In all my experience with Draven, I have never had a worse time in lane than when I have to versus a Varus. His poke is absolutely ridiculous, and he's one of the only carries on bot lane that will out-trade Draven early and mid game. If they have a Varus, I suggest not playing Draven at all, or playing extremely cautiously.

Kog'Maw is similar to Caitlyn. He's not that horrible, but once he hits level 6, he can really start to be a pain. Not only is his range long enough that allows him to not get poked, but his low cooldown ultimate allows him to be even more safe, but still deal damage and farm. Another problem with this lane is that Kog'Maw forces you to make a choice. If you have to catch a blade, a smart Kog would aim his ultimate right where the blade is going to land. You either have to give up the blade, or give up some health. Smart choices are needed when going against a Kog'Maw.

IN LANE: Draven gets countered by the following Supports ~

Alistar is a pretty obvious counter. Since Draven is easily shut down by CC, Alistar is a painful support to lane against, especially if the Alistar is very aggresive. Not only will you be deprived of farm, but you will die a lot if he pulls of his combos. Once he manages to get his ultimate, you will get tower dived very often, and have no escape skills to rely on.

Once again, a target-stun. Depending on how the taric plays, you will either feed a lot, lose out on EXP, or lose out on farm. You will not be able to do that much poke damage because of his very strong aura-armor passive that he passes on to the enemy ADC. Once he has his ultimate, that allows his AD carry to do very high amounts of damage, and most likely kill you if you were stunned near them.

Leona is probably the worst support that you could imagine going against, which is usually why I try to get MY support to grab her instead. If she grabs on to you and stuns you, there is little to no chance of escaping. Sure, you can run away and knock her aside with your E, but she can just use her ultimate for another easy stun to finish you off.

As you can see, Draven's lack of escape skills can cost you dearly in lane if you get stunned, caught out, ganked, etc..
OUT OF LANE: Draven gets countered by the following ~

Vi is pretty much an instaban when I play ranked with Draven. Every single Vi will initiate a team fight with an ultimate. And what a better target to choose than the AD carry, right? Once a Vi ultimates a Draven, there is absolutely no escape if her team makes a follow up. This will not allow you to help in the team fight, leaving your team to 4v5 them. This has happened to me countless times, and there's nothing you could really do about it.

A stun, a teleport-to-target skill, insanely high magicdamage, all of this adds up to a sad Draven. Even if an Elise misses her stun on you, she can easily jump on to you and kill you from there. This is very easy to happen if you are in a teamfight, no matter how far away you are from the enemy. Unlike Vi, you can still escape an Elise if you make a good play, or your team is able to peel off you.

If you start to notice that you are getting hard focused by champions that can easily dive, tell your team to start peeling you instead of focusing their carry.

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Skills : Explained

Wicked Blades


This passive is basically what makes helps Draven deal that extra bit

of damage that makes the difference between a kill and an escape. By the end of the game, you'll

have enough critical chance to have this passive proc. for a good chance. Even if you don't end

with a high critical chance, you'll still have this passive proc. while using .

This means that during late game, you'll be adding on a lot of extra damage to help you during team

fights. This passive also gives you numerous advantages early game. It can finish off minions that

you didn't finish, finishes off kills that would normally not be kills, and deal a decent amount of

DoT in addition to your high AD while poking.

Spinning Axe

- Draven's Q is what makes him so unique. This thing does ludicrous amounts of damage throughout

the game, no matter what phase of the game you are in. What this skill does is add a large amount

of damage to your auto- attack while it is activated, but there is a catch. Literally. You have to

catch the blade to have the skill reset. You can have 2 spinning blades on at once, allowing you to

do immense damage. This skill is great for farming and poking. It allows you to kill minions that

are over 40% health without worrying about fail-csing.

An auto-attack with this skill applies Draven's passive: Wicked Blades

Blood Rush

- This is such a good self-steroid, I cannot stress that enough. Not only that, but you can reset

the cooldown by catching one of your Spinning Axes. This means that you potentially have an

unlimited attack-speed and movement-speed bonus if you do this procedure correctly. For this reason

, we are able to skip out on an attack-speed and movement-speed item and use that item slot on

something more useful like a Guardian Angel or Last Whisper. This skill can also be used

for kiting, and a tutorial for that will be shown later on.

Stand Aside

- This skill is the closest thing to an escape skill that Draven has. This skill is a skillshot-

based slow and "knock aside". Although it can be useful at times, it has pretty limited situation

uses, but can make some pretty good plays in certain cases. As it has a slow, it can be good to

dis-engage a fight that an enemy has tried to engage, push minions aside to clear a path, cancel

certain ultimates, etc.

This skill can interrupt the following skills:




Miss Fortune's

Whirling Death

Another one of Draven's unique skills. This Global ultimate is similar to Ezreal's global ultimate,

but you can have it return to you by pressing the skill a second time. This can be good in many

instances, such as 1v1 duels with an enemy in your lane, stealing baron or dragon, dealing some

nice AoE damage in teamfights that are not all over the place. This can either be one of those

skills that is extremely game-changing, or one that just humiliates you and will make everyone

laugh at you for missing a snipe or a steal ;p.

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How to catch axes

Work in progress: video soon

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Good Team Compositions w/ Draven

Work in progress