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Elise Build Guide by PHELYP

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PHELYP

ELISE Indepth Guide Hybrid/Burst/Offtank

PHELYP Last updated on November 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Elise and her Versatile Mechanics

Greetings Summoners! Today I will be explaing Elise and some of the many way she can be
built/played to great succes. All these masteries and builds have been tested out by
me before posted as to make sure they work in an actual game. I will explain how
to play her top offtank, mid burst and hybrid wherever, be it top mid or jungle.
Ok let's begin.

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Wether u want to go hybrid, offtank or burst Elise, u will need to use the same runes
because even when u r burst or hybrid u will need some movespeed and a little bit of defence
or u will be too squishy when trying to sustain in lane or to follow up in spiderform.
Let your damage come from your masteries and items. It will be enough.

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Here I will explain the 3 builds and why I chose the items that I did. Hybrid, Burst and Offtank

HYBRID : Fiendish Codex & Brutaliser to get u lots of cd and ok damage in as well
spider as human forms. Elises spiderform gains bonus damage on autoattacks based on
her AP, so more attacks equals more damage, hence nashors tooth is perfect.It
the AP,CD(for spiderform ability spamming)and AS for the reason above.
Youmuu's Ghostblade is the next logical item, since we are going for a hybrid
it adds even more cd, it has a nice active that compliments Elise's W in spiderform,
the armorpen it offers is a nice bonus. The sorcerers shoes just synchronise well
since they add even a little magic pen to the kit. Trinity Force just makes it
easier to escape, chase, gives u that little bit of hp/mana and gives u a more burst
thx to its bonus damage on your autoattacks thx to its passive (and we have tons of
cd, u do the math)

BURST : Fiendish Codex just cos its the best starting item in any case for Elise
sorcerers shoes magicpen is too nice to pass up.
Hextech Revolver more ap and a bit of spellvamp helps u stay in lane longer
nashors tooth for the same damagepurposes as in the other builds
Rabadon's Deathcap huge burst difference
Zhonya's Hourglass some more big burst and its active can help as a sort of
replacement rappel in terms of dodging ultimates and ganks.
Lichbane Since this build is AP based this is the best choice in stead of
Trinity Force, it offers the movespeed, some mana, AP and its passive
scales off of AP as opposed to Triforce's which scales off of AD
Hextech Gunblade Just to add a little more sustain to surive teamfights and a
nice extra slow on its active as well with a bit of extra

OFFTANK : Fiendish Codex again, same as in the other builds.
Sorcerer's Shoes yup, still for the magpen obviously. U could change this one
with boots of ludicity if u want but i prefer the magpen
Abyssal Mask this will increase your AP damage magpen and give you some
magres, this can also be used in midlane for this reason.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter More HP and a slow (helps keeps the AD bruisers at bay.
Zhonya's Hourglass it offers armor and AP, so why not just Frozen Heart?
u dont want your damage to get useless endgame. Never think
of elise as a sturdy offtank champion eventhough u build like
it. Your nr1 tactic should be too avoid damage by strategy.
the defence are merely to make it a bit easier. it's active,
obviously , helps to achieve this goal even easier.
Deathfire's Grasp Since you are building as an offtank, u dont want your
damage to get too low, This items active will be a good
opener in a fight as some sort of extra Neurotoxin

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Pretty open and shut. Want to go Offtank? Favor defence. want to go burst or hybrid?
Favor offense. The only adjustment u might want to make is when predeciding what role
u want to play. For example, if u are going to go mid. U will get 3 points in Resistance
and thats it, cos 9/10 u will be facing an ap champion. The little bit of armor u need to
escape a surprise jungler gank will come from your runes. On the other hand, if u are
jungeling or going top u might want to get either 3 points in Hardiness or a possible
alternative is to divide it into both. For example u can have multiple pages rdy like i do and
play draft mode so u can pick the one u need.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite Allways a good choice
Ghost IMO better then Flash on elise, but its a matter of preference

Other Viable Spells :

Surge This spell is a big damage raiser, making it sometimes possible to beat 2 champs alone
if used right. Better against tanks/offtanks then escape artists

Heal I'm gonna be honest, i never use this on elise but it could help u out in tricky
situations if Skittering Frenzy isn't enough
Promote u can use this to gain minionkill advantage over the enemy laner. For example :
u harass teh enemy champion to the point where he has to return to base or u
kill him. At this time u can pop promote so you yourself can go back to base
as well without losing farm while buying items maybe even take down their tower.

in the end most spells find a use in one strategy or the other, but in my expirience,
Ghost and either Ignite or Surge are all ull ever need.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : - versatility makes it so u can handle most champions
- Big Surprise Burst Damage
- Huge gapcloser
- Short cooldowns makes for a great utilityfighter

Cons : - Rappel needs an enemy target to be used as an escapemove
- Hard to use if u dont pull of the combos right

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How to Farm As Elise

1) Force the enemy out of lane as soon as u can without pushing too much.
2) Switch to spiderform and pop Skittering Frenzy
3) ????????????
4) Profit


1) auto last hit in human form while launching the occasional volatile spider
or switch to spiderform and use Venomous Bite as a last hitting tool while
keeping Rappel rdy as a skillshot dodger.
Skittering Frenzy is great to refill your hp/mana but only if the enemy is at a safe

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Tips N' Tricks

COMBOS : ill explain all of the combos i use, and when they are best to use :

- Human Form : W,Q : great early game in lane, make sure u send the spider so its
sure to hit the target.Two ways to do this is to send it from a short range,
send it underneath or above the group of minions the enemy ishiding behind so it
curves around it, or send it into the bush the enemy thinks he's safe cos he's
invisible. In the last case be rdy for when it hits cos it will make him visible
for a split second giving u the chance to complete the combo. Be wary if he has
high burst or cc though. If this is the case its probably better to just keep
sending spiders from safety.

- Human Form : E,W,Q : one sterp further, great during any part of the game.
reasonable burst damage without getting into danger. It also works well when
running away. Does the enemy keep dodging the E u throw? cut it out the combo
and just send Volatile Spider they should get sick of it and give up the
chase pretty soon.

- Human Form : E,W,Q (follow up) Spider Form : W,Q (if u can get him low enough
with W Skittering Frenzy its worth it to wait before casting Q for more damage.
This combo will demolish most champions or send them home crying. And the beauty
of it is, u can even switch back to Human form if u want to and pop another stun.
sometimes making it possible to even add another combo, finish the job with
Neurotoxin, Volatile Spiderling or switch back to Spider Form and use
Skittering Frenzy to gain a bit more hp and Venomous Bite to finish the

- Ok you're gonna LOVE this one. The surprise gank combo. Say for example ur in the
jungle or anywhere else on the map with thin walls. U see an enemy champion
farming your minions.Start off In Human Form, make sure your Spider Form isnt
on CD (ull need it) hit him through the wall with Cocoon Immediatly switch
to Spider Form and use Rappel on him. As u land pop Skittering Frenzy
and spam Venomous Bite when the stun wears off they will probably run.
anticipate this and make sure u have a clear shot with Volatile Spiderling
after which u fire a Neurotoxin at this time u need to judge the situation.
do u have a clear shot for Cocoon and is he one move away from death? go
for it. Is Cocoon on cd or dont u have a clear shot? Switch to spiderform
Rappel on top of him and finish him off. Unless offcourse ur low hp or he has
too much hp making it risky.

- Escaping Ganks : This is pretty similar to Lee Sin's escapemove, only it has
a much bigger range and cant be cast on allies or wards. So thinking it out is
advised. How do we do this? OK Think of it like this X is me and the nrs are
gankers, while the .'s are minions.

1.. 2

Now how do we escape this gank? There are 3 options:
1) we lure ganker nr 2 to southwest and then use Rappel on the upper
right minions.
2) we lure ganker nr 3 to the north and Rappel to the bottom minions
3) We lure ganker nr 1 to the southeast and Rappel to the upper left minions

This should get you to safety most of teh time, especially when combined with
ghost. Should a 4th ganker appear u can allways switch to Human form, cast
Cocoon, run and switch back to spider for the extra movespeed and maybe
even a walljump rappel to junglecreeps.

- Dodging moves : Rappel is a great dodging move making people waste their
ulti/skillshot, thus leaving them vulnerable. Knowing what moves this does and
does not work for is important so here are just a few :
- Karthus Requiem wait 1.5 to 2 seconds and BOOM no damage at all
- Fizz Chum the Waters wait 1sec and again BOOM no damage
- Most Skillshots
- Lux Final Spark Cast Rappel ASAP in this case
BE WARE WHEN FACING Fiddlesticks Drain will get u even when up in
the air!!

- Katarina's Deathlotus Not sure if it dodges this move, because
i allways end up saving Cocoon for when she casts it. It works fine.

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kartus his Lay Waste will destroy u in the laning phase and his Defile deals
too much damage for you to outdamage him.

Kassadin his silence and burst + escape is just too much for elise

LeBlanc same as Kassadin very dangerous


Darius he is very easy to beat with elise, he cant dodge [[volatile spiderling] is
susceptible to Neurotoxin and overal cant do **** in the laningphase.

Katarina just make sure to save your Cocoon for when she uses deathlotus,easy win

any ranged champion is easy to take down with elise, just keep in mind if they have any cc.
for example Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrowburst her down to low hp from a distance where u can dodge it and when u move in for the kill its often best to save Rappel in
case she didnt fire it yet. Unless ofcourse u can do your human form spider form combo in one
clean burst. This is sure to finish her off and even if she lands a Enchanted Crystal Arrow its damage or cc wont be enough to save her/kill u unless she is superfed.

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This is all for now. If this build gets enough likes I will check regularly and update with any
tips, strategies, builds, and so on I come up with while playing.
Hope this helps u guys out. CYA