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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime

Duff's AD Ranged Carrying.

DuffTime Last updated on July 12, 2011
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5 AD carries.


5 more... *Sunglasses.

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Utility: 21

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DuffTime again.

That guy you love to hate, "but damnit does he know what he's talking about."


I will say, carrying is nothing new, and I don't have any new or astounding ways to do it.

That doesn't make it any less viable.

Here I have outlined what works for me and what works for my play style.

No, this is not how HSGG or Chauster or Bigfat or StVicious or DoubleLift or ANY of those high ELO players build.


Alright? So hate on it if it's not what you wanted, but these builds -work- for me.

And they miiight work for you too if you give em a try and are willing to adapt to the style of play they require. ;)

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AD Carrying, the fundamentals.

Again, like Anti-carrying, this is one of the harder roles to perform well on a team.

Anybody can build a lot of damage and just blast away. But to carry well, you need to have a vast wealth of knowledge about the game.

You will need to know the basic fundamentals I outlined in my first guide:

"There are basic fundamentals to League of Legends."

To be successful you must:

-Farm well, get lots of gold, so you can have as good, or better items than anyone else.

-Have map awareness.

-Have good combat skills.

-Know every champion in the game, their skills, CD's, and the range on all their abilities.

-Understand when you can't win a lane with a certain champion.

-Have different builds that will work against different champions, and ones that work with the champion you are playing (Or just have the ability to make these builds on the fly.)

-Have good team-fight skills

Without these things, no guide will save you. You simply need to improve as a player. If you click tab and you notice that your minion kills are half of the top player's minion kills, then you have no right to bash a players guide or a build, because YOU failed to play well. The guide probably works fine. "DuffTime, HIAcliff, Heat, etc, your builds suck, I was playing Xin and it failed!"

Like I said before, well, you initiated vrs 180 CS Morde when you only have 70 CS... What did you expect?

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Playing the carry role.

Well, here's where opinions may become conflicting.

I come from sunny California.


This means, for most of my LoL career, I've played on teams with AD carries mid.

Been there, done that, seen, it works, great.

But, after playing the game, thinking about the roles and what works and why players do this, I've decided it makes no sense for an AD carry to solo lane.


And that has to do with the thoughts I've outlined in my first guide.

Yes, a well farmed AD carry hits like a truck, over and over again, and cannot be ignored.

I just believe I have a way to get to that carry and kill her effectively.

(Please don't bring up the way HSGG and Chauster play, or the builds they use... We all know they aren't reading this guide, and we all know if YOU were good enough to play like them, you wouldn't be reading this guide either, you'd be working through the 2k+ ELO brackets. SORRY, it's just the facts. And the builds they use at that ELO WON'T WORK with the garbage level of team mate you're going to be stuck with. But, that's not to say MY BUILDS, wouldn't work THERE. I wouldn't know, I'M NOT AT 2K+ ELO, BUT THEY WORK FINE FOR ME RIGHT WHERE I AM NOW! AND THEY WILL WORK BETTER FOR YOU THAN IF YOU TRY TO DO WHAT CHAUSTER OR CHAOX IS DOING. TRUST ME BROOO!!!)

With that having been said, it is a role you want to be fulfilled. I prefer to have my AD carry in the bottom lane, EU style, being baby sat by a support.

If you've never ran Taric/MF or Taric/Cait, you have to try it. That lane is absolutely ridiculous. Alistair also baby sits well, but he won't be able to roam because if he leaves the lane the carry should die immediately if the other team is competent.

Taric is amazing, Shen is good, Soraka is good, but, starting to get preeetty squishy with Soraka. Any support with a heal can work fairly well with a carry in the bottom lane. Taric is just the best at it.

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With the above listed builds..

Don't team-fight with... (Try to farm a bit more than this if you can help it, but I wouldn't fight at all until these items are finished unless -absolutely- necessary.):

Urgot/Ez/Teemo/Corki: until you have Trinity force.

Ashe/Trist: Until you have inf edge.

MF: Until you have last whisper.

Cait/Sivir: Until you finish at least PD

TF: Play it by ear. A well timed ult and it doesn't matter what your gear is, but try to finish Last whisper/PD before you leave lane to fight.

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Once you've farmed my suggested minimum items...

You have options. You can keep farming, or start pressuring. This forces your enemy to react, when they may not have reached the level of gear you have, or simply aren't ready, and gives your team the advantage in that sense.

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It's not your job to initiate.

Someone else does that.

If everyone on your team is too bad to effectively initiate, well, you're proooobably gonna lose.

A real amazingly played and well farmed carry can fake an initiation against bad players and get away with it, but later, good players won't let you get away with it.

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While Anti-carrying is not super widely done, it is done sometimes by those who know how to do it.

Here is a brief layout of how, and the champions I think are most capable of doing so.

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A note for Corki, Ez, and Urgot.

Duff, why no Manamune on Corki, Urgot and Ez? Are you dumb, Duff? Wtf?

Well. Maybe I am. I admit, endless skill spam is pretty hot on those guys. I try to imitate that on the Corki build with 2 Philo stones (It's not the same as Manamune but it's a lot of spam and HP regen), and you could do the same with Ez and Urgot as well.

It's up to you, if you want to get Manamune, you can do that for sure. I'll be the first to admit they're mana hungry champs, and Manamune solves that issue while still giving a subtle bonus of AD.

The build will look very different if you choose to get this item however, and might look more like

Manamune --> Merc --> Trinity --> Last Whisper --> Blood Thirster --> Banshees.

Something more like that. You wouldn't be able to follow the build listed here with Manamune, it just won't be very good.

Manamune will turn you into more of a skill spammer and less of an auto attacker. Which is fine and sometimes much better with these 3 champions than being an auto attacker. Just a different way to carry with those guys.

With the builds listed however, if your team gives you blue buff or you steal the enemy's blue buff, you will be absolutely unstoppable. (Unless you die, of course =P)

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A good point?

Someone mentioned that my TF build was bad because it was lacking SOTD.

That is not a good point, for this reason which I explained to a young lad in a comment:

"Yet, if you did a numbers crunch, you would see quite clearly...

SOTD : 25% (1 out of 4) of your attacks deal 100 bonus magic dmg, 55% ATS, and an active for armor pen and no dodge.

PD : 30% crit (Almost 1/3) of your attacks crit, (200% damage, so even if your base AD was only 80 it's almost the same as 100 magic dmg proc) and 15% move speed.

I personally prefer 15% move speed over the SOTD active. SOTD is a better item for about... 5-10 minutes. And then PD immediately becomes better than it again. It only costs 800 more gold, and it's one of the better end game items.

But, since people see TF's pick a card, they see the synergy and they jump at it, but what they fail to realize is that ability has the same synergy with crit chance, and then the damage is split. It's harder to build resistances against half phys/half magic damage."

While SOTD has a more immediate effect, in the long run PD will give you more damage, and games are not -generally- won during mid game with the exception of higher level of play.

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I can add more but...

I can add more but I think there's not too much to say.

Carrying is a concept that's pretty commonly understood and accepted.

You'll learn more from watching a High ELO live-stream like the ones on CLG's website (Counter logic gaming) and will benefit more from seeing how it's down than by having it explained to you.

If you do it right, you should be met with a decent amount of success. And as your team mates get better, your opponents become better, and it gets harder and easier at the same time. The enemy knows how to react, and your team knows how to protect. It's more competitive.

At any rate, DuffTime, signing out.

Party on, summoners.



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