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Elise Build Guide by Randoz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Randoz

Elise Le Queen - Supporting with webs - S3

Randoz Last updated on November 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, so we all like spinning webs with Elise right?

But did you ever feel that Elise is so strong 1v1 but as soon as it comes to team fights she isn't quite as strong? well that is because Elise doesn't really have very good team fight mechanics,

So i'm here to tell you that she is a better Support champion than anything else she can do, and in the next chapter i will tell you exactly why.

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Why Use Elise's Webs to Support?

Well if you look at all Elise's Abilities closely you will notice that almost every ability is good for supporting, so ill just go ahead and point out why they are.

NEUROTOXIN is an absolute amazing poking ability, the fact that it does 8% additional damage of their max health makes it very effective even when starting with 0 ability power.

VOLATILE SPIDERLING can be used as a "Face Checking" mechanism.

COCOON is one of the mechanics that makes Elise the perfect support as Crowd Control is always good.

RAPPEL - Is a great Chase/Locked in Kill ability, Not only does it reveal hidden enemies but you can leap at them or even get away in dangerous situations.

Overall Elise has allot of Damage/Support mechanics witch makes her the must have support champion.

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Ranked Play

I came up with this build and this strategy because i absolutely love playing Elise but in ranked games she just wasn't good as Solo top, Solo Mid and jungle, so i was determined to find a way she would be useful in ranked games as.

So i came up with support Elise, and it is just perfect for ranked play.
Her mechanics will set up so many kills for your ADC and if they do escape you can you use something Elise is amazing at, her Kill Lockon "Rappel" Its like a heat Missile, they just cant get away.

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Skill Sequence

You will want to Get Neurotoxin (Q) First as it is amazing for poking the enemy ADC or Support champion down, and max it as you will constantly hurt your enemies as you poke them down

Get your Cocoon (E) 2nd as this is a pretty strong crowd control ability to stun the enemy champion with so you and your ADC can take him/her down. and obviously Rappel will be great for Kill Lockon when they try to escape and also for you to get out of dangerous situations.

When it comes to Volatile Spiderling (W) you can either get that and level 3 or level 4 as it is good for face checking bushes. you will want to max that 2nd.

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As with all supports, do not FARM unless your ADC is at base.

The reason for that is that your ADC is the teams main Damaging mechanic, and the more farm he/she gets the better it is for the team.