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Lux Build Guide by DunkinFresh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DunkinFresh

DunkinFresh's Lux and her blinding swag at Mid

DunkinFresh Last updated on October 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I am DunkinFresh, and I consider myself a rather skilled Lux player. I enjoy playing her because she is able to put huge weight on team fights with her massive area damage and shielding. I play her with a glass cannon build because she doesn't particularly need to be in a dangerous position to fulfill her role.

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As you'll notice I picked magic penetration marks, these go without explanation as they're going to boost your damage the most in early game when most of your spell damage is base damage and not from AP. Also it helps a little in late game when people start stacking MR. (They always do when I play Lux)

You'll certainly need mana regen seals for your early lane phase for quick and safe farming. I mixed per-level and flat runes for a nice balance of early and late game mana regen. Combined with an early Chalice of Harmony, you'll essentially have infinite mana in midlane unless a team fight erupts.

I chose AP/lvl Glyphs because they will give you a lot of magic damage combined with deathcap and all of the CDR you'll be building early on.

Choose flat AP quints because they'll give you the damage to harass in early levels and usually you'll be able to wipe out 60% of the enemy's health with just your E+R combo.

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Fairly straightforward mastery setup. Put 21 in Offense because your range allows you to perform your job with pretty minimal risk. Put 3 points in Resistance just to help out with your laning phase until you get your core items. The rest of your 6 points will go into utility to help with mana problems early. Be sure to put a point in Summoner's Insight to reduce the casting time of Teleport as well as reduce the recast time of Flash.

The 3 points in Brute Force are just there as filler, you can put them in something else if you wish. I chose this because it assists with last hitting and allows me to harass a little better. (albeit hardly noticeable)

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Start with Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion, it will give Lux some extra mana regen to stay in lane longer before her first return, as well as enough healing to make it to your boots + chalice. Alternatively you can get boots and potions. You'll find it easier to avoid enemy attacks, but may run out of mana if you get zoned and have to use mana to farm.

Rush Chalice of Harmony, because it will allow you to freely use Lucent Singularity for farming and applying your passive to creeps and your enemy. Also it gives some magic resist to help survive trades, since you need to get close to pop your passive.

Get Sorcerer's Shoes next, just for the movement and magic penetration.

Build Chalice of Harmony into Athene's Unholy Grail as soon as possible after Sorc. Shoes, because the cooldown reduction will allow you to harass better and play safer. Also it gives you a decent amount of AP to work with.

By now you should have a couple kills or assists under your belt, and undoubtedly the highest CS of anyone in the game. So build Rabadon's Deathcap now. The enemy won't be suspecting such a steep increase in magic damage. Since you're already high on CDR and should be around level 11, you will now be able to spam very high damage spells and suppress the enemy team even while supporting your AD carry and others.

At the point where you have money for another item, the enemy usually has begun stacking magic resist. This is when you should buy Void Staff. Self-explanatory.

Last but not least you'll buy Lich Bane, because it synergizes well with your passive Illumination for extra damage and also allows you to push towers quickly. You can even backdoor by using your shield to activate Lich Bane, then using the free hit to do heavy damage to the tower!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Get Lucent Singularity first. This spell is your best friend until level 6. It has many uses, ranging from farming, slowing oncoming attackers, applying your passive, inspecting bushes, zoning your enemy, and even killing. It is an excellent harass ability because it is difficult to track in flight, and moves quite quickly. Putting it between you and an enemy usually makes them back off.

Your second ability to get is Light Binding, this should be self explanatory. Use it sparingly, and do NOT use it to harass. The moment you throw this out, the enemy has a 15 second window to gank, zone, or otherwise make you regret it. Use this when an enemy is trying to attack you, because they'll be focusing more on your positioning than their own. It'll be easy to bind an enemy that is following you. Then throw your Lucent Singularity, auto attack, pop E, and auto attack again. They will take roughly 250 damage from this at only level 4.

Third, get Prismatic Barrier. It's usually not needed until the enemy tries to combo you. Remember that it shields you twice, so if you get hit by a DoT or a combo, throw it out immediately to block the most damage. This ability is also extremely helpful for baiting the enemy into a turret dive. Shield yourself then immediately bind them for an easy early game kill.

Finally, is your ultimate Finales Funkeln. This is an ability that you *must* not be afraid to use. Try to not spare this ability unless you forsee an incoming team fight. Always do try to use it on enemies which you have applied your passive. That will do an incredible amount of damage in early game, and if you're fed it's devastating in late game. You can use it to pick off runners, combine with your Lucent Singularity for extreme AOE damage in a team fight, or even farm/push lanes with it. By Level 16 with this build you'll have a 24-second cooldown, so you can spam it to your heart's content.

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Summoner Spells

I don't really take anything except for Teleport/ Flash on Lux.

I take Teleport because it allows you the quickest response time if top or bottom is open to a gank, or is being ganked and you can stop it. Also, due to Lux's great pushing ability you can split push and use Lich Bane to quickly down towers. I understand that teleport provides no actual combat benefits, but if you watch the lanes like a hawk in between creep waves you'll find the perfect time to Teleport to a Sight Ward in a bush and make your attack.

Flash is a necessity because it allows for quick attack positioning, escaping, ganking, or avoiding skillshots.

Some other spells you COULD take, but reasons I think they're not optimal:

: I think this is okay for winning close range trades in mid, but usually by the time I have an enemy low enough to kill with ignite they'll just go back. Also, your ult works just fine as a finisher, and can kill more than one target at once without a 100+ second cooldown.

: I don't like heal on Lux because she usually isn't close enough to her teammates in fights to make good use of it, and you should focus on using her shield to protect allies instead. Also having heal makes the enemy expect you to bait them into turret diving, but you can surprise them with Prismatic Barrier.

: This just doesn't seem viable at all for Lux, she already Light Binding as a movement disable and usually by the time a target that you need to exhaust is within range to use it, they're probably going to kill you anyway unless you're near a tower.

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Spiffy Pros / Sinister Cons

*Highly damaging mage
*Counters several otherwise tough champions
*Powerful in support role even while building damage
*Superior range, you'll often kill targets who don't even see you.
*Likely the best at defending towers from midgame.
*Strong CC for securing kills.
*It's embarrassing to die to a cute girl, so it demoralizes the enemy. :D

*VERY squishy. (no really, the squishiest in the game)
*Frustrating to play if you don't have a good early game.
*Can be ganked often since she pushes to farm at her best.
*Long cooldowns result in a low margin of error in early game.

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Popular Mid Lane Enemies and You (Work in Progress)

In this section I'll go over some of the frequent enemies for Lux, especially in Draft Mode.


Difficulty: Medium

Ahri can be a formidable opponent for Lux at mid. She excels at fighting while moving, which makes her very difficult to fight as Lux. Her combo relies on landing her charm, so it is almost imperative that you stand at a distance or behind minions at all times when facing Ahri. She can do an incredible amount of damage in a little time, leaving you with just enough health to finish off with Spirit Rush and Ignite. In such a case, survival is near-impossible unless you can use Light Binding perfectly.

If you're low on health and you suspect Ahri will attempt to dive, it's usually the best option to recall but if she does go for it, wait for the moment in between her dashes and bind her under the turret. This will give you the opportunity to immediately distance yourself and the turret will likely take her low enough that you can kill her with Lucent Singularity or Finales Funkeln.

Ahri can be seemingly impossible to escape once she has Rylai's Crystal Scepter. If she builds this do NOT overextend your lane for any reason without your team. Another popular item choice for Ahri is Will of the Ancients. This is because her spells all have relatively low cooldowns with high multi-target damage, and it allows her to heal back to full health in only a few casts. Try bringing along someone with ignite, or cast your Morello's Evil Tome active on her for ganks or small fights.

One last thing to remember about fighting Ahri, is that her mobility allows her to push quite safely, so she won't mind sending Orb of Deception through minions to attack you, and it HURTS. If you're standing behind minions to avoid charm, try to stand at an angle that would make her have to choose between hitting you and hitting the minions.

Do's and Don'ts for fighting Ahri:

*Do use healing reduction items and spells on her when going for the kill.
*Do call MIA IMMEDIATELY after she leaves the lane, to help allies prepare an escape.
*Do ward your jungle entrances to prevent her from ganking you from behind.
*Try to wait for her to distance herself before finishing her with Finales Funkeln. This makes it easier to aim by minimizing transversal velocity.
SPACE *Don't get in Charm range unless you have minion cover.
*Don't extend past the halfway point of mid lane if Ahri has Spirit Rush available.
*Don't stand too close to minions when using them to shield you from Charm.


Difficulty: Easy

Brand is a fairly simple foe to face. He has to get in your zone in order to combo you, and therefore you can play passively until you get your first item and your ultimate. Just harass him as much as possible, and shield if he manages to land a spell on you. Avoid his Pillar of Flame at all costs. Once you avoid this, you're free to zone him out until it's up again. Be careful of ganks, but when he moves in that is your opportunity to use your bind and try to combo him. He's *very* squishy, and one full combo is usually far more than enough to torch him.

After you dodge his Pillar of Flame, quickly use this combo while simultaneously shielding yourself:
Light Binding -> Illumination -> Detonate Lucent Singularity -> Finales Funkeln -> Illumination (Optional)


Difficulty: Hard

Fizz is a melee mage champion. Because of this, he's fairly easy to lane against if you're careful. He is all about zoning. If you allow him to put you in his zone, he'll make very short work of you. His skillset makes him a very effective champion for ganking, turret diving, and zoning. He can travel a long distance in little time using his Playful / Trickster and Urchin Strike, while using Chum the Waters to slow his prey.

The key to playing against Fizz is to not let him harass you. Even if this means losing a little bit of CS, you're preventing him from getting the drop on you. Since you're so squishy, it usually takes only one combo from Fizz to finish you off. If he attempts a turret dive using Chum the Waters then avoid it in any way possible, even if you must use Flash. By the time you are knocked up, he'll be in range to land the rest of his combo and kill you easily. The last thing your team needs is a fed Fizz.

Something that seems to work well against Fizz is constant harass. With my recommended build you will have the mana regen and cooldown reduction to do this efficiently. Make him waste Playful / Trickster on avoiding your spells, and he won't be able to use it as often to attack you.


Difficulty: Medium

LeBlanc is a very dangerous champion to go against at mid. She is not a good farmer and requires several kills to function, so your primary goal when playing against her is to not feed her. To put it simply you'll outscale her in late game even if she wins the lane against you. However, pre-6 you can push to the point where she has to farm under the tower and loses a lot of CS. Post-6 it denies her the right to roam freely without losing EXP but can be dangerous if they have a jungler such as Nocturne, Nautilus, or Warwick. Ward your river and push often.

Post-level 6 your goal is to back off and stay FAR away from her, and harass with your E+R combo. Don't even get in range to bind, because she'll likely just dash out of the way of it and kill you. Buying a Negatron Cloak early can deter her from trying anything, but she'll usually just keep trying to kill you since she knows she can. Shield yourself immediately when she dashes at you to reduce the damage. Run toward your tower also. If she's not in range to land her Mimic after Sigil of Silence then it'll reduce the chance of her killing you. Remember that her Ethereal Chains are very difficult to escape without summoner spells, and that Distortion has a long cooldown. Focus on other lanes to find opportunities to teleport in and get your kills/assists. Near late game build your cloak into a Banshee's Veil and you shouldn't have trouble with her anymore. This conflicts with my listed build, but usually games with LeBlanc don't last long enough to build Lich Bane so you can omit that from your build.

Key items and things to remember for countering LeBlanc:

Sight Ward

*Ward your lane and push hard before LeBlanc is level 6.

* Distortion Has a rather long cooldown, so harass her in the 8-22 second (depending on level/CDR) window after she uses it.

*Avoid Ethereal Chains at ALL costs. Run back to your turret at an angle when she attacks.

*If she is denying you hard and threatening with turret dives, focus on building your Negatron Cloak before resuming your core build.

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General Tips/Summary

Play passively until you get your ultimate. Focus on farming, and then at level 6 you can combine your incredible burst damage with the element of surprise to dominate your enemy.

Don't use Light Binding offensively if you're in a bad position, overextended, or alone. In many cases it will get you killed even if you land it on your target. Use it to counterattack, because that is the time when it is hardest for the enemy to avoid it. (They're approaching you)

Kill the mage minions first if it is safe, because it'll make the enemy back up as well as make it easier to harass without minions hitting you.

Try not to engage directly until you land Light Binding.

Stay behind everyone else on your team so that you can shield everyone at once, and use your abilities whenever they're up. Don't spend too much time on a single enemy.

Don't chase enemies unless all of their allies are dead. The last thing Lux needs is to fall into an enemy's zone. She has the tools to kill escaping enemies from a safe distance, and you need to practice using these to defeat them.

If the enemies are bunched up or waiting to gank in a warded bush, don't hesitate to have someone bait them out and unload everything on them when your team is close. It'll catch them off guard and usually do enough damage that your team can easily win. Don't bother with your bind or half the team will get away, just immediately use Lucent Singularity followed by Finales Funkeln. Chase down stragglers along with your team.

Use your Control+4 (Laugh) when the enemy attacks you, fails a gank, or you score a kill. It's usually regarded as harmless fun, but it unnerves the enemy and disrupts their patience. Don't get too cocky or mean though, because it is just a game.