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Elise General Guide by Rexell

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rexell

Elise - Tanky/DPS

Rexell Last updated on December 30, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there! My name is Rexell. This is my guide for Elise - jungle

. I've been playing this champion on this position for a very long time now and I want other players to learn or unlearn some things that you might know or not know. I would like to say that you feel free to ask anything that is not explained well or at least you think so. A lot of other guides on this champion are already made so I will try to make this as simple as it can be. Best of luck on the Fields of Justice!

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As most of the junglers use movement speed quints on their junglers just to make quick impact on the game and be mobile, I don't do that on Elise. On low ELO this is not what you want to do because you will probably ruin some of your early damage and the rest of the team won't know how to follow up if you don't do sufficant damage when ganking. I take magic penetration marks x9, armor seals x9 and magic resist glyphs x9. That way my gank will to enough damage for my teammate to follow up or even take kill and still I will have enough resists to survive if it goes the other way. For quints I take magic damage x3. I think most of the low ELO AP mids don't know how to put their damage together in the early levels so I take some myself just to make balance. If you're on the high ELO just ignore this and go for t-d scaling with more mobility from the beggining. Here are my runes... (they are all flat for there is no reson to build per level or percent on early/low ELO, just because games usually end earlier then expected, one team gets fed and gg)

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For masteries I take 9-21-0. What I lack in runes for mobility I make up in utility masteries where I put 1-3 points in first two perks. That way you won't have to worry for some situational things until you get harder opponents. Some of you will question me why I didn't put more points in offense. Well, Elise is kind of champion not too much dependant on her AP, that is the reason why I only grow AP on her on early levels, just to gain advantage. I will explain this chapter more later.

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Items for Elise in the jungle are very questionable. It usually depends on that do you have a tanky support/top or not. If you do Elise can be orientated on magic penetration, isolating opponents and doing some real damage. If you don't, you will have to go a little bit tankier than you expected. I personaly main sunfire cape as Elise is always in the middle of the action and good Elise player will always make an impact. Sunfire will give you a little bit more persec damage and fill you up with armor which always serves good. Though, Elise's build on some standard matchups is really basic.

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Elise's spells are just like real spider's life abilities. Once you're caught in the web, there is no turning back. I will desribe spell by spell and tell you how, when and where do you use it. Listen carefully...

Spider Queen - Spider swarm is Elise's passive, whenever Elise's human form hits a spell, one of her spiderlings becomes ready to fight, when she turnes back to the spider form, her spiderlings attack the threat and targeted enemy, spiderlings damage works like damage over time, especially if W spell is on. Spiderlings grow by number (max. 6) as the levels go by.

Neurotoxin - Neurotoxin is Elise's Q ability when she is in the human form. Neurotoxin is your primary source of damage, when enemy is locked and on full hp, your neurotoxin cast deminishes his hp by base amount + 8% (3% per 100 ap)-(of target's current hp). In the other words, more hp he has, harder he falls.

Venomous Bite - Venomous bite is Elise's Q ability when she is in the spider form. When you're in close combat with an enemy champion venomous bite is your best friend. It deals base amount + 8% (3% per 100 ap)-(of target's missing hp). In the other words, less hp he has, harder he falls.

Volatile Spiderling - Volatile spiderling is Elise's W ability when she is in human form. It is her secondary source of damage. Volatile spiderling has many perks which I will explain later. It is ap scaled.

Skittering Frenzy - Skittering frenzy is Elise's W ability when she is in spider form. From it's passive spiderlings gain bonus attack speed, and from it's active both spiderlings and Elise. It also heals Elise for 3% of her current ap.

Cocoon - Cocoon is Elise's E ability when she is in human form. Elise sends a web into a target direction and if it lands she stuns her target. Cocoon is your fight starter, if you do your combo good, opponent will know that he is dead when only cocoon lands.

Rappel - Rappel is Elise's E ability when she is in spider form. Elise and her spiderlings descend into the air for a spell duration. While the rappel is on and Elise is in the air she can see minons, jungle camps and opponents within a rappel circle. That is a great escape mechanism.

Spider Form - This is Elise's ultimate which she gains on the level 1. It allowes her to change forms between spider and human. This is the point of playing Elise, changing forms.

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Elise has her pros/cons as every champion do. I won't make this a column chapter like everyone else does. I will explain myself. First of all, Elise is not almighty and you should not rely only on yourself, especially if you don't have enough damage early. Once her combo is done and your opponent did not recieve sufficant damage, you should definetly back off. On the other hand if you catch a squishier target, he is probably dead. Do not hasitate to use rappel to escape or catch your target. Rappel is a very powerful ally as is cocoon in both offensive and deffensive situations. While the teamfight is running, while you're trying to escape, while you're trying to catch someone, even while taking objectives - CHANGE YOUR FORM. Though rappel has a very short range for some standards on early levels use it to gank too. That is a con because I already told what spells to max and none of them is rappel/cocoon until late game. If your cocoon doesn't land properly, your combo will most likely fall apart, so don't toy with kills/deaths. Once Elise falls behind, there is no turning back.

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Matchups VS Elise

I will explain matchups against Elise on one example (it's actually pretty simple, just follow me). I've chosen Kennen for the simpliest matchup against Elise. Kennen is ranged ap champion who can easiliy run into Elise and Elise into him (especially on top, tho this is jungle guide). Kennen will probably try to poke you with his Thundering Shuriken and basic attacks. Here is how you return the trade. Use your Neurotoxin to poke him back but only a few times, remember, the less hp he has, you deal much less damage with your Neurotoxin. Do not rely on Cocoon, champions like Kennen can easily avoid being hit by it. Poke them down and try to spam Volatile Spiderling as much as it is possible. Once you feel you have the upperhand, go all in once again with all of your spells and try to take him down, but save your Rappel for the time that he decides to use his ultimate.

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While jungling as Elise, you should be focusing on making ganks. Elise is one of the most effective junglers in the game and you should seriously take advantage of it. Tho, do not forget to take your jungle camps regulary. Your redbuff is the most powerful ally on Elise (if you know how to play well), your combo will be effective and surely guarantee a kill. If you're a begginer and not so sure in yourself maybe you should concentrate on blue, that way you will always have mana for combos and spells, even if your gank fails you can always return and try to make another impact. For the camps I would like you to know that I mostly concentrate on taking season 3 camps for the additional season 4 camp is really not my thing, you waste much time taking it, you're away from all the objectives and from the action if needed. Here is a map of jungle camps WITHOUT the new one. Your route on Elise should be opposite of the clockticking - starting with your own bluebuff.

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Elise could work in teamfight, with a team who has much burst. That way Elise could jump from enemy to enemy and make serious impact without blinking. It would be best for Elise if some champion like Sona could go in and immobolize the enemy team for Elise to start her combo, also the assasins could work very well with Elise too, brining the enemies to very low health and allowing Elise just to pop them with the Venomous Bite. These are some champions who could work very well in combination with Elise, if nothing else, from my experience.

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At the end...

At the end of this little and first of my guides. I have to say that this is at the end just a guide from my point of view. If you don't like it just play your way and use your perks, builds, spells..whatever. I hope that I helped at least the players who have never played Elise and want to try her. Best of luck in future games and feel free to contact me for anything that is not understandable for you. My e-mail is GL&HF


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